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Positive Affirmations Word Scramble Puzzle

Positive Affirmations

People & Society

brave : i am _____ enough to climb any mountain., bold : i am ____., fierce : i have discovered that i am ______., stepping stone : i use my failures as a …

Recruitment and Selection Word Scramble Puzzle

Recruitment and Selection


criteria : the first step of the selection process is developing the ________., applications : the second step of the selection process is reviewing ________., …

Southeast Asian Music Word Scramble Puzzle

Southeast Asian Music

Music, Movies, TV

membranophone : any musical instrument which produces sound primarily by way of vibrating stretched membrane., mahori : this ensemble is traditionally played by …

Chiropractic Word Scramble Puzzle


Health & Fitness

chiropractors : what kind of health care professionals treat herniated discs?, five : how many divisions are there in vertebral column, cervical : medical name …

Ancient History Word Scramble Puzzle

Ancient History


irrigation : the controlled distribution of water to crops and fields to support agriculture., fossil : the preserved remains or traces of ancient organisms, …

Hair and Nails Word Scramble Puzzle

Hair and Nails

Beauty & Fashion

durag : to maintain and protect hairstyles, particularly whilst sleeping, bonnet : a hair covering to protect hair usually made of silk/satin, wax: a product …

60s Music Word Scramble Puzzle

60's Music

Music, Movies, TV

rare earth : who sings “get ready”?, byrds : who sings “turn, turn, turn”?, the doors : who sings “riders on the storm”?, jimi hendrix : who sings …

Light and Matter Word Scramble Puzzle

Light and Matter


phenomena : fact, event, or circumstance that can be observed, usually considered extraordinary or remarkable., refract : to bend light so that it looks like it …

Brain & Behavior Word Scramble Puzzle

Brain & Behavior


cns: made up of the brain and spinal cord, synapse: place at which two neurons make a functional connection, excitatory: increases the probability that a …

Elements and Compounds Word Scramble Puzzle

Elements and Compounds


vinegar : example of acids (common kitchen item), elements : are made up of one type of atom and cannot be broken down by physical or chemical means., hydrogen …

Kitchen Equiptment Word Scramble Puzzle

Kitchen Equiptment

Home & Garden

ladle: serve or transfer liquids, dry measuring cup: measures solid, jelly-like or powder ingredients, liquid measuring cup: measures liquids over 1/4 cup, …

Chemical Elements Word Scramble Puzzle

Chemical Elements


silver : a shiny white metal often used in jewelry and currency., lead : a heavy metal with the chemical symbol pb, used in batteries and as a shield against …

Scientific Discoveries Word Scramble Puzzle

Scientific Discoveries


steam engine : the technology advanced by james watt, crucial to the industrial revolution., dna : james watson and francis crick's famous double helix …

Early Republic of America Word Scramble Puzzle

Early Republic of America


britain: the war of 1812 was between the u. s. and ______., impartial: washington's proclamation of neutrality tells us to be ________ ., national bank: what …

Professions Word Scramble Puzzle



librarian : who manages and organizes books and resources in a library?, architect : who designs buildings and oversees their construction?, accountant : who …

Mexican-American War Word Scramble Puzzle

Mexican-American War


two years : how long did the war last?, annexed : texas was ________ to the united states., cooperation : at the end it was a moment of _________., territory : …

Transport Word Scramble Puzzle



helicopter : aircraft that can hover and take off vertically., ferry : boat used to transport passengers and vehicles across bodies of water., bicycle : …

World Capitals Word Scramble Puzzle

World Capitals

Cities & Places

tokyo : the capital of japan, a bustling metropolis with a rich cultural heritage., vienna : the capital of austria, famous for its classical music heritage., …

History of Medicine Word Scramble Puzzle

History of Medicine


egyptians : the first to keep accurate health records., greeks : concluded that poor sanitary practices contributed to the spread of disease., hippocrates : the …

Asian Imperialism Word Scramble Puzzle

Asian Imperialism


dutch : they were the most prosperous nation in the 17th century due to their control of indonesia, lin : the commissioner tasked with ridding china of its …

US Geography Word Scramble Puzzle

US Geography


great lakes : a chain of fresh water lakes in the north-central us, geography : the detailed study of the earth’s landforms, california: the mojave desert is …