Seasonal Crossword Puzzles

A collection of seasonal crossword puzzles. Choose from the list for pre-made puzzles or add your own words to customize and download.

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Spring Word Scramble Puzzle



daffodil: spring flower known for resiliency , lyme: check for ticks to prevent this, antihistamine: you might need this for allergy season, goose: silly avians …

St. Patricks Day Word Scramble Puzzle

St. Patrick's Day


irish : the official language of ireland, clover : symbol of good luck, ireland : country where st. patrick’s day started, fiddle : a musical instrument …

Seasons Word Scramble Puzzle



equator : area on earth with little to no change in seasons, year : length of time it takes for earth to revolve around the sun once, solstice : summer …

Autumn Word Scramble Puzzle



pumpkin: a large orange squash that people carve faces into., harvest: another word for gathering crops before winter., fall: another word for autumn., yellow: …

April Showers Bring May Flowers Word Scramble Puzzle

April Showers Bring May Flowers


leaves : rake or make multch out of them, picnic : yogi the bear will help himself to this, allergies : runny nose and watery eyes, basket : don't put all of …

Spring Season Word Scramble Puzzle

Spring Season


flowers : plants with different colors, umbrella : something to protect you from getting wet when it's raining, leaf : they fall off from trees, blossoms : they …

Spring Is Here Word Scramble Puzzle

Spring Is Here


bees: a communal flying insect that produces honey, pollen: microspores - cause of spring allergies, sunny: bright light from the sky, young; early in life, …

Spring Flower Bonanza! Word Scramble Puzzle

Spring Flower Bonanza!


olive:the lilac in in the same family as the ____ tree. , saffron: the very expensive spice, _____, comes from a type of crocus flower., california: almost 60% …

Earth Day Word Scramble Puzzle

Earth Day


compost: mixture of various decaying organic substances , ozone: a layer in the earth's atmosphere , ecology: the science of organisms and their environment , …

WINTER Word Scramble Puzzle



igloo: a type of dome-shaped shelter built from blocks of solid snow, snowman: a representation of a human figure created with compressed snow, december: the …

Snowman! Word Scramble Puzzle



carrot: this edible item doubles as a snowman's nose, scarf: put this around your snowman's neck, corncob: what frosty's pipe is made from, twigs: use these for …

Its Summertime! Word Scramble Puzzle

It's Summertime!


mango : a sweet fruit with peel that can be red, orange, or green, school : something you might do to graduate sooner, ice cream : a sweet frozen dessert made …

Labor Day Word Scramble Puzzle

Labor Day


south dakota: sen kyle from _________ introduced legislation to officially make labor day the holiday we know today, white: according to fashion, you should not …

Santas Reindeers Word Scramble Puzzle

Santa's Reindeers


rudolph: the front reindeer., dasher: the first reindeer that santa calls out when he is flying., dancer: the reindeer that likes to dance., prancer: the …

Single Lovers V-Day Word Scramble Puzzle

Single Lovers V-Day


dating : entertaining all romantic interests, fling : friends with benefits situation , career driven : focused on obtaining financial structure for oneself, …

Warm and Fuzzy Word Scramble Puzzle

Warm and Fuzzy


gloves : keeps your digits from freezing, comforter : bedding item that might be weighted, tea : drink that gets steeped, fireplace : heating source, boots : …

Groundhog Day Word Scramble Puzzle

Groundhog Day


woodchuck: the proper name for a groundhog, alone: groundhogs mostly live , winter: if the groundhog sees its shadow there are 6 more weeks of _________., …

Signs of Winter Word Scramble Puzzle

Signs of Winter


propane : used to generate heat., shiver : the skin's reaction to cold., snow : the white stuff that falls from the sky., coat : winter weather attire., …

New Years Eve Word Scramble Puzzle

New Year's Eve


festivity: activities or events celebrating a special occasion, calendar: used to know the day and date, resolution: firm decision to do or not to do something, …

Winter Activities Word Scramble Puzzle

Winter Activities


snowman: a snow shapes figure usually made by rolling and stacking 3 large snow balls. , bowling: you get to wear silly shoes and striking out is actually a …

New Year Word Scramble Puzzle

New Year


snacks: eaten on new year's eve, parties: there are lots of ___ on new year's eve, celebration: having a party, fireworks: colorful explosions, feasts: many …