Seasonal Crossword Puzzles

A collection of seasonal crossword puzzles. Choose from the list for pre-made puzzles or add your own words to customize and download.

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Autumn Word Scramble Puzzle



pumpkin: a large orange squash that people carve faces into., harvest: another word for gathering crops before winter., fall: another word for autumn., yellow: …

National Truth and Reconciliation Day Word Scramble Puzzle

National Truth and Reconciliation Day


inuit: indigenous group mostly found in canada's north, wampum: a beaded belt used to display treaties and relationships, turtle: the animal that is holding up …

Earth Day Word Scramble Puzzle

Earth Day


compost: mixture of various decaying organic substances , ozone: a layer in the earth's atmosphere , ecology: the science of organisms and their environment , …

Fall Harvest Word Scramble Puzzle

Fall Harvest


acorn: fruit of the oak tree, foliage: leaves on tree, harvest: to gather; to reap, cornucopia: horn of plenty, thanksgiving: holiday for giving thanks, …

Seasons Word Scramble Puzzle



equator : area on earth with little to no change in seasons, year : length of time it takes for earth to revolve around the sun once, solstice : summer …

Spring Word Scramble Puzzle



daffodil: spring flower known for resiliency , lyme: check for ticks to prevent this, antihistamine: you might need this for allergy season, goose: silly avians …

Christmas Songs Word Scramble Puzzle

Christmas Songs


sleigh : jingle bells jingle bells jingle all the way, oh what fun it is to right in a one hors open _ _ _ _ _ _, reindeer : rudolf the rednosed _ _ _ _ _ _ _ …

Christmas Word Scramble Puzzle



north pole: where santa's workshop is located, gift: another word for present, grinch: who stole christmas, wreath: christmas door decoration, sleigh: santa's …

Halloween Word Scramble Puzzle



cat: main pet of witches, pumpkin: pie is made from ________, blood: vampires love to drink this, werewolf: scary animal that can change into a person?, witch: …

Fall Feels Word Scramble Puzzle

Fall Feels


red : a primary color, rake: tool for gathering fallen leaves, trick: hand of play at cards, pumpkin: winter squash popular as a seasonal decoration, festival: …

Fall Activities Word Scramble Puzzle

Fall Activities


picnic : eating outdoors. food is usually stored in a basket and you eat on a blanket, getaway : another word for a spontaneous vacation, drive : taking your …

Birth of Jesus Word Scramble Puzzle

Birth of Jesus


joseph: the name of jesus's father?, bethlehem: what city was jesus born in?, virgin: what was special about jesus's mother?, dream: how were the family warned …

Summer Time Fun Word Scramble Puzzle

Summer Time Fun


baseball : outdoor game played with a ball and bats?, drive in : large outdoor movie screen?, june : summer month with the longest days?, surfing : water sport …

Labor Day Word Scramble Puzzle

Labor Day


south dakota: sen kyle from _________ introduced legislation to officially make labor day the holiday we know today, white: according to fashion, you should not …

Fall Decorations Word Scramble Puzzle

Fall Decorations


wreath : a circular arrangement of flowers or leaves often hung on a door, centerpiece : a decorative piece or display placed in the middle of a dining or …

Spooky Word Scramble Puzzle



witch: she rides on a broomstick, cat: a witch's pet, sweets: the treat, cauldron: the pot where spells are made, trick: ...... or treat, halloween: the time …

Safe Work Month Word Scramble Puzzle

Safe Work Month


noticeboard : where you can find safety information on site, responsibility : what is the first safety commitment on the poster, training : what do you …

Seasons and Clothes Word Scramble Puzzle

Seasons and Clothes


shorts : my sister sometimes wears orange ________ in summer., winter : season; my family stays at home in ________., spring : season; we can see beautiful …

Signs of Winter Word Scramble Puzzle

Signs of Winter


propane : used to generate heat., shiver : the skin's reaction to cold., snow : the white stuff that falls from the sky., coat : winter weather attire., …

Winter Weather Word Scramble Puzzle

Winter Weather


cold : how one describes a low temperature., blast : a strong gust of wind or air., slush : partially melted snow and ice., flurries : a sudden rush of wind …

Thanksgiving Word Scramble Puzzle



Guess the answers about Thanksgiving events, food and traditions in this crossword puzzle.