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Vocabulary: Film Genres Word Scramble Puzzle

Vocabulary: Film Genres

Music, Movies, TV

sci-fi : these films are set in the future, historical : these films are always set in the past, teen : these films are made for young people, drama : these …

The One and Only Ivan Word Scramble Puzzle

The One and Only Ivan

Music, Movies, TV

orangutans: one of his family tree members., stella: his next door neighbour., jungle: scene that is painted ons his wall., gorilla: what type of animal is …

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Word Scramble Puzzle

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Music, Movies, TV

chocolate : what can charlie smell on his way to school?, gum : what does violet always chew? , bucket : charlies last name , five : how many golden tickets …

Friends TV Show Word Scramble Puzzle

Friends TV Show

Music, Movies, TV

gunther: creepy coffee shop waiter who is obsessed with rachel, carol: ross' ex-lesbian wife., fashion designer: rachel's job, oh my god: janice's saying., …

Drama Words Word Scramble Puzzle

Drama Words

Music, Movies, TV

cast: the actors in a play, character: a personality or role an actor/actress re-creates, costume: personality or role an actor/actress re-creates, design: the …

Popular Music Word Scramble Puzzle

Popular Music

Music, Movies, TV

saxophone : this woodwind instrument is often used in jazz music, verse : this section of a song tells a story, melody : another name for the tune of a song, …

Dance Word Scramble Puzzle


Music, Movies, TV

studio: a place to learn dancing, music: the sound you dance to, jazz: one of your dance styles, shuffle: a tap dance step, jete: a jump in ballet, tutu: a …

The Outsiders Word Scramble Puzzle

The Outsiders

Music, Movies, TV

tough : something that is hard to the touch, switchblade : a sharp object, dallas : a character that passed away, rumble : a place where action happens, socs : …

The Wizard of Oz Word Scramble Puzzle

The Wizard of Oz

Music, Movies, TV

witch : possibly ugly., nerve : the lion's craving., treetops : where the jitterbug lives., lullaby league : lollipop guild's counterpart., nikko : the monkey …

Little House on the Prairie Word Scramble Puzzle

Little House on the Prairie

Music, Movies, TV

camp: their temporary home, laura: the main character, prairie : a vast scape of land, mississippi: their destination, wisconsin: their old home, minnesota: …

80s Music Word Scramble Puzzle

80's Music

Music, Movies, TV

amy grant : whomade our fathers eyes, eye of the tiger : watching us with the, eclipse : the total ____ of the heart, epcot : what opened in 1982, pop : the …

Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief Word Scramble Puzzle

Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief

Music, Movies, TV

annabeth chase: percy's newfound friend , zeus: the god of the sky, adhd: what percy has because of being a half blood, dyslexia:what most half bloods have …

Music Word Scramble Puzzle


Music, Movies, TV

chorus: you immediately recognize a song with it, lyrics: with this you know what the song is actually about, note: a pitch, chord: you create one by pressing …

Finish the Lyrics Word Scramble Puzzle

Finish the Lyrics

Music, Movies, TV

show: so show me, i’ll _____ you, born: i’m a______singer , idol: you can call me artist ; you can call me _____, love: i’m the one i should ____ in this …

Audio and Visual Techonology Word Scramble Puzzle

Audio and Visual Techonology

Music, Movies, TV

television: a piece of electronic equipment shaped like a box with a screen, on which you can watch cartoons, tv, shows,..., cd player: a piece of equipment for …

Movie and TV Genres Word Scramble Puzzle

Movie and TV Genres

Music, Movies, TV

action: an exciting movie that often includes explosions or violence, animated: a movie or tv show that is drawn or uses cgi, comedy: a funny movie or tv show, …

Theatre Vocabulary Word Scramble Puzzle

Theatre Vocabulary

Music, Movies, TV

theater: i am going to the movie ___________, theatre: the study of live performance, drama: representation by actors through dialogue and action, playwright: …

Greys Anatomy Word Scramble Puzzle

Greys Anatomy

Music, Movies, TV

fourteen : how many seasons are there, april kepner : who does jackson avery marry, dr. webber : who is chief in season 1, cardio : what is christina's …

Music Vocabulary Word Scramble Puzzle

Music Vocabulary

Music, Movies, TV

minor : sounds sad, major : sounds happy, pianissimo : very soft, legato : smooth and connected, tenor : a high ranged male voice, quarter note : worth 1 beat, …

Orchestra Word Scramble Puzzle


Music, Movies, TV

eighth note : gets half a beat, dynamic : tells you how loud or soft to play, treble : the clef that violins play in, bass : the clef that cello and bass play …

The boy in the Striped PJs Word Scramble Puzzle

The boy in the Striped PJs

Music, Movies, TV

soldiers: who killed the jews?, father: who is the leader of the family?, john boyne: who wrote the boy in the striped pyjamas?, paval: who peels the potatoes?, …