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The Seven Sacraments Word Scramble Puzzle

The Seven Sacraments

Religion & Belief

confirmation: strengthening by the holy spirit , anointing of the sick: healing and strengthening , holy orders: ordained ministry for god's people, matrimony: …

The Temptation of Jesus Word Scramble Puzzle

The Temptation of Jesus

Religion & Belief

fast: to go without food, tempt: “thou shalt not ______ the lord thy god.”, worship: what satan wanted jesus to do to him., stones: “command these _____ …

The Seven Churches of Revelation Word Scramble Puzzle

The Seven Churches of Revelation

Religion & Belief

israel:thy people, turkey:modern day country of the seven churches, antichrist:the prince that shall come, first:the kind of love ephesus lost, polycarp:a …

Apostles Creed Word Scramble Puzzle

Apostles Creed

Religion & Belief

heaven: creator of ______________ and earth, god: i believe in _________, father: the ____________ almighty, seated: he ascended into heaven and is …

First Apostolic Church Word Scramble Puzzle

First Apostolic Church

Religion & Belief

love : intense feeling of affection, apostolic : our faith ground from acts 2:38, saved : redeemed by the blood of christ, joy : unspeakable & full of …

Ancient Greek Gods and Goddesses Word Scramble Puzzle

Ancient Greek Gods and Goddesses

Religion & Belief

hades: the ruler of the underworld, hera: the goddess of marriage, women and family, and the protector of women in childbirth., apollo: the god of archery, …

Bible Word Scramble Puzzle


Religion & Belief

donkey : how mary traveled with joseph (their transport) , fish : this was commonly eaten in the bible and can be found in water , sabbath : the seventh day , …

Greek Gods & Goddesses Word Scramble Puzzle

Greek Gods & Goddesses

Religion & Belief

eris : goddess of discord, the sister of the god of war, zeus : the rain-god and the cloud-gatherer, who wielded the awful thunderbolt, hephaestus : the god of …

Baptism Word Scramble Puzzle


Religion & Belief

river jordan : what river was jesus baptised in?, john : who baptised jesus?, church : where do people get baptised?, priest : who baptises people?, family : …

Genealogy of Jesus Word Scramble Puzzle

Genealogy of Jesus

Religion & Belief

adam: brought sin into the world (gen 3:6-8), lamech: killed a man for wounding him (gen 4:23), noah: obedient to god (gen 6:22), enoch: pleased god, didn't die …

Astrological Signs Word Scramble Puzzle

Astrological Signs

Religion & Belief

leo: july 23–august 22, aries: march 21–april 19, scorpius: october 24–november 21, virgo: august 23–september 22, taurus: april 20–may 20, …

Prophets of the Bible Word Scramble Puzzle

Prophets of the Bible

Religion & Belief

nehemiah: cup bearer for king artaxerxes, moses: led israel for forty years, man of god: listened to the old prophets lies, malachi: wrote the last book of the …

Old Testament Book: Jonah Word Scramble Puzzle

Old Testament Book: Jonah

Religion & Belief

asleep : when the big storm began jonah was, tarshish : city jonah was fleeing to, nineveh : jonah called to preach in this city, fainted : when god withered …

God Provided Isaac Word Scramble Puzzle

God Provided Isaac

Religion & Belief

obedient: abraham was _________ to god's commands. , abraham: who is isaac's father?, angel: what appeared to abraham before he sacrificed his son?, isaac: who …

Peter Followed Jesus Word Scramble Puzzle

Peter Followed Jesus

Religion & Belief

holy: to be set apart by god, peter: who talked to jesus, galilee: the name of the sea the people were fishing in, sink: what the boat started doing when they …

Greek Mythology Word Scramble Puzzle

Greek Mythology

Religion & Belief

artemis : huntress, goddess of the moon and a twin, hera : queen of the gods and of marriage and women, zeus : king of the gods, ares : war god, athena : …

Hinduism Word Scramble Puzzle


Religion & Belief

india: the country with the largest hindu population, nepal: the country with the highest percentage hindu population, vedas: the religion's holy books, …

God Promises Blessings for Obedience Word Scramble Puzzle

God Promises Blessings for Obedience

Religion & Belief

commandments: keep all the _________which i give you (v.8), possess: be strong and go in to _________ the land (v.8), milk: a land that flows with ______ and …

Religion Word Scramble Puzzle


Religion & Belief

golden rule : treat others how you want to be treated, eden : where adam and eve were exiled from, good friday : when jesus died for our sins, judas : he …

Jesus Feeds the Four Thousand Word Scramble Puzzle

Jesus Feeds the Four Thousand

Religion & Belief

sit : what did jesus tell the crowd to do? , large : how big was the crowd?, crowd : what had gathered around jesus?, food : what had the people forgotten to …

JESUS CHRIST Word Scramble Puzzle


Religion & Belief

lamb: "behold, the ______ of god, who takes away the sins of the world!", word: "in the beginning was the ______, and the ______ was with god, …