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Respiratory System Word Scramble Puzzle

Respiratory System

Health & Fitness

trachea: the air passage that connects the nose and the mouth to the lungs. , cilia: short hairs that line the nasal cavity., mucus: a slimy liquid that coasts …

Migration and Globalization Word Scramble Puzzle

Migration and Globalization

Law & Government

standard of living : the ability to access services and goods. includes, diaspora : a large group of people with a similar heritage or homeland who have since …

The Good Shepherd Word Scramble Puzzle

The Good Shepherd


defenseless: a word that describes sheep (having no defense), voice: sheep followed the shepherd's what?, wolf: one type of animal that would try and harm …

Business Studies Word Scramble Puzzle

Business Studies


stakeholders: people and organizations with a direct or indirect interest in business activities and performance, opportunity cost : the benefit lost by not …

Mixtures and Solutions Word Scramble Puzzle

Mixtures and Solutions


suspension: mixture in which a substance will not dissolve in another and quickly separates. , solute: a substance that dissolves to make a solution when it is …

Heaven or Hell Word Scramble Puzzle

Heaven or Hell

Religion & Belief

hell: where we spend eternity if we reject jesus, heaven: where we live forever with god for accepting his son, satan: the name of god's enemy who wants to do …

Income Tax Terms Word Scramble Puzzle

Income Tax Terms


refund : if your total tax payments are greater than the total tax you owe., april : you need to file your income taxes by the 15th of this month, progressive : …

Introduction to Business Word Scramble Puzzle

Introduction to Business


price: the cost of a product (5), capital money: that invested in a business (7), cost price: the price a business pays for an item (4,5), rent : this is …

The Holocaust Word Scramble Puzzle

The Holocaust


holocaust: mass destruction by fire; the killing of over 6 million jews during the reign of nazi germany, gestapo: the german secret police during the nazi …

The Pet War Word Scramble Puzzle

The Pet War

Books & Literature

otto: the character who wants a dog, lexi: the character who wants a cat, schnoods: the grocery store where otto tries to get a job, five: how many hundreds …

Pop Culture Word Scramble Puzzle

Pop Culture

People & Society

kelly clarkson : the first american idol, flex : slang term meaning "to show off", bird : the symbol for twitter, johnny depp : actor who plays the …

The Letter D Word Scramble Puzzle

The Letter D


dog : it barks, dyshon : a male peer, dawn : a female peer, daisy : a flower, duck : it quacks, donut : it is round and yummy, diamond : a girl's best friend, …

DC Comic Characters Word Scramble Puzzle

DC Comic Characters

Comics & Animation

two face: "there is always 2 sides to every story", superman: his kryptonite is kryptonite, general zod: superman's war criminal uncle, hawkgirl: not …

Todays Teen Slang Word Scramble Puzzle

Today's Teen Slang

People & Society

basic : tragically mainstream, tea : gossip, read : when someone opens your message, but does not reply, "he left me on___________", cap : a word used …

India Word Scramble Puzzle



postal : india has the largest … system, indus : the name ‘india’ is derived from the river , london : has more indian restaurants than mumbai or delhi., …

Indian States And Union Territories Word Scramble Puzzle

Indian States And Union Territories

Cities & Places

madhya: ______ pradesh state is in the center of india., jharkhand: ________ means land of bushes., uttarakhand: dehradun is the capital of _______________., …

Landforms and Geomorphic Hazards Word Scramble Puzzle

Landforms and Geomorphic Hazards


mountains : elevated portion of the earth's crust, plateau : a flat area of land that is higher than the land around it, glacier : a large body of ice, erosion …

Renaissance Word Scramble Puzzle



scholar : an educated person who often has knowledge in a particular subject, but sometimes in many subjects as in the case of painter/sculptor/inventor, …

Free Time Activities Word Scramble Puzzle

Free Time Activities

People & Society

hiking: i like to walk in the mountains with my dog., swimming: my dad goes to the city pool twice a week., bicycling: he rides his bike to work because it is a …

Human Resource Management Word Scramble Puzzle

Human Resource Management


contingent: worker that is not a full time employee, shrm: society for human resource management, hr planning: the right number of people in the right place at …

Wedding Crossword Word Scramble Puzzle

Wedding Crossword


Have fun at your wedding with this Wedding Crossword Puzzle. Have people this fun and interactive puzzle.