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John the Baptist Prepares the Way Word Scramble Puzzle

John the Baptist Prepares the Way

Religion & Belief

john: baptized jesus...1, isaiah: the voice of one crying in the wilderness...3, lord: prepare the way of the _______...3, sins: what did those who came to john …

World Food Safety Month Word Scramble Puzzle

World Food Safety Month

Health & Fitness

salmonella: what food borne pathogen is often linked to raw eggs?, danger zone: temperature range in which bacteria grows the fastest is called?, spoon: never …

Useful Tropes & Literary Devices Word Scramble Puzzle

Useful Tropes & Literary Devices

Books & Literature

irony : incongruity between what is said & what is meant, hyperbole : a deliberate exaggeration that adds emphasis, urgency, or excitement to a statement or …

Figurative Language Practice Word Scramble Puzzle

Figurative Language Practice

Books & Literature

simile : a comparison that uses like or as, metaphor : a comparison that says one thing is another, personification : giving human characteristics to nonhuman …

Common Anatomical Terms Word Scramble Puzzle

Common Anatomical Terms


frontal : a plane of motion that divides the body front to back, cephalic : towards the head, opposition : bringing the pad of the thumb to the pad of the …

Words Containing -PH Word Scramble Puzzle

Words Containing -PH


physical: pertaining to corporeal matters or medical exams., physicist: scientist specializing in the cosmos' fundamental laws., symphony: elaborate composition …

DNA / Mutations Vocabulary Word Scramble Puzzle

DNA / Mutations Vocabulary


dna: double helix molecule containing genetic information that makes up a chromosome, pyrimidines: cytosine and thymine, neutral mutation: the changes in the …

Personal Qualities Word Scramble Puzzle

Personal Qualities

People & Society

dishonest : you just can't trust marie., selfish : jack never shares things with other people., patient : jim very rarely gets annoyed with people., loyal : …

Safety and Sanitation Review Word Scramble Puzzle

Safety and Sanitation Review

Health & Fitness

bacteria : a single-celled organism that can live in food or water and also on our skin or clothing; some are a potential biological hazard, capable of …

Microbes and Disease Terms Word Scramble Puzzle

Microbes and Disease Terms


vector : mosquitos don't get sick they carry the disease because they are..., pathogen : microorganisms that cause diseases _______________, adhesion : …

Psychological Strategies to Enhance Performance Word Scramble Puzzle

Psychological Strategies to Enhance Performance

Health & Fitness

biofeedback : a process for monitoring information about physiological functions such as heart rate and breathing rate, choking : when an athlete fails to …

Meteor Shower Word Scramble Puzzle

Meteor Shower


solar system : a star and all of the objects that travel around it., comets : balls of rock, dust, and ice that orbit the sun., meteoritics : the study of …

Cold War Leaders Word Scramble Puzzle

Cold War Leaders


john f kennedy : elected president of u.s.a in 1960. assassinated on 22 november 1963., ho chi minh : prime minister of the democratic republic of vietnam from …

Southern Colonies Word Scramble Puzzle

Southern Colonies


lord baltimore: who founded maryland?, england: who got the most profit when they traded?, carolina: what state became two separate colonies?, oglethorpe: who …

Kingdoms and Classification Review Word Scramble Puzzle

Kingdoms and Classification Review


eight: how many characteristics of life categories are there?, cells: the building blocks of life, homeostasis: internal balance, senses: how living things …

Biomolecules 101 Word Scramble Puzzle

Biomolecules 101


carbohydrates : a bio-molecule made of simple sugars(help build cell walls), nuts : contains proteins sources, chonp : carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, …

Maintaining a Database Word Scramble Puzzle

Maintaining a Database

Computers & IT

split form : in access, a form split into two panes; the upper pane lets you display the fields of one record in any arrangement and the lower pane maintains a …

Christmas in the Philippines Word Scramble Puzzle

Christmas in the Philippines


parol : a popular filipino christmas decoration made of bamboo and capiz shells, bibingka : this sweet and colourful rice cake is a staple during the holidays, …

Global Food Safety Week Word Scramble Puzzle

Global Food Safety Week

Health & Fitness

allergens : peanuts, eggs, milk are all examples off?, everyones : food safety and quality is ___________ responsibility, metal detector : what are the …

Nursing Considerations Word Scramble Puzzle

Nursing Considerations

Health & Fitness

holistic : using a ____ approach during the dying process addresses physical, psychological and spiritual needs of patient and family., delirium : patients with …

Nutrient Basics Word Scramble Puzzle

Nutrient Basics

Health & Fitness

homeostasis: maintaining steady state inside your body, amino acids: small links bound together chemically., electrolytes: regulate processes in your cells, …