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Types of Rocks Word Scramble Puzzle

Types of Rocks


chemical: sedimentary rock that forms when minerals dissolved in a weather solution and crystallize, metamorphic: forms when a rock is changed by heat and …

Continents and Oceans Word Scramble Puzzle

Continents and Oceans


north america : has countries such as canada, mexico, and the u.s., south america : is home to the amazon jungle., europe : has monuments such as the eiffel …

Plate Tectonics Word Scramble Puzzle

Plate Tectonics


tectonics: theory of plate ___________, transform: a plate boundary where plates slide past each other, seafloor: process of the oceanic plates moving away from …

Rock Cycle Word Scramble Puzzle

Rock Cycle


rock cycle:rocks change from one type to another in a never-ending cycle., igneous rock:rocks that form when magma cools., sedimentary rock:forms from pieces of …

Regions of the United States Word Scramble Puzzle

Regions of the United States


six: the united states is divided into ____ regions, midwestern: the _____ region is hilly, has rich and fertile soil, and made up of 12 states including north …

The Structure of the Earth Word Scramble Puzzle

The Structure of the Earth


igneous: formed through the cooling and solidification of magma or lava., lithosphere: the solid, outer part of the earth, metamorphic: started out as some …

Earths Mechanism Word Scramble Puzzle

Earth's Mechanism


plate boundary: a region in the surface of the earth where plates interact, lithosphere: consist of the crust and uppermost mantle, radioactive: unstable …

Natural Disasters Word Scramble Puzzle

Natural Disasters


boundary: tectonic plates meet at a plate __________., hokusai: the artist who painted a giant wave., evacuate: what you need to do before a natural disaster …

U.S. States Word Scramble Puzzle

U.S. States


southcarolina: columbia, washington: olympia, westvirginia: charleston, oregon: salem, southdakota: pierre, wyoming: cheyenne, northcarolina: raleigh, …

Geography Word Scramble Puzzle



urban : towns and cities, life expectancy : the average age of which people live, secondary : goods are manufactured in this job sector, fauna : animals, flora …

Map Skills Word Scramble Puzzle

Map Skills


compass : what feature on a map shows orientation, or which direction is which?, longitude : coordinate lines that are vertical, and are measured in degrees …

Global Warming and Climate Change Word Scramble Puzzle

Global Warming and Climate Change


global warming : the rise in the average temperature of the earth's surface, greenhouse : _____ effect is the retention of heat in the atmosphere caused by …

Earthquakes Word Scramble Puzzle



fault: a thin zone of crushed rock separating blocks of the earth's crust., focus: the point in the earth where the earthquake rupture or fault movement …

Hurricanes Word Scramble Puzzle



equator: an imaginary circle around the earth, halfway between the north and south poles., hurricane: a powerful rotating storm that forms over warm oceans near …

Urban Geography Word Scramble Puzzle

Urban Geography


wch : transportation is important/inner city, rtum : leaving a large area into a better one, factory/industry : cafes, car park areas, centralization : …

Mountians Word Scramble Puzzle



ridge: geographical feature consisting of a chain of mountains or hills that form a continuous elevated crest for an extended distance, cliff: a steep rock …

Yellowstone National Park Word Scramble Puzzle

Yellowstone National Park


bison : around 4,501 of these in the park, oldfaithful : erupts every 90 minutes (approx!), fox : less impressive but still cute cousin of the wolf, xanterra : …

Age of Exploration Word Scramble Puzzle

Age of Exploration


colony: a settlement of people living in a new territory controlled by their home country., moluccas: the spice islands of southeast asia, columbus: italian …

Earthquakes and Volcanoes Word Scramble Puzzle

Earthquakes and Volcanoes


caldera: large opening formed when the top of a volcano collapse, magnitude: measure of the energy released by an earthquake, necks: volcanic ____ a column of …

Diversity Word Scramble Puzzle



predation : the ecological process in which an animal kills and feeds on another animal. , camouflage : refers to the use of a combination of materials, …

World and Human Geography Word Scramble Puzzle

World and Human Geography


paris: capital of france, australia: holds the unique distinction of being both a country and continent, continent: one of several massive landmasses on …