Business & Industrial Crossword Puzzles

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Industrial Technology Word Scramble Puzzle

Industrial Technology


oil : this helped with the petroleum refining industry., technology : is the collection of techniques, skills, methods, and processes used in the production of …

Principle of Business Word Scramble Puzzle

Principle of Business


wholesalers: intermediaries who help move goods between producers and retailers by buying goods from producers and selling them to retailers, retailers: a …

Teamwork & Leadership Word Scramble Puzzle

Teamwork & Leadership


coaching : closely supervising but also explaining decisions and asking for suggestions., self directed : responsible for choosing their own methods of reaching …

Time Management Strategies Word Scramble Puzzle

Time Management Strategies


deadline: the latest time or date by which something should be completed., multitask: to deal with more than one task at a time., proactive: taking action …

Business Studies Word Scramble Puzzle

Business Studies


stakeholders: people and organizations with a direct or indirect interest in business activities and performance, opportunity cost : the benefit lost by not …

Business Word Scramble Puzzle



income : how much you make, expenditure : how much you spend, profit : the difference between money made and spent, ceo : the leader of a business, quantity : …

Introduction to Business Word Scramble Puzzle

Introduction to Business


price: the cost of a product (5), capital money: that invested in a business (7), cost price: the price a business pays for an item (4,5), rent : this is …

Entrepreneurs and Leaders Word Scramble Puzzle

Entrepreneurs and Leaders


objective : the step to an aim. , opportunity cost: when you sacrifice one advantage for another. , sole trader : the starter of a business. , over trading : …

Business Management Word Scramble Puzzle

Business Management


organizing: the management function of setting up the way the business's work will be done (, staffing: the management function of finding workers for the …

Intellectual Property Word Scramble Puzzle

Intellectual Property


patents: a property right for an investor that's typically granted by a government agency such as the u.s. patent and trademark office, fair use: is a doctrine …

Understanding the Customer Word Scramble Puzzle

Understanding the Customer


timid : genuine interest, patient and understanding will put the _____ guest at ease., positive : when providing positive customer service, it is important to …

Business Terminology Word Scramble Puzzle

Business Terminology


business: an organization which sells goods or services for a profit, capital: the money initially invested in a business, company: a form of business which …

Globalisation Word Scramble Puzzle



fairtrade: organisation that aims to help farmers be paid fairly , host: term used for the country where the headquarters of a tnc is normally based, lower: in …

Fair Trade Word Scramble Puzzle

Fair Trade


difference : choosing to buy fair trade items makes a big ____________ to farmers, growing: framers earn money by ________________ food and produce to sell, …

Business Vocabulary Word Scramble Puzzle

Business Vocabulary


employer: a person giving work to others, capital: money, debt: money owed, profit: money left after expenses, inventory: goods available to sell, wholesale: …

Human Resource Management Word Scramble Puzzle

Human Resource Management


contingent: worker that is not a full time employee, shrm: society for human resource management, hr planning: the right number of people in the right place at …

Planning and Decision Making Word Scramble Puzzle

Planning and Decision Making


planning: the process of making plans for something, making: decision _______ is the action or process of making decisions, prioritize: designate or treat …

Executive Functioning Word Scramble Puzzle

Executive Functioning


growth: the ___ mindset and belief that they can learn more or become smarter if they work hard., working: the mental memory processes that allow us to hold …

Supply Chain Word Scramble Puzzle

Supply Chain


distributor : a person or organization that supplies goods to retailers, chain : a sequence of processes involved in the production and distribution of a …

Marketing and Market Segmentation Word Scramble Puzzle

Marketing and Market Segmentation


behaviour : dividing the market based on how people relate to a product, increase : the role of marketing is to _______________ sales , place : one of the four …

Customer Service Week Word Scramble Puzzle

Customer Service Week


snowbirds : customers that put their services on vacation over the summer are called, customer : someone who pays for services, service : work done by one …