Geography Crossword Puzzles

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Social Studies Geography Word Scramble Puzzle

Social Studies Geography


immunity : natural resistance to illness. , paleolithic : humans developed tools from stone, mississippian : native tribes are using the mississippi river to …

Natural Disasters Word Scramble Puzzle

Natural Disasters


boundary: tectonic plates meet at a plate __________., hokusai: the artist who painted a giant wave., evacuate: what you need to do before a natural disaster …

South Asia Word Scramble Puzzle

South Asia


soil: one of south asia's greatest resource., mountains: kept civilizations isolated, vindhya: these mountains lie in the center of the indian subcontinent, …

Bodies of Water Word Scramble Puzzle

Bodies of Water


arroyo: a dry creek bed that can temporarily flood after rain , arm of the sea: a narrow extension or reach of an ocean , basin: an area where rain and water is …

Types of Rocks Word Scramble Puzzle

Types of Rocks


chemical: sedimentary rock that forms when minerals dissolved in a weather solution and crystallize, metamorphic: forms when a rock is changed by heat and …

Biodiversity and Conservation Word Scramble Puzzle

Biodiversity and Conservation


biodiversity: important to the health of the atmosphere, genetic: the gene kind of biodiversity, aesthetic: one of the biodiversity's values, ecosystem: a …

World and Human Geography Word Scramble Puzzle

World and Human Geography


paris: capital of france, australia: holds the unique distinction of being both a country and continent, continent: one of several massive landmasses on …

Hurricanes Word Scramble Puzzle



equator: an imaginary circle around the earth, halfway between the north and south poles., hurricane: a powerful rotating storm that forms over warm oceans near …

Geography Word Scramble Puzzle



urban : towns and cities, life expectancy : the average age of which people live, secondary : goods are manufactured in this job sector, fauna : animals, flora …

Interactions and Ecosystems Word Scramble Puzzle

Interactions and Ecosystems


symbiosis : relationships between 2 things over a long period of time, biotic : living things, herbivore : animals that only eats plants, parasitism : symbiosis …

Rivers Vocabulary Word Scramble Puzzle

Rivers Vocabulary


floodplain : area of flat, low-lying land next to a river, confluence : the junction of 2 major rivers, tributary : a stream flowing into a larger river, oxbow …

Earthquakes and Volcanoes Word Scramble Puzzle

Earthquakes and Volcanoes


caldera: large opening formed when the top of a volcano collapse, magnitude: measure of the energy released by an earthquake, necks: volcanic ____ a column of …

Regions of the United States Word Scramble Puzzle

Regions of the United States


six: the united states is divided into ____ regions, midwestern: the _____ region is hilly, has rich and fertile soil, and made up of 12 states including north …

Continents and Oceans Word Scramble Puzzle

Continents and Oceans


north america : has countries such as canada, mexico, and the u.s., south america : is home to the amazon jungle., europe : has monuments such as the eiffel …

World Wonders: Explore the Globe Word Scramble Puzzle

World Wonders: Explore the Globe


japan : this country is known for its sushi and colorful cherry blossom festivals, egypt : this country is famous for having the longest river in the world, the …

The Dynamic Earth Word Scramble Puzzle

The Dynamic Earth


hydrosphere : the part of the earth that contains all of the earth's water., troposphere : the part of the earth's atmosphere where all weather occurs., …

Age of Exploration Word Scramble Puzzle

Age of Exploration


colony: a settlement of people living in a new territory controlled by their home country., moluccas: the spice islands of southeast asia, columbus: italian …

Water and Oceans Word Scramble Puzzle

Water and Oceans


adhesion: the force of attraction between different molecules , cohesion: the molecular attraction between particles of the same kind , condensation: the change …

Continents and Oceans of the World Word Scramble Puzzle

Continents and Oceans of the World


north america: continent where canada and usa are located, south america: continent where the amazon river flows, africa: continent where the nile river flows, …

Continents Word Scramble Puzzle



europe : the continent with many historic sites, including the eiffel tower, colosseum, and big ben., north america : the continent that includes countries like …

People & The Land Word Scramble Puzzle

People & The Land


khyber pass : trade route through the hindu kush mountains, flood : can help or destroy crops, pindus : mountain range in mainland greece, domesticate : train …