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Learning Aim C Word Scramble Puzzle

Learning Aim C


compliance : abiding with accounting law, capital : what an owner might put into the business, mortgage : a building loan, intangible : you might buy this with …

Language Methods Word Scramble Puzzle

Language Methods


personification: giving human characteristics or attributes to something non-human, noun: a word used to classify a person, place or thing, simile: a figure of …

Geometry and Shapes Word Scramble Puzzle

Geometry and Shapes


geometry : a branch of mathematics, sphere : a geometric solid shape, cylinder : the shape of a bucket, cone : the shape of a birthday hat, trapezoid: what …

Practice Using Math Language Word Scramble Puzzle

Practice Using Math Language


factor pair : 2 numbers that are multiplied together to give a product, equation : a statement that uses an equal sign to show that two expressions have the …

Geology Word Scramble Puzzle



sediment : loose fragments of rocks, minerals, crystals, or shells. , weathering : physical or chemical breakdown of pre existing rock, jointing : formation of …

Parts of an Experiment Word Scramble Puzzle

Parts of an Experiment


hypothesis: an educated guess, aim: what you are wanting to achieve , method: the step by step process of the experiment, conclusion: a summary of the …

Mechanical Systems & Control Word Scramble Puzzle

Mechanical Systems & Control


three : amount of components that brake systems consist of, spur gears : circular discs with teeth machined into them, cables : used to transmit the braking …

Lets Talk about School Word Scramble Puzzle

Let's Talk about School


rules: a list of what you can and can't do., library: where you can read and borrow books., trainers: running shoes, teenager: adolescent, trousers: synonym of …

Pharmacology Word Scramble Puzzle



prescription: a script written from a doctor for a patient. , pathopharmacology: the study of disease and drugs., toxicology: the study of chemicals and …

Geometry Definitions and Terms Word Scramble Puzzle

Geometry Definitions and Terms


diameter : any chord that evenly divides, right : all angles of this type are congruent, supplement : two angles with a common side and whose other sides form …

Linear Systems Word Scramble Puzzle

Linear Systems


y intercept : is the point where the graph intersects the y-axis., run : how many units you move left or right from point to point, slope : a number that …

Microbiology Word Scramble Puzzle



carnivore : an organism that only eats meat , glucose : another word for sugar (c6 h12 o6), water : one of the essential elements of photosynthesis (h2o), blood …

Humanities Vocab Words Word Scramble Puzzle

Humanities Vocab Words


aloof: distant, detached, cold , gullible: easy to be misdirected, tricked, or deceived , cynical: believing people act under selfish reasons/motives, …

Quadrilateral Word Scramble Puzzle



rectangle : opposite sides are congruent and parallel, all four (4) sides are right angles, rhombus : opposite angles are congruent, all four (4) sides are …

Matrix And Determinants Word Scramble Puzzle

Matrix And Determinants


matrix: set of numbers arranged in rows and columns., determinant: scaling factor of a matrix. , square : a matrix which has equal number of rows and columns., …

Relationships of Circles Word Scramble Puzzle

Relationships of Circles


arc: a part of a circle that is defined by two endpoints., central angle: an angle that intersects a circle in two points and has its vertex at the center of …

Learning Aim E Word Scramble Puzzle

Learning Aim E


contribution : paid towards fixed costs, sales not from cash : credit, loss: areas below break-even, the balance that ends : closing, volume : sales in value …

Writing Mechanics Word Scramble Puzzle

Writing Mechanics


independent: a type of clause that can stand alone as a sentence, subordinate: a type of clause that can't stand alone as a sentence, splice: two independent …

Animal Agriculture as Science Word Scramble Puzzle

Animal Agriculture as Science


vaccinating: process of injecting animals with certain micro-organisms , lactation:process of an animal producing milk, serum:clear portion of any fluid, …

The Words of Maths Word Scramble Puzzle

The Words of Maths


product: the result of multiplying 2 or more numbers together, difference : the result of subtracting 1 or more numbers from another, division : the inverse of …

Math Puzzle Word Scramble Puzzle

Math Puzzle


greater: 4<x x is ______ than 4, seven: x^2+5x^7-3x (what is the degree?), slope: the of change of a linear function, exponential growth: a function that …