Comics and Animation Crossword Puzzles

A collection of comics and animation crossword puzzles. Choose from the list for pre-made puzzles or add your own words to customize and download.

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Ice Age Word Scramble Puzzle

Ice Age

Comics & Animation

woolly mammoth : what species is manny?, diego : what is the name of the sabre-tooth tiger?, acorn : what does scrat the squirrel so desperately want?, iceberg …

Comic Characters Word Scramble Puzzle

Comic Characters

Comics & Animation

batman : his parents died in front of him, jesus : he’s our savior the one and only, oracle : she sees all and helps batman, greenlantern : he is green, human …

Beauty and The Beast Word Scramble Puzzle

Beauty and The Beast

Comics & Animation

beauty : the daughter pierre picked the rose for, enchanted : the castle was _______________________, stammers : when someone can't say a word properly, library …

Spongebob Squarepants Word Scramble Puzzle

Spongebob Squarepants

Comics & Animation

pineapple : a fruit that spongebob lives in, krusty krab : spongebob's place of employment, karen : planktons wife, chocolate : the sweet treat that the old man …

Anime Word Scramble Puzzle


Comics & Animation

saitama: who is known as the ‘one punch man’?, all for one:what is deku’s quirk in my hero academia?, ryuk:the shinigami who loves apples. can you recall …

Stuart Little Word Scramble Puzzle

Stuart Little

Comics & Animation

margalo: how did stuart get out of the special boat , arrow: what did stuart use to save the bird margalo, snowbell: who is stuart’s enemy, new york: what …

Alice in Wonderland Word Scramble Puzzle

Alice in Wonderland

Comics & Animation

cheshire cat: what pet does the duchess have in her house?, queen of hearts: who did the hatter play music for?, teatime: the hatter says it's always what …

Name These Fairy Tales! Word Scramble Puzzle

Name These Fairy Tales!

Comics & Animation

rapunzel: a woman in a tower is asked to let down her hair, sleeping beauty: a woman should be careful not to prick her finger on a spindle, beauty and the …

Superheroes Marvel + DC Word Scramble Puzzle

Superheroes Marvel + DC

Comics & Animation

bracelets : you wear these around your wrist, shield : captain america's protection, joker : green bad guy, robin : batman's sidekick, panther : he is from …

Name That Animated Movie Word Scramble Puzzle

Name That Animated Movie

Comics & Animation

pocahontas : “i’d rather die tomorrow than live a hundred years without knowing you.”, hercules : “people always do crazy things when they’re in …

Puss in Boots Word Scramble Puzzle

Puss in Boots

Comics & Animation

boots: what the cat wears, miller: the dad is a _______, kingharry: who got the gifts, rabbits: a gift from puss in boots, ogreofcarabas: the people were afraid …

DC Comic Characters Word Scramble Puzzle

DC Comic Characters

Comics & Animation

two face: "there is always 2 sides to every story", superman: his kryptonite is kryptonite, general zod: superman's war criminal uncle, hawkgirl: not …

Animated Movie Quotes Word Scramble Puzzle

Animated Movie Quotes

Comics & Animation

pocahontas : “i’d rather die tomorrow than live a hundred years without knowing you.”, hercules : "a true hero isn't measured by the size of his …

Animation Movie Princesses Word Scramble Puzzle

Animation Movie Princesses

Comics & Animation

moana : sailed the open seas to save her people, anna : she fell in love with kristoff, pocahontas : she loved john smith, merida : she was very …

Whose That Character? Word Scramble Puzzle

Whose That Character?

Comics & Animation

huggy wuggy : monster in poppy playtime, bendy : one of the best indie horror game characters, freddy fazbear : guy from fnaf, noob : a character in roblox, …

Rapunzel Word Scramble Puzzle


Comics & Animation

desert: where did the witch take rapunzel after cutting her hair?, tears: what cured the prince's blindness?, witch: who discovered the man stealing the …

Urashima Taro Word Scramble Puzzle

Urashima Taro

Comics & Animation

japan: what country was he from?, octopus: a sea creature with 8 legs, box: what did the princess give him?, parents: who was he looking for when he came home?, …

Masha and the Bear - Jam Day Word Scramble Puzzle

Masha and the Bear - Jam Day

Comics & Animation

jam : bear is making ______., berries : masha eats all the ______., tin : masha puts her head into a glass _____., astronaut : masha acts as an __________., paw …

Lady and the Tramp Word Scramble Puzzle

Lady and the Tramp

Comics & Animation

tramp : the boy dog who likes lady, mean : it when someone is not being nice., swung : cause to move back and fourth, poor : if someone don't have much money, …