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A collection of general crossword puzzles. Choose from the list for pre-made puzzles or add your own words to customize and download.

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Shopping Word Scramble Puzzle



bookshop : shop where you can find books., chemist : shop where you can buy medicines., fishmonger : shop where you can buy fish., pet shop : shop where you can …

Presentation Vocabulary Word Scramble Puzzle

Presentation Vocabulary


podium: the standing thing where the microphone is., audience: the people watching the presentation., motivational: a speech that makes you want to be better., …

Vices and Virtues Word Scramble Puzzle

Vices and Virtues


humility: an understanding that everything comes from god and that god is everything, gratitude: to see goodness in our own lives and the lives of others and to …

Infant Development Word Scramble Puzzle

Infant Development


trust : infant will develop sense of ____ only if parent/caregiver is consistent with basic needs being med., triple: weight will ____ by 12 months, hands: sits …

Keeping Things Word Scramble Puzzle

Keeping Things


closet: the place where you keep your clothes, shoes and some accessories., drawer: a small part of a desk., locker: the area to keep your school material or …

Memory: Remembrance of Past and Present Word Scramble Puzzle

Memory: Remembrance of Past and Present


episodic : memories which relate to specific life experiences, implicit : memories about which people are not consciously aware, such as how to ride a bike, …

Harry Potter Trivia Word Scramble Puzzle

Harry Potter Trivia


palmistry: uses shapes and lines on the hand to predict the future, umbridge: harry's 5th defense against the dark arts professor, filch: hogwarts caretaker, …

Things Needed to Survive Word Scramble Puzzle

Things Needed to Survive


house : it has a bedroom a bathroom and a living room, sleep : where we dream, education : learning at school and college, money : we get it from working, …

Famous Pairs Word Scramble Puzzle

Famous Pairs


jelly: peanut butter and _____, cookies: milk and _____, cheese: macaroni and _____, pepper: salt and _____, spaghetti: _____ and meatballs, biscuits: _____ and …

Grocery Store Word Scramble Puzzle

Grocery Store


junk food : chips, pop and candy, bakery : baked goods , healthy : things that are good for you or being well, produce : fruits and vegetables , cart : you put …

Technology : Words to CROSS your mind Word Scramble Puzzle

Technology : Words to CROSS your mind


social network : a place on the internet where you can exchange messages with other people and share memes. , smartwatch : a digital watch that provides many …

Pirate Word Scramble Puzzle



treasure: valuable items hidden for pirates to find., captain: the leader of a pirate crew., ship: a vessel pirates use to sail the seas., map: a guide that …

I want to join the ___ club Word Scramble Puzzle

I want to join the ___ club


baseball : i want to hit many homeruns., basketball : i like shooting 3-pointers., soccer : i can shoot pks well., swimming : i like water sports., judo : i …

Robin Hood Word Scramble Puzzle

Robin Hood


godfrey : the french double agent, film : a piece of visual media, nottingham : that one place in the movie, plot : the story, archer : bow man, marian : the …

Media Word Scramble Puzzle



slander: a false report maliciously uttered and tending to injure the reputation of a person, feature: a special or regular article, usually displayed …

Time Word Scramble Puzzle



friday: it is the last day of the weekdays, winter: usually the coldest season , monday: the day in between sunday and tuesday, january: the first month of the …

The Good Shepherd Word Scramble Puzzle

The Good Shepherd


defenseless: a word that describes sheep (having no defense), voice: sheep followed the shepherd's what?, wolf: one type of animal that would try and harm …

Pirates Word Scramble Puzzle



barrel : used for storing things on a ship., captain : the pirate in charge!, parrot : a pirate's pet, telescope : used to spot far away land., rigging : climb …

Future Fun Word Scramble Puzzle

Future Fun


prediction: an educated guess of what will happen in the future, prosthetic: a manufactured replacement for a missing limb, transportation: a method of travel, …

Holes Word Scramble Puzzle



whole: type of musical note drawn with a hole in it, weaver: actor in holes, funnel: wide at the top, narrow at the bottom, hole through the middle, manhole: to …

Marine Word Scramble Puzzle



propellers: found on boats and can contribute to marine noise pollution or sea bed disturbance in shallow water., plastic: harmful when ingested by marine life …