General Crossword Puzzles

A collection of general crossword puzzles. Choose from the list for pre-made puzzles or add your own words to customize and download.

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Shopping Word Scramble Puzzle



bookshop : shop where you can find books., chemist : shop where you can buy medicines., fishmonger : shop where you can buy fish., pet shop : shop where you can …

Famous Pairs Word Scramble Puzzle

Famous Pairs


jelly: peanut butter and _____, cookies: milk and _____, cheese: macaroni and _____, pepper: salt and _____, spaghetti: _____ and meatballs, biscuits: _____ and …

Time Word Scramble Puzzle



friday: it is the last day of the weekdays, winter: usually the coldest season , monday: the day in between sunday and tuesday, january: the first month of the …

General Knowledge Word Scramble Puzzle

General Knowledge


alone: the man wanted to be left .......... to think., apartment: she has a nice .......... in the city., article: did you read the .......... about the new …

Strange and Mysterious Word Scramble Puzzle

Strange and Mysterious


magic: a special power that witches and wizards have, horror: scarier than ghosts, cat: a witch's pet, unexplained: something that hasn't been solved, …

Research Methods Word Scramble Puzzle

Research Methods


natural : type of experiment not manipulated by the researcher, laboratory : type of experiment where iv is manipulated in controlled environment, field : type …

Electrical Circuits Word Scramble Puzzle

Electrical Circuits


series: circuit with a single path in which electricity flows, short: circuit with an extra "accidental" path that avoids components of the circuit; …

Renewable Resources Word Scramble Puzzle

Renewable Resources


geothermal: a renewable energy resource that involves a plant, biomass: a renewable energy resource that creates greenhouse gases when burned, flowing: in order …

Idiomatic Expressions Word Scramble Puzzle

Idiomatic Expressions


honest: fair and square, disappointed: pulled a long face, isolated: high and dry, trouble: be in the mire, tiny: itsy- bitsy, insane: lose marbles, cheerful: …

Pirates Word Scramble Puzzle



barrel : used for storing things on a ship., captain : the pirate in charge!, parrot : a pirate's pet, telescope : used to spot far away land., rigging : climb …

Graphical Representations Word Scramble Puzzle

Graphical Representations


bar graph : uses rectangular bars with spaces in between., tree diagram : used to show family structure., flow chart : uses arrows and shapes to show …

Safety Word Scramble Puzzle



respirator : a device that allows the wearer to breathe clean air, mitigation : the act of lowering or reducing the level of a hazard, entry : the action of …

Electronics 101 Word Scramble Puzzle

Electronics 101


true : true or false - electronic circuits are most likely to fail soon after manufacturing, transistors : can act as switches or amplifiers, switches : open or …

Current Events Word Scramble Puzzle

Current Events


donald trump: former us president who pleaded not guilty to 34 counts of criminal activity, lithuania: country seeking millions of euros from belarus as …

Fire Safety Word Scramble Puzzle

Fire Safety


hose: a firefighter uses a fire ____ to put out a fire, escape: it is important to have a fire ______ plan, emergency: call 911 if it is an _________, spot: …

Marine Word Scramble Puzzle



propellers: found on boats and can contribute to marine noise pollution or sea bed disturbance in shallow water., plastic: harmful when ingested by marine life …

Womens Suffrage Word Scramble Puzzle

Women's Suffrage


voting rights : rights of participation in especially public elections, amendment : a change to the constitution, suffrage : the right to vote in political …

Warehousing and Storage Word Scramble Puzzle

Warehousing and Storage


employee : someone who is paid to work, ppe : personal protective equipment, hse : health and safety executive, procedure : a way of doing something, first aid …

Types of Adventures Word Scramble Puzzle

Types of Adventures


rock climbing : climbing rocks with a safety harness, swimming : a cool thing to do in the water, fishing : you will need a line and some bait, motorbike: two …

Alternative Energy Word Scramble Puzzle

Alternative Energy


fossil fuel: non renewable energy, nuclear: energy that comes from an atom is called _________ energy, substation: a station where electricity is transferred …

Masonry Work Word Scramble Puzzle

Masonry Work


chase: enclose pipes or wires, damper: part of the chimney that controls the draft, steel pins: sections of scaffolding are held together by these, half circle: …