Cities and Places Crossword Puzzles

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Hawaii Word Scramble Puzzle


Cities & Places

aloha: the word for hello and goodbye is ?, lei: what is the name of the hawaiian flowered necklace?, pearl harbor: what naval base was attacked on dec.7, …

Around the Town Word Scramble Puzzle

Around the Town

Cities & Places

pharmacy : fill a prescription, gas station : pump gas into your gas tank., parking lot : park your car in the..., post office : go here to send a letter or a …

Alaska Word Scramble Puzzle


Cities & Places

willow ptarmigan: state bird , chinook salmon: official state fish, last frontier: alaska's nickname, denali: the great one, seward: signed the treaty with …

Chicago Trivia Word Scramble Puzzle

Chicago Trivia

Cities & Places

third : chicago's ranking on the list of u.s. largest cities by population., windy city : popular nickname for chicago., four : number of stars on chicago's …

Indian States And Union Territories Word Scramble Puzzle

Indian States And Union Territories

Cities & Places

madhya: ______ pradesh state is in the center of india., jharkhand: ________ means land of bushes., uttarakhand: dehradun is the capital of _______________., …

Capital Cities Word Scramble Puzzle

Capital Cities

Cities & Places

madrid : capital city of spain, rome : capital city of italy, paris : capital city of france, copenhagen : capital city of denmark, mexico city : capital city …

Places in Town Word Scramble Puzzle

Places in Town

Cities & Places

cinema : for watching movies, museum : holds exhibitions and artifacts, university : for further education when you finish school, temple : a place for worship …

New York State Word Scramble Puzzle

New York State

Cities & Places

fingerlakes: central new york region known for it's anatomical bodies of water., theegg: performing arts venue found in albany., ellisisland: location where …

Oklahoma Word Scramble Puzzle


Cities & Places

tornado alley : region in america where tornados happen a lot, sooner : nickname of oklahomans; we received this name from the land run, stitt : what is the …

Countries and Capitals Word Scramble Puzzle

Countries and Capitals

Cities & Places

pakistan : islamabad is the capital of which, france : paris is the capital of which country?, sweden : stockholm is the capital of which country?, england : …

Jamestown Word Scramble Puzzle


Cities & Places

jamestown : first permanent english settlement in north america, three : december 1606, _____ ships left england, four months : it took this long for ships to …

The Countries Capitals Word Scramble Puzzle

The Countries' Capitals

Cities & Places

paris : is a major european city and a world center of art, fashion, gastronomy and culture., washington : the capitol, the white house and the supreme court. …

London Word Scramble Puzzle


Cities & Places

lift : it’s something that brings people up and down to different floors in a building, palace: a queen or a king lives there., queue: in front of the cinema …

US Capitals Word Scramble Puzzle

US Capitals

Cities & Places

indianapolis: capital of indiana, honolulu: capital of hawaii, austin: capital of texas, sacramento: capital of california, hartford: capital of connecticut, …

State Nicknames and Mottos Word Scramble Puzzle

State Nicknames and Mottos

Cities & Places

alaska: state known as the last frontier, delaware: state known as the first state, illinois: state known as the land of lincoln, new hampshire: state whose …

Alabama Word Scramble Puzzle


Cities & Places

baldwin : largest county (area), sixty-seven : number of counties in alabama, helen keller : on the state quarter, mobile : azalea city, joe louis : "brown …

Australian Capital Cities Word Scramble Puzzle

Australian Capital Cities

Cities & Places

brisbane : capital city of queensland, adelaide : capital city of south australia, darwin : capital city of northern territory, perth : capital city of western …

In the City Word Scramble Puzzle

In the City

Cities & Places

mall: this is a place full of shops and restaurants., park: this is a public open space where people gather and hang out., church: people pray and get married …

U.S. State Nicknames Word Scramble Puzzle

U.S. State Nicknames

Cities & Places

alabama: yellowhammer , alaska: last frontier , arizona: grand canyon , california: golden , colorado: centennial , connecticut: nutmeg , delaware: diamond , …

Cities of Australia Word Scramble Puzzle

Cities of Australia

Cities & Places

sydney : capital city of new south wales, perth : capital city of western australia, hobart : capital city of tasmania, adelaide : capital city of south …

Eiffel Tower Word Scramble Puzzle

Eiffel Tower

Cities & Places

love: paris is the city of ____., zero: how many people died while building it?, paris: what city is the eiffel tower in?, france: what country is the eiffel …