Home & Garden Crossword Puzzles

A collection of home and garden crossword puzzles. Choose from the list for pre-made puzzles or add your own words to customize and download.

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House and Home Word Scramble Puzzle

House and Home

Home & Garden

kitchen : the room where food is cooked, desk : you can sit down and do your work on this, bed : do you lay down to sleep in it?, lounge : the room where you …

Around the House Word Scramble Puzzle

Around the House

Home & Garden

table : you eat at this, fork : you eat salad with this, clock : this tells you when it is time to go to bed or school, door : open or closed are the only …

Nature and Gardens Word Scramble Puzzle

Nature and Gardens

Home & Garden

butterfly : comes from a caterpillar, lawnmower : we use it to cut grass , aphid : a garden pest, hedgehog : it likes to eat slugs, vegetable patch : we grow …

Kitchen Utensil Word Scramble Puzzle

Kitchen Utensil

Home & Garden

dishwasher : a machine to wash dishes automatically, apron : a piece of clothing that you wear over other clothes to keep them clean, juicer : a machine to …

Rooms & Furniture Word Scramble Puzzle

Rooms & Furniture

Home & Garden

desk: in my bedroom, i work on a ___ ., fridge: a place to store food so it stays cold., kitchen: the room where we cook is the ___ ., bookcase : there is a …

Kitchen Equipment Word Scramble Puzzle

Kitchen Equipment

Home & Garden

slotted spoon : use this to take food out of water or oil, measuring spoons : use these to measure small amounts, grater : use this to shred cheese, spatula : …

Lets Take Care of the Garden! Word Scramble Puzzle

Let's Take Care of the Garden!

Home & Garden

lettuce: is very good in salad, onion: they are round and make you cry, hot peppers: they make good hot sauce , dig: what you need to do to plant a seed, ripe: …

Garden Vocabulary Word Scramble Puzzle

Garden Vocabulary

Home & Garden

biodiversity : a lot of species and genetic variety in the eco system, native : a plant or an animal that only exist in the country, fern : a very old plant …

Kitchen Word Scramble Puzzle


Home & Garden

kitchen : a room in your house., dessert : i like to eat ice-cream for _________, milk : cats like to drink it, dinner : your mum can cook it for you after …

Things in a House Word Scramble Puzzle

Things in a House

Home & Garden

bed : i sleep in this when i go to bed , toothbrush : i use this to brush my teeth , eraser : i use this to erase, pencil : i use this to write, sofa : another …

School Garden Word Scramble Puzzle

School Garden

Home & Garden

tree : the ......... is very tall and green, pebbles : the school garden is full of small rocks also known as......., trash : make sure to throw your rubbish in …

House Word Scramble Puzzle


Home & Garden

hall : where i come in, veranda : what should be called a conservatory, front door : way in, stairs : how i go up, bathroom : where i wash myself, sitting room …

Types of Houses Word Scramble Puzzle

Types of Houses

Home & Garden

tower: a tall building that stands by itself or attaches to a castle, flat: an apartment on one floor, shelter: a type of house that protects from dangerous …

Layers of the Laundry Word Scramble Puzzle

Layers of the Laundry

Home & Garden

tumble : tossed around lightly while drying, detergent : liquid that helps remove stains, dry clean : cleans clothes without water, spin : quick rotation to …

Home Automation Word Scramble Puzzle

Home Automation

Home & Garden

fiber optics : cable that meets ui standard 1651 (2 words), local area : lan stands for _____ ______ network, insteon : dual band technology, short : how to …

In the House Word Scramble Puzzle

In the House

Home & Garden

mirror : you can see yourself in this, eraser : i use this to erase, toothbrush : you brush your teeth with it, lamp : this lights up the room, chair : you sit …

What you see in a House or an Apartment Word Scramble Puzzle

What you see in a House or an Apartment

Home & Garden

gutter: a device in the house to move the water from the roof. , nursing home: a place people go to when they are alone and need support for living., alley: …

Home Maintenance Word Scramble Puzzle

Home Maintenance

Home & Garden

maintenance: regular home ___________ checks should be done. , repairs : ______ must be done to anything that needs fixing. , mould : _____ is an organism that …

Housing Word Scramble Puzzle


Home & Garden

stairs: a set of steps that lead from one level to another, esp. in a building, sofa: a long, soft seat with a back and usually arms, on which more than one …

Houses Word Scramble Puzzle


Home & Garden

garage: you can park your car here, semi-detached: two houses together, bungalow: a house with no upstairs, conservatory: a room made of glass, kitchen: you …

Chores Word Scramble Puzzle


Home & Garden

set: to place dishes on the table, cook: to prepare food with heat. , iron: to use heat to make clothes strait, dishes: a flat thing we eat meals off of, mop: …