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The Trial of Jesus Word Scramble Puzzle

The Trial of Jesus

Religion & Belief

chiefpriests: delivered jesus to pilate (2 words), pilate: tried multiple times to let jesus go., jews: said it wasn't lawful for them to put anyone to death., …

Mythology Word Scramble Puzzle


Religion & Belief

titans: they were overthrown by zeus and his brethren, liver: what prometheus lost and regrew every day, hera: zeus's wife, cyclops: one eyed creatures, odin: …

Easter and Lenten Word Scramble Puzzle

Easter and Lenten

Religion & Belief

good friday : the day we remember jesus' death on the cross, forty : the number of days jesus roamed in the desert, bread : satan goaded jesus to turn stones …

Christian Practices - Worship Word Scramble Puzzle

Christian Practices - Worship

Religion & Belief

non liturgical : this worship has no set form., quakers : this denomination sits quietly and any who feels led by the spirit can speak., crucifix : this object …

Judaism Word Scramble Puzzle


Religion & Belief

sinai: what mountain were the 10 commandments found on?, torah: the sacred holy text, genocide: the act of killing large numbers of people with the intent of …

Apostles Creed Word Scramble Puzzle

Apostles Creed

Religion & Belief

heaven: creator of ______________ and earth, god: i believe in _________, father: the ____________ almighty, seated: he ascended into heaven and is …

Old Testament Book: Jonah Word Scramble Puzzle

Old Testament Book: Jonah

Religion & Belief

asleep : when the big storm began jonah was, tarshish : city jonah was fleeing to, nineveh : jonah called to preach in this city, fainted : when god withered …

The Resurrection of Lazarus Word Scramble Puzzle

The Resurrection of Lazarus

Religion & Belief

four: how many days was lazarus dead?, jesus: started teaching when he was 30., lazarus: was resurrected from the dead., mary: sister of lazarus., martha: …

God Provided Isaac Word Scramble Puzzle

God Provided Isaac

Religion & Belief

obedient: abraham was _________ to god's commands. , abraham: who is isaac's father?, angel: what appeared to abraham before he sacrificed his son?, isaac: who …

The Seven Churches of Revelation Word Scramble Puzzle

The Seven Churches of Revelation

Religion & Belief

israel:thy people, turkey:modern day country of the seven churches, antichrist:the prince that shall come, first:the kind of love ephesus lost, polycarp:a …

The Sacraments Word Scramble Puzzle

The Sacraments

Religion & Belief

holy spirit: received at confirmation , the last supper: final mean that jesus had with his friends. , vows: promises made at marriage, mass: catholics receive …

Introduction to Sacraments Word Scramble Puzzle

Introduction to Sacraments

Religion & Belief

matter : traditional physical element(s) and/or gesture(s) used in each sacrament, hypostatic : _______ union of christ's human and divine natures, …

Bible Word Scramble Puzzle


Religion & Belief

donkey : how mary traveled with joseph (their transport) , fish : this was commonly eaten in the bible and can be found in water , sabbath : the seventh day , …

Greek Mythology Word Scramble Puzzle

Greek Mythology

Religion & Belief

artemis : huntress, goddess of the moon and a twin, hera : queen of the gods and of marriage and women, zeus : king of the gods, ares : war god, athena : …

The Peace of Christ Abolishes Enmity Word Scramble Puzzle

The Peace of Christ Abolishes Enmity

Religion & Belief

spirit : compromised by contention , meekness : a way to approach disagreements, satan : father of contention, shun : how to approach contention, offended : …

Birth of Jesus Word Scramble Puzzle

Birth of Jesus

Religion & Belief

joseph: the name of jesus's father?, bethlehem: what city was jesus born in?, virgin: what was special about jesus's mother?, dream: how were the family warned …

Jesus Feeds the Four Thousand Word Scramble Puzzle

Jesus Feeds the Four Thousand

Religion & Belief

sit : what did jesus tell the crowd to do? , large : how big was the crowd?, crowd : what had gathered around jesus?, food : what had the people forgotten to …

Holy Week Word Scramble Puzzle

Holy Week

Religion & Belief

palm sunday: what is the first day of holy week?, crucifixtion: how was jesus killed?, lent: what fasting period follows holy week?, judas: who betrayed jesus?, …

Acts of the Apostles Word Scramble Puzzle

Acts of the Apostles

Religion & Belief

jerusalem : where did god tell paul not to go in a dream, but he went and got arrested?, sin : what problem is god trying to solve?, antioch : name the town …

The Seven Sacraments Word Scramble Puzzle

The Seven Sacraments

Religion & Belief

confirmation: strengthening by the holy spirit , anointing of the sick: healing and strengthening , holy orders: ordained ministry for god's people, matrimony: …

Mythical Beasts Word Scramble Puzzle

Mythical Beasts

Religion & Belief

feathers: penguins have their bodies covered in ____________., huge: bigfoot is a _______________ (very big) creature., tail: mermaids look like women but with …