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Measurements Word Scramble Puzzle



kilogram: equal to 1000 grams, length: the measurement of something from end to end (how long it is), inch: the unit used if something is less than a foot, …

Electricity Word Scramble Puzzle



conductor​: metals, circuit​: a path for electrons, proton: attracts to electrons, repel​: a proton and a proton _________, battery: ​contains …

Input Devices Word Scramble Puzzle

Input Devices

Computers & IT

microphone : input device used to record audio, keyboard : input device used to type, touchpad : input device on a laptop, touchscreen : used in mcdonalds to …

Technology Word Scramble Puzzle


Computers & IT

broadband : a form of high-speed internet access., satnav : short form of 'satellite navigation', keypad : like a keyboard, but on a mobile device., plug : you …

Computer Networks Word Scramble Puzzle

Computer Networks

Computers & IT

snmp: structure of management information (smi), is the guideline of, file server: server allows lan users to share data, lan: the network that suitable for a …

Displays and Printers Word Scramble Puzzle

Displays and Printers

Computers & IT

fluorescent: the letter f in ccfl., dynamicrange: the difference between the lightest and darkest colour., resistive: a type of touchscreen which works even if …

Computer Components Word Scramble Puzzle

Computer Components

Computers & IT

keyboard : input device used to type, touchpad: input device on a laptop, speakers: output device used to listen to music, joystick: input device used by …

Computer Hardware Word Scramble Puzzle

Computer Hardware

Computers & IT

mouse​: hand-held pointing device that detects two-dimensional motion relative to a surface, keyboard​: peripheral input device modeled after the …

AI and Machine Learning Word Scramble Puzzle

AI and Machine Learning

Computers & IT

atificial : ____ intelligence, alexa: amazon's home assistant that recognises voice commands., rules: ai uses ____ to decide how to respond to the data they …

Digital Electronics Word Scramble Puzzle

Digital Electronics

Computers & IT

associative : (a+b)+c= a+(b+c) is expression for ____ law., halfadder : a combinational circuit performs addition of two numbers, nor : if any one of input is 1 …

Automation and Robotics Word Scramble Puzzle

Automation and Robotics

Computers & IT

constraint: a limitation or a restriction. it might include limits on time, materials, or size., engineer: a person who asks questions, observes, and gathers …

Energy and Its Uses Word Scramble Puzzle

Energy and Its Uses

Energy & Utilities

kinetic: energy because of movement, conservation: law of ______________________ of energy states that energy cannot be created or destroyed but can be changed …

Renewable Resources Word Scramble Puzzle

Renewable Resources

Energy & Utilities

geothermal: a renewable energy resource that involves a plant, biomass: a renewable energy resource that creates greenhouse gases when burned, flowing: in order …

Electricity Vocabulary Word Scramble Puzzle

Electricity Vocabulary


motor: a device that uses electricity or fuel to produce movement., battery: a container of one or more cells in which chemical energy is converted into …

Electronics 101 Word Scramble Puzzle

Electronics 101


true : true or false - electronic circuits are most likely to fail soon after manufacturing, transistors : can act as switches or amplifiers, switches : open or …

Electrical Circuits Word Scramble Puzzle

Electrical Circuits


series: circuit with a single path in which electricity flows, short: circuit with an extra "accidental" path that avoids components of the circuit; …

Computer Fundamentals Review Word Scramble Puzzle

Computer Fundamentals Review

Computers & IT

external hardware : commonly referred to as peripherals, microchip : has electronic circuits on it and can hold large amounts of information, cloud storage : …

Norse Mythology Word Scramble Puzzle

Norse Mythology

Religion & Belief

ymir : the sons of bor used every part of this to make many worlds., greedy : used to describe thor., bifrost : flaming rainbow bridge spanned the distance from …

Emotions and Feelings Word Scramble Puzzle

Emotions and Feelings

People & Society

anxious : you feel it when you are nervous., overwhelm : to cause someone to feel sudden strong emotion., disturbed : having a not normal behavior because of …

Social Media Word Scramble Puzzle

Social Media

Computers & IT

tiktok : users create music and lipsync videos they can share with their followers, facebook : currently the largest social media site in the world, instagram : …

Human Rights Word Scramble Puzzle

Human Rights

Law & Government

dignity : the quality a person has that makes them worthy of honour or respect, human rights : something a person is entitled to because they are human, amnesty …