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Word Processing Word Scramble Puzzle

Word Processing

Computers & IT

indent : when the first line of text is set farther from the margin, printer : a machine for putting text or images onto paper, redo : to repeat or do again, …

Object Oriented Programming Word Scramble Puzzle

Object Oriented Programming

Computers & IT

inheritance : which feature of oop indicates code reusability?, message passing : the feature by which one object can interact with another object is …

Cyber Security Word Scramble Puzzle

Cyber Security

Computers & IT

password: should contain a minimum of 12 characters using uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers and special characters , links: don’t click on these …

The Internet Word Scramble Puzzle

The Internet

Computers & IT

website : a connected group of pages on the world wide web, misinformation : false information that is spread, regardless of whether there is intent to mislead, …

Microsoft Word Scramble Puzzle


Computers & IT

pioneer: a person who develops or be the first to use or apply, microsoft : this company's mission statement is to empower every person and every organization …

Input Devices Word Scramble Puzzle

Input Devices

Computers & IT

microphone : input device used to record audio, keyboard : input device used to type, touchpad : input device on a laptop, touchscreen : used in mcdonalds to …

HTML Terminology and Tags Word Scramble Puzzle

HTML Terminology and Tags

Computers & IT

hypertext : the h in html., title: html tag used to change the text in the tab at the top of a browser., browser: software used to view webpages., notepad: text …

Electricity and Circuits Word Scramble Puzzle

Electricity and Circuits

Computers & IT

diode : a component that only allows current to flow in one direction, static : this occurs due to transfer of electrons between 2 insulators, negative : charge …

Computer Mouse Device Word Scramble Puzzle

Computer Mouse Device

Computers & IT

scroll : to move up and down or left and right on a computer screen, desktop : the main screen on a computer where icons and shortcuts are displayed, mouse : …

Computer Parts and Peripherals Word Scramble Puzzle

Computer Parts and Peripherals

Computers & IT

touchscreen: interact with screen., video card: graphics card., processor: receives input and provides the output., ram: stored information., data: facts and …

Cyber Security Month Word Scramble Puzzle

Cyber Security Month

Computers & IT

password: should contain a minimum of 12 characters using uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers and special characters , links: don’t click on these …

Chinese Social Media Word Scramble Puzzle

Chinese Social Media

Computers & IT

quanmin k ge : an app to post yourself singing., bilibili : an app to watch all kinds of videos., dianping : use this to find good places in your area., …

Computer Viruses Word Scramble Puzzle

Computer Viruses

Computers & IT

backup: a copy of your important files and data for recovery in case of a virus attack or data loss, virus: a type of harmful software that can infect your …

Data Transmission Word Scramble Puzzle

Data Transmission

Computers & IT

hdmi : a cable used to connect computers to displays., skew : an error caused because not all data bits arrive simultaneously., duplex : can send data in both …

Computer Fundamentals Review Word Scramble Puzzle

Computer Fundamentals Review

Computers & IT

external hardware : commonly referred to as peripherals, microchip : has electronic circuits on it and can hold large amounts of information, cloud storage : …

Microsoft Excel Word Scramble Puzzle

Microsoft Excel

Computers & IT

column: appears vertically in a spreadsheet, default: setting that a computer program assumes you will use, paste: placing copied data, operand: items on either …

Programming and Computational Thinking Word Scramble Puzzle

Programming and Computational Thinking

Computers & IT

algorithm : a sequence of logical instructions for carrying out a task. in computing, algorithms are needed to design computer programs., syntax : the set of …

Hardware Components Word Scramble Puzzle

Hardware Components

Computers & IT

alu: carries out difficult calculations in a cpu, bus : sends control signals and data between the processor and other components., cache : a small amount of …

Rapunzel Word Scramble Puzzle


Comics & Animation

desert: where did the witch take rapunzel after cutting her hair?, tears: what cured the prince's blindness?, witch: who discovered the man stealing the …

Urashima Taro Word Scramble Puzzle

Urashima Taro

Comics & Animation

japan: what country was he from?, octopus: a sea creature with 8 legs, box: what did the princess give him?, parents: who was he looking for when he came home?, …

Masha and the Bear - Jam Day Word Scramble Puzzle

Masha and the Bear - Jam Day

Comics & Animation

jam : bear is making ______., berries : masha eats all the ______., tin : masha puts her head into a glass _____., astronaut : masha acts as an __________., paw …