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Math Vocabulary Word Scramble Puzzle

Math Vocabulary


Crossword puzzles based on the terms used in mathematics and solving equations.

Language Features Word Scramble Puzzle

Language Features


verb : a doing word, adjective : a describing word, adverb : describes a verb , onomatopoeia : words which imitate the sound, personification: giving objects …

Fractions Word Scramble Puzzle



proper: this kind of fraction 2/5, 4/6, 1/3, proportion: how two numbers compare to each other., numerator: the number above the line in a fraction., whole: …

Cubes and Roots Word Scramble Puzzle

Cubes and Roots


cube root: the number which produces a given number when cubed, perfect square: when you multiply a number by itself, irrational number: any number that cannot …

Synonyms and Antonyms Word Scramble Puzzle

Synonyms and Antonyms


cowardly : antonym for brave, smooth : antonym for rough, depart: synonym for leave, error : synonym for mistake, elderly : synonym for old, lies : antonym for …

Four Operations Math Vocabulary Word Scramble Puzzle

Four Operations Math Vocabulary


quotient : the answer to a division problems, multiple: what we get after multiplying a number, sum : the result of adding numbers, addition : the act of adding …

Prepositions Word Scramble Puzzle



out: i threw _____ the trash., into: i climbed ______ bed before 10:00pm., upon: the story began once _____ a time., from: i ran ______ the playground to get to …

Graduation Word Scramble Puzzle



tassel: when you receive your diploma you move your ______________ from right to left., parents: don't forget to thank them for getting you this far., family: …

Study Habits Word Scramble Puzzle

Study Habits


cramming : study little by little ahead of time instead of ______ everything in one day, notetaking : taking notes during class., focus : get rid of …

Structural Challenge Word Scramble Puzzle

Structural Challenge


structural engineer: the branch of civil engineering that deals with large modern buildings and similar structures., cross bracing: cross bracing is usually …

Math Words Word Scramble Puzzle

Math Words


positive : inverse of negative, substitute : to replace, distribute : to share, equal : equivalent means, variable : an unknown letter, division : inverse of …

Verbs Vocabulary Word Scramble Puzzle

Verbs Vocabulary


verb phrase: a phrase made up of one or more helping verbs and a main verb., irregular verb: a word that does not form its past tense by adding the most common …

Probability Revision Word Scramble Puzzle

Probability Revision


trial: performing an experiment., event: a collection of favorable outcomes, probability: ______ scale is the range of values from 0 to 1, independent: events …

College & Career Vocabulary Word Scramble Puzzle

College & Career Vocabulary


diploma: a document given by an educational institution conferring a degree , registration: the act of entering one's name for cause of being enrolled, career: …

Arithmetic Sequences Word Scramble Puzzle

Arithmetic Sequences


relation : a set of ordered pairs, input : a value substituted for an x-value in a function, range : the set of second numbers (y-values) of the ordered pairs …

Summer Science Camp Word Scramble Puzzle

Summer Science Camp


biology: a subject where you learn about animals and plants, scholarship: financial help to pay for school fees, delicate: adjective that refers to things that …

5th Grade Science Word Scramble Puzzle

5th Grade Science


true : true or false: we can make our own ecosystem., endangered: in danger of extinction or no longer living. , animals : man, ________, and plants are some …

School Word Scramble Puzzle



chair : i sit on my _________________ when working., geography : we learn about the world in this subject., history : we learn about things that happened in the …

Math Terms - Geometry Word Scramble Puzzle

Math Terms - Geometry


right : triangle with one right angle, obtuse : an angle that measures more than 90 degrees and less than 180, vertex : the point where two sides of an angle or …

9th Grade Vocab Word Scramble Puzzle

9th Grade Vocab


absolve: verb. to set or declare someone free from blame, guilt, or responsibility , dilemma: noun. a difficult situation or problem, perception: noun. a way of …

Energy Word Scramble Puzzle



height : velocity squared over 2 x gravitational field strength, efficiency : useful output energy / total input, energy : power x time, watts : the measurement …