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The Trial of Jesus Word Scramble Puzzle

The Trial of Jesus

Religion & Belief

chiefpriests: delivered jesus to pilate (2 words), pilate: tried multiple times to let jesus go., jews: said it wasn't lawful for them to put anyone to death., …

Gospel Word Scramble Puzzle


Religion & Belief

apocalyptic: material found in matthew describing the end of time and the judgment of those on earth, matthew: first gospel writer in order of books , passion: …

The Resurrection of Lazarus Word Scramble Puzzle

The Resurrection of Lazarus

Religion & Belief

four: how many days was lazarus dead?, jesus: started teaching when he was 30., lazarus: was resurrected from the dead., mary: sister of lazarus., martha: …

Jesus Feeds the Four Thousand Word Scramble Puzzle

Jesus Feeds the Four Thousand

Religion & Belief

sit : what did jesus tell the crowd to do? , large : how big was the crowd?, crowd : what had gathered around jesus?, food : what had the people forgotten to …

Greek Mythology Word Scramble Puzzle

Greek Mythology

Religion & Belief

artemis : huntress, goddess of the moon and a twin, hera : queen of the gods and of marriage and women, zeus : king of the gods, ares : war god, athena : …

God Promises Blessings for Obedience Word Scramble Puzzle

God Promises Blessings for Obedience

Religion & Belief

commandments: keep all the _________which i give you (v.8), possess: be strong and go in to _________ the land (v.8), milk: a land that flows with ______ and …

Norse Mythology Word Scramble Puzzle

Norse Mythology

Religion & Belief

ymir : the sons of bor used every part of this to make many worlds., greedy : used to describe thor., bifrost : flaming rainbow bridge spanned the distance from …

JESUS CHRIST Word Scramble Puzzle


Religion & Belief

lamb: "behold, the ______ of god, who takes away the sins of the world!", word: "in the beginning was the ______, and the ______ was with god, …

The 12 Apostles Word Scramble Puzzle

The 12 Apostles

Religion & Belief

peter : he would speak without thinking, andrew : the brother of simon peter, a fisherman, james : son of zebedee, a fisherman, john : brother of james, a …

Dracula Word Scramble Puzzle


Religion & Belief

fog : commanded by dracula, gaze : dracula’s way to look at someone, gypsies : an ethnic group, twenty : dracula is as strong as___men, weapons : …

The Reformation Word Scramble Puzzle

The Reformation

Religion & Belief

indulgences : prayers and forgiveness of sins offered in return for money, heretic : anyone that went against the church, simony : sale of jobs in the church, …

Heroes of the Faith - Hebrews 11 Word Scramble Puzzle

Heroes of the Faith - Hebrews 11

Religion & Belief

sarah : had a baby when she was past the age, moses : was hidden for three months, abraham : obey when he was called to a place that would be his inheritance, …

The Sacraments Word Scramble Puzzle

The Sacraments

Religion & Belief

holy spirit: received at confirmation , the last supper: final mean that jesus had with his friends. , vows: promises made at marriage, mass: catholics receive …

Famous Women in the Bible Word Scramble Puzzle

Famous Women in the Bible

Religion & Belief

rachel: the younger daughter of laban, jacob’s favorite wife, and the mother of joseph and benjamin., ruth: the moabite widow who followed her mother-in-law, …

Bible Word Scramble Puzzle


Religion & Belief

donkey : how mary traveled with joseph (their transport) , fish : this was commonly eaten in the bible and can be found in water , sabbath : the seventh day , …

Genealogy of Jesus Word Scramble Puzzle

Genealogy of Jesus

Religion & Belief

adam: brought sin into the world (gen 3:6-8), lamech: killed a man for wounding him (gen 4:23), noah: obedient to god (gen 6:22), enoch: pleased god, didn't die …

The Peace of Christ Abolishes Enmity Word Scramble Puzzle

The Peace of Christ Abolishes Enmity

Religion & Belief

spirit : compromised by contention , meekness : a way to approach disagreements, satan : father of contention, shun : how to approach contention, offended : …

The 7 Life Processes Word Scramble Puzzle

The 7 Life Processes

Religion & Belief

feeding : humans and animals eat plants to get energy., growing :seeds grow into plants., reproducing : all living things make offspring (babies or seeds)., …

Birth of Jesus Word Scramble Puzzle

Birth of Jesus

Religion & Belief

joseph: the name of jesus's father?, bethlehem: what city was jesus born in?, virgin: what was special about jesus's mother?, dream: how were the family warned …

Acts of the Apostles Word Scramble Puzzle

Acts of the Apostles

Religion & Belief

jerusalem : where did god tell paul not to go in a dream, but he went and got arrested?, sin : what problem is god trying to solve?, antioch : name the town …

Prophets of the Bible Word Scramble Puzzle

Prophets of the Bible

Religion & Belief

nehemiah: cup bearer for king artaxerxes, moses: led israel for forty years, man of god: listened to the old prophets lies, malachi: wrote the last book of the …