Jobs Crossword Puzzles

A collection of jobs crossword puzzles. Choose from the list for pre-made puzzles or add your own words to customize and download.

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Careers Word Scramble Puzzle



writer: writes books , chef: cooks food , accountant: magnates money , fire fighter: runs into burning building , astronauts: goes in space , fashion designer: …

Career Vocabulary Word Scramble Puzzle

Career Vocabulary


associates: a degree that typically takes 2 years, working conditions: the working environment and aspects of an employee’s terms and conditions of …

Jobs and Careers Word Scramble Puzzle

Jobs and Careers


waiter: the person who brings you your food in a restaurant, wage: the word for the money you get at the end of each week/month, paramedic: someone who drives …

Employment Word Scramble Puzzle



benefits : the extra items one receives or is eligible to receive when working for a company, location : where something can be found, capabilities : tasks that …

World of Work Word Scramble Puzzle

World of Work


permanent : somebody on a long-term contract, interview : the series of question/answer you have to go through to be employed, sick leave : absence from work …

CE Resume Writing Information Word Scramble Puzzle

CE Resume Writing Information


lie: do not ever do this on a resume. false promises will not benefit you in the interview or in the workplace., outline: your descriptions will _______ your …

California Dream Jobs Word Scramble Puzzle

California Dream Jobs


ranger: person working in a national park, intern: english for "stagiaire", hollywood: centre for american cinema, yosemite: californian national …

Unemployment Word Scramble Puzzle



count : how unemployment is measured; claimant …………, unemployed : formula; ………..……./labour force x 100 = unemployment rate , employed : the …

Jobs and Professions Word Scramble Puzzle

Jobs and Professions


journalist : this person uses a microphone., teacher : this person works at school., cooker : this person wears a big white hat., musician : this person plays …

Workplace Readiness Word Scramble Puzzle

Workplace Readiness


resume: a short description of your education, work history, and references to give an employer when you are applying for a job, classifieds: a small ad in a …

Customer Service Word Scramble Puzzle

Customer Service


customer: someone who pays for goods or services , listen: hear with intention , appreciate: recognize with gratitude; be grateful for , trouble: when a …

Journalism Jobs Word Scramble Puzzle

Journalism Jobs


photojournalist : is similar to a journalist/ reporter but uses a camera rather than the written word to tell news stories. , layout artist : is responsible for …

Recruitment and Selection Word Scramble Puzzle

Recruitment and Selection


criteria : the first step of the selection process is developing the ________., applications : the second step of the selection process is reviewing ________., …

Professional Behavior Word Scramble Puzzle

Professional Behavior


profession hood : leadership, respect, and trust, commitment : sense of belonging and emotional obligation, job : complete task for income, work ethics : …

Jobs and Places of Work Word Scramble Puzzle

Jobs and Places of Work


businessman : he works in an office, farmer : he works on a farm, hairdresser : she works in a salon, waiter : he works in a restaurant, baker : he works in a …

Work Design Word Scramble Puzzle

Work Design


chrp: certified human resources professional, qwl: quality work life, job analysis: exercise to determine the type of knowledge, skills and abilities a person …

Occupation Word Scramble Puzzle



nurse : individual who takes care of patients in a hospital, carpenter : skilled worker who creates or repairs wooden objects, pilot : person who flies an …

Jobs and Occupations Word Scramble Puzzle

Jobs and Occupations


realtor : a person who sells houses, magician : who uses tricks and illusions to create a sense of wonder and awe in their audience, surgeon : someone who …

Works and Jobs Word Scramble Puzzle

Works and Jobs


painter : someone who paints , firefighter : someone who stops fire, dancer : someone who dances , photographer : someone who takes photograph , waiter : man …

Professions Word Scramble Puzzle



librarian : who manages and organizes books and resources in a library?, architect : who designs buildings and oversees their construction?, accountant : who …

Career Exploration Word Scramble Puzzle

Career Exploration


job description : a list of the general tasks, or functions and responsibilities of a position, references : people who have worked with you and who will …