Safety & Prevention Crossword Puzzles

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Workplace Health & Safety Word Scramble Puzzle

Workplace Health & Safety

Safety & Prevention

report: one of the steps to manage work health and safety risks is to _____ hazards., employee: one of the responsibilities of an _____ is to protect their own …

Kitchen Safety & Hygiene Word Scramble Puzzle

Kitchen Safety & Hygiene

Safety & Prevention

bacteria : sometimes called germs, time : a factor bacteria need to help them grow, personal : hygiene related to the cook, apron : used to protect the food …

Fall Prevention Word Scramble Puzzle

Fall Prevention

Safety & Prevention

bathroom : where patients fall the most., incident report : complete an _____________ ___________ if a fall occurs., two : if your patient is on level _____ …

Food Safety Word Scramble Puzzle

Food Safety

Safety & Prevention

pets : never allow ________ to jump on countertops, sanitation : maintain cleanliness, danger zone : temperature range in which bacteria grow the fastest., …

First Aid Word Scramble Puzzle

First Aid

Safety & Prevention

unconscious : no response to stimulus indicates the patient is ?, hot : this type of water is used for bluebottle stings; stonefish; sea-urchin, limits : always …

Fire Triangle - Fire Extinguishers Word Scramble Puzzle

Fire Triangle - Fire Extinguishers

Safety & Prevention

wood : a source of fuel, water : is used to normally fight wood fueled fires, hose : a long piece of kit to help fight fires, black : color of carbon dioxide …

Mould Safety Word Scramble Puzzle

Mould Safety

Safety & Prevention

asthma: mould can cause respiratory illnesses such as ______. , remove: to improve indoor air quality, we can ______ the sources of pollutants., outdoor: car …

Working Safely: Construction & Manufacturing Word Scramble Puzzle

Working Safely: Construction & Manufacturing

Safety & Prevention

hospitalised: 17% more likely to suffer a work-related injury and 21% more likely to be _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ than the average across all ages. , ask …

Lab Safety, Equipment and Tools Word Scramble Puzzle

Lab Safety, Equipment and Tools

Safety & Prevention

microscopes: _______________________ magnify very small objects., long: roll up ______________ sleeves prior to doing labs., never : ____________________ eat or …

Lift Truck and Pedestrian Safety Word Scramble Puzzle

Lift Truck and Pedestrian Safety

Safety & Prevention

lift trucks: pedestrians must watch for, preinspect: a lift truck driver should always _____ before operating, red: some forklifts have ______ warning lights, …

Slips & Falls Word Scramble Puzzle

Slips & Falls

Safety & Prevention

walk : at a brisk pace, don't run, three : how many points of contact, walkpaths : take designated __________, handrail : grasp this when entering/exiting …

Sun Safety Word Scramble Puzzle

Sun Safety

Safety & Prevention

longsleeves: a shirt with _____________ best protects your skin., tanning: any type of __________ can damage your skin., ears: a hat with a broad rim protects …

Road Safety Word Scramble Puzzle

Road Safety

Safety & Prevention

license: a permit to drive the vehicle, brake: applied to stop your vehicle, passengers: people traveling in car other than the driver, seat belt: a safety …

Safety Review Word Scramble Puzzle

Safety Review

Safety & Prevention

unconscious : no response when asked "are you okay?", check the scene : the first step you take in an emergency, pulse : an indicator of heart …

Fires Word Scramble Puzzle


Safety & Prevention

electrical fires : fires formed from wires, outlets, chargers, etc., fire fighter : job of extinguishing fires, smoke detector : device that detects fire and …

Zero Harm Safety Word Scramble Puzzle

Zero Harm Safety

Safety & Prevention

stairs : never use for egress during an earthquake or fire, incident: form to fill out if you are injured in anyway is an _____ form., ppe : safety glasses, …

Safety Word Scramble Puzzle


Safety & Prevention

respirator : a device that allows the wearer to breathe clean air, mitigation : the act of lowering or reducing the level of a hazard, entry : the action of …

Safe Work Month Word Scramble Puzzle

Safe Work Month

Safety & Prevention

noticeboard : where you can find safety information on site, responsibility : what is the first safety commitment on the poster, training : what do you …

Health & Safety for Winter Word Scramble Puzzle

Health & Safety for Winter

Safety & Prevention

winter boots: worn on feet in the winter, gloves: worn on the hands, ice: frozen water, frostbite: occurs when you have had overexposure to cold and ice …

Falls Awareness Week Word Scramble Puzzle

Falls Awareness Week

Safety & Prevention

fallschampions : the group of staff who are the link on each ward when you have a falls related query, polypharmacy : the term used to describe when someone is …

Lab Safety Word Scramble Puzzle

Lab Safety

Safety & Prevention

clean : ____ up any spills immediately, touch : do not ____ your face or eyes during lab., play : do not ____ with the lab materials., wash : ____ your hands …