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Types of Engineers Word Scramble Puzzle

Types of Engineers


mechanical: designs power producing machines, biomedical: creates artificial technology for medical uses , petroleum: helps find oil for cars and the country's …

6th Grade Science Word Scramble Puzzle

6th Grade Science


topography: the shape of the land, elevation: the height above sea level, on the earth’s surface, relief: the difference in elevation between the highest and …

Math Vocabulary Word Scramble Puzzle

Math Vocabulary


Crossword puzzles based on the terms used in mathematics and solving equations.

Radicals Word Scramble Puzzle



positive : the square root of a number is always, quotient : the square root of the quotient is equal to the _________ of the square root., radicand : the …

Relationships of Circles Word Scramble Puzzle

Relationships of Circles


arc: a part of a circle that is defined by two endpoints., central angle: an angle that intersects a circle in two points and has its vertex at the center of …

Pi Day Word Scramble Puzzle

Pi Day


torn curtain: the film directed by alfred hitchcock that uses pi as a code, pilish: the language made of up of pi, irrational: the type of number pi is, thomas …

Happy Pi Day Word Scramble Puzzle

Happy Pi Day


forever : an irrational number is a decimal number that goes on ____________ without repeating a pattern., diameter : the ___________ is the distance across a …

Understanding Computer Network Word Scramble Puzzle

Understanding Computer Network


topology : design the network lan, computer : keyboard, mouse, monitor and system unit, formal : type of dress code for workplace, wan : wide network area, lan …

Language Features Word Scramble Puzzle

Language Features


verb : a doing word, adjective : a describing word, adverb : describes a verb , onomatopoeia : words which imitate the sound, personification: giving objects …

Coordinate Geometry Word Scramble Puzzle

Coordinate Geometry


In geometry, a coordinate system is a system that uses one or more numbers, or coordinates, to uniquely determine the position of the points.

School Places Word Scramble Puzzle

School Places


laboratory: this is the room we use to do experiments., library: this is the room we use to read a book or magazine., canteen: this is the room used to take …

Math - Direct and Inverse Proportions Word Scramble Puzzle

Math - Direct and Inverse Proportions


expansion: the reverse of factorization, ratio: the relation between two quantities of the same kind, rate: a ratio that compares two quantities with different …

Months of the Year Word Scramble Puzzle

Months of the Year


july : the 7th month, may : the 5th month , february : the 2nd month, september : the 9th month, march : the 3rd month , june : the 6th month , october : the …

Civil Engineering Word Scramble Puzzle

Civil Engineering


cad: the software used in creating a computer generated model., brick: a type of construction material that is made from heated clay., concrete: road …

Math Terms - Geometry Word Scramble Puzzle

Math Terms - Geometry


right : triangle with one right angle, obtuse : an angle that measures more than 90 degrees and less than 180, vertex : the point where two sides of an angle or …

Four Operations Math Vocabulary Word Scramble Puzzle

Four Operations Math Vocabulary


quotient : the answer to a division problems, multiple: what we get after multiplying a number, sum : the result of adding numbers, addition : the act of adding …

Graduation Word Scramble Puzzle



tassel: when you receive your diploma you move your ______________ from right to left., parents: don't forget to thank them for getting you this far., family: …

Plant Reproduction Word Scramble Puzzle

Plant Reproduction


annual : an angiosperm that completes a life cycle in one year , cone : the reproductive structure of a gymnosperm , zygote : a fertilized egg , fruit : the …

Electricity Word Scramble Puzzle



conductor​: metals, circuit​: a path for electrons, proton: attracts to electrons, repel​: a proton and a proton _________, battery: ​contains …

Matrix And Determinants Word Scramble Puzzle

Matrix And Determinants


matrix: set of numbers arranged in rows and columns., determinant: scaling factor of a matrix. , square : a matrix which has equal number of rows and columns., …

Quadrilateral Word Scramble Puzzle



rectangle : opposite sides are congruent and parallel, all four (4) sides are right angles, rhombus : opposite angles are congruent, all four (4) sides are …