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Little House on the Prairie Word Scramble Puzzle

Little House on the Prairie

Music, Movies, TV

camp: their temporary home, laura: the main character, prairie : a vast scape of land, mississippi: their destination, wisconsin: their old home, minnesota: …

Christmas Movies Word Scramble Puzzle

Christmas Movies

Music, Movies, TV

red nosed reindeer: rudolph the _______, snowman: frosty the _______, alone: home _______, express: the polar _______, clause: the santa _______, deck: _______ …

Films Word Scramble Puzzle


Music, Movies, TV

century: 100 years, cast: a list of actors of actresses who appear in the film, director: a person who says what actors have to do and how to play, audience: a …

Criminal Minds Word Scramble Puzzle

Criminal Minds

Music, Movies, TV

haley: who was hotch's wife until season 3?, aaron hotchner: who was unit chief in seasons 1-12?, jason gideon: which former ssa was murdered in season 10?, …

News Broadcast Word Scramble Puzzle

News Broadcast

Music, Movies, TV

director : the person that oversees productions and the execution of administrative duties for broadcast stations., script : is a set of written questions and …

Music Word Scramble Puzzle


Music, Movies, TV

chorus: you immediately recognize a song with it, lyrics: with this you know what the song is actually about, note: a pitch, chord: you create one by pressing …

Music Terminology Word Scramble Puzzle

Music Terminology

Music, Movies, TV

sharp : raises pitch by a half step, dc al fine : from the beginning to the end, lento : slowly, dc al coda : from the beginning to the coda, flat : lowers …

The boy in the Striped PJs Word Scramble Puzzle

The boy in the Striped PJs

Music, Movies, TV

soldiers: who killed the jews?, father: who is the leader of the family?, john boyne: who wrote the boy in the striped pyjamas?, paval: who peels the potatoes?, …

Rock N Roll Word Scramble Puzzle

Rock N' Roll

Music, Movies, TV

styx : 'come sail away', nirvana : 'come as you are', supertramp : 'logical song', elton john : 'i'm still standing', foreigner : 'cold as ice', david bowie : …

Vocal Music Word Scramble Puzzle

Vocal Music

Music, Movies, TV

a cappella : unaccompanied singing, bass : lowest male voice, strophic : verse that have the same melody, aria : a solo song in an opera, melismatic : several …

Movie and TV Genres Word Scramble Puzzle

Movie and TV Genres

Music, Movies, TV

action: an exciting movie that often includes explosions or violence, animated: a movie or tv show that is drawn or uses cgi, comedy: a funny movie or tv show, …

Ukulele Word Scramble Puzzle


Music, Movies, TV

jumping flea : what does ukulele mean?, baritone : what is the biggest ukulele called?, ukulele : what instrument are we learning to play?, strum : what is it …

Music Vocabulary Word Scramble Puzzle

Music Vocabulary

Music, Movies, TV

minor : sounds sad, major : sounds happy, pianissimo : very soft, legato : smooth and connected, tenor : a high ranged male voice, quarter note : worth 1 beat, …

Theatre Vocabulary Word Scramble Puzzle

Theatre Vocabulary

Music, Movies, TV

theater: i am going to the movie ___________, theatre: the study of live performance, drama: representation by actors through dialogue and action, playwright: …

Popular Music Word Scramble Puzzle

Popular Music

Music, Movies, TV

saxophone : this woodwind instrument is often used in jazz music, verse : this section of a song tells a story, melody : another name for the tune of a song, …

Music Styles Word Scramble Puzzle

Music Styles

Music, Movies, TV

classical: traditional genre of music conforming to an established form, usually played with piano, violin, etc., folk:music that is passed on from generation …

Movie, TV Series, Games Genres Word Scramble Puzzle

Movie, TV Series, Games Genres

Music, Movies, TV

sci fi : these films are set in the future., cartoons : a movie or tv show using animation., documentary : a genre of movie making that uses video & film …

Misc. Music Word Scramble Puzzle

Misc. Music

Music, Movies, TV

scale : a progression of tones in a particular order, acapella : performance by a singer or a singing group without instrumental accompaniment, opera : …

Drama Words Word Scramble Puzzle

Drama Words

Music, Movies, TV

cast: the actors in a play, character: a personality or role an actor/actress re-creates, costume: personality or role an actor/actress re-creates, design: the …

90s Movies Word Scramble Puzzle

90's Movies

Music, Movies, TV

sidekicks: frying dragon, babe: that’ll do, pig. that’ll do., newsies: santa fe, water world: dry land, the sandlot: big chief, the best!, independence day: …

Skills for Dance Word Scramble Puzzle

Skills for Dance

Music, Movies, TV

flexibility : the range of movement around a joint or muscle, extension : lengthening a limb, focus : directing your attention, projection : the energy a dancer …