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Finance and Budgeting Word Scramble Puzzle

Finance and Budgeting


credit card: thin rectangular piece of plastic or metal card issued by financial institutions , stocks: a share which entitles the holder to a fixed dividend, …

Social Media Word Scramble Puzzle

Social Media

Computers & IT

tiktok : users create music and lipsync videos they can share with their followers, facebook : currently the largest social media site in the world, instagram : …

Winter Olympics Word Scramble Puzzle

Winter Olympics


silver: second place medal, speedskating: a race on the ice, bronze: third place medal, nbc: what network is hosting the winter olympics?, snowboarder: shaun …

Social Studies: Economics Terminology Word Scramble Puzzle

Social Studies: Economics Terminology


depression : a severe decline in the economy with high unemployment, recession : a period of reduced economic activity with rising unemployment, per capita …

God Promises Blessings for Obedience Word Scramble Puzzle

God Promises Blessings for Obedience

Religion & Belief

commandments: keep all the _________which i give you (v.8), possess: be strong and go in to _________ the land (v.8), milk: a land that flows with ______ and …

Biogeochemical Cycles Word Scramble Puzzle

Biogeochemical Cycles


legumes : oats, peas, beans, corn, nitrogen : our atmosphere contains 78% free _________________________., sun : what "powers" the water cycle?, dna : …

Chocolate! Word Scramble Puzzle


Food & Drinks

york: peppermint patty, creme: cookies and _______, kitkat: break me off a piece of that ________ bar, cadbury: this company makes a chocolate egg filled with …

Photography Fundamentals Word Scramble Puzzle

Photography Fundamentals

Arts & Crafts

shutterspeed: measured in fractions of a second, aperture: measured in f-stops, lens: attachment on front of camera where light enters , tripod: keeps the …

Science Biology Word Scramble Puzzle

Science Biology


cells: the smallest structural and functional unit of an organism, plasmolysis: as more water leaves the cell, the cytoplasm start to go away the cell wall. , …

Cell Organelles Word Scramble Puzzle

Cell Organelles


An organelle is a subcellular structure that has one or more specific jobs to perform in the cell, much like an organ does in the body.

Prepositions Word Scramble Puzzle



out: i threw _____ the trash., into: i climbed ______ bed before 10:00pm., upon: the story began once _____ a time., from: i ran ______ the playground to get to …

Programming Vocabulary Word Scramble Puzzle

Programming Vocabulary


statements : individual complete thoughts, syntax : set of rules which govern the structure and composition of statements, variable : representation of a value …

Upper & Lower Limb Bones Word Scramble Puzzle

Upper & Lower Limb Bones


humerus: the upper arm bone, tarsals: bones of the ankle, fibula: smaller bone in shin, outer side, femur: the biggest bone, thigh bone, patella: also known …

Baby Shower Word Scramble Puzzle

Baby Shower


snooze: alarm clock button to get more sleep, rattle: baby shaker toy, lullaby: hush little baby or brahms, teething: cause of fussy drooling baby, layette: …

Natural Disasters Word Scramble Puzzle

Natural Disasters


boundary: tectonic plates meet at a plate __________., hokusai: the artist who painted a giant wave., evacuate: what you need to do before a natural disaster …

Legal Studies Word Scramble Puzzle

Legal Studies

Law & Government

equality : one of the poj, rule of law : concept of all law apply to everyone, verdict : to be found guilty or not, standard : the level of proof needed in a …

Ecosystem Word Scramble Puzzle



habitat : the pace in the ecosystem where an organism lives. , decomposers : organisms that break down dead plants and animals. , food chain : passing energy …

Religion Word Scramble Puzzle


Religion & Belief

golden rule : treat others how you want to be treated, eden : where adam and eve were exiled from, good friday : when jesus died for our sins, judas : he …

Teamwork & Leadership Word Scramble Puzzle

Teamwork & Leadership


coaching : closely supervising but also explaining decisions and asking for suggestions., self directed : responsible for choosing their own methods of reaching …

Softball Word Scramble Puzzle



cleats : shoes that the players wear, signals : what the 3rd base coach does, pitches : what the pitcher throws, walk : four balls = a _________, steal : where …

Kitchen Safety & Hygiene Word Scramble Puzzle

Kitchen Safety & Hygiene

Food & Drinks

bacteria : sometimes called germs, time : a factor bacteria need to help them grow, personal : hygiene related to the cook, apron : used to protect the food …