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Americas History Word Scramble Puzzle

America's History


hancock: first person to sign the declaration of independence (last name), jefferson: the third president of the usa (last name), lafayette : a general from …

The Stone Age Word Scramble Puzzle

The Stone Age


blade: a tool (or part of a tool) used for cutting, harpoon: a spear with a jagged point, used for hunting fish, antlers: bony spikes that grow from the heads …

World History Word Scramble Puzzle

World History


agriculture: growing farms and domesticated animals for food, ziggurat : a temple usually in the center of the city., sedentary : to not move or stay in one …

Guy Fawkes Word Scramble Puzzle

Guy Fawkes


guy fawkes: who was the leader of the group?, plot: what is a secret plan by a group of people to do something illegal?, fifth: what day of november is guy …

Charles Dickens Word Scramble Puzzle

Charles Dickens


christmas carol : his most popular christmas story was a..., literature : charles dickens changed..., ravens : he had pet..., actor : dickens dreamt of being …

Sectionalism and the Civil War Word Scramble Puzzle

Sectionalism and the Civil War


agriculture : southern economy, industrial : northern economy, uncle toms cabin : book that exposed the horrors of slavery and made northern join the abolition …

The Civil Rights Movement Word Scramble Puzzle

The Civil Rights Movement


i have a dream : the name of martin luther king jr's popular speech dealing with unequal black treatment, unconstitutional : a law that the court system decides …

Nelson Mandela Word Scramble Puzzle

Nelson Mandela


strength: mandela was a signal of___ and loyalty to his people., nelson: the teacher at his cristian school gave him the name of?, black: mandela was elected as …

Westward Expansion Word Scramble Puzzle

Westward Expansion


ma war: a territorial conflict between mexico and the u.s. between 1846 and 1848., james k polk: the 11th president of the united states, who pushed for …

Henry VIIIs Reformation Word Scramble Puzzle

Henry VIII's Reformation


oath : all priests and government ministers had to swear this to henry to show they suppprted his reformation, more : thomas ____ the king's friend, executed …

Roman Empire Word Scramble Puzzle

Roman Empire


climate : what is the average weather of a place called?, copper : "silver" coins came to be made out of 90 percent _____, soldiers : emperor septimus …

Ancient Civilisations Word Scramble Puzzle

Ancient Civilisations


cleopatra: egyptian queen, caesar: roman dictator, prehistory: before 4000 bc is what time period?, ancient history: 4000 bc to 500 ad is what time period?, …

6th Grade Ancient Civilizations Word Scramble Puzzle

6th Grade Ancient Civilizations


untouchable: in the caste system, someone who is at the very bottom of the social structure, mesopotamia: the land between two rivers, moses: freed the egyptian …

Ancient Greece Word Scramble Puzzle

Ancient Greece


democracy : a type of government where you can vote, athens : a place located on a peninsula, greece : the country we have been researching, myth : a story that …

French Revolution Word Scramble Puzzle

French Revolution


versailles: king lived there until oct 1789. , france: country where the great revolution happened. , bastille: they stormed what fortress in paris?, cahier: …

Texas Revolution Word Scramble Puzzle

Texas Revolution


san jacinto: final battle of the war (texas revolution), william travis: wrote victory or death (was leader at the alamo), moses austin: father of stephen f. …

The Boston Tea Party Word Scramble Puzzle

The Boston Tea Party


quartering act: this act allowed british soldiers to live in the colonists' homes whenever they wanted to. , colonists: the revolutionary war was between the …

Gilded Age Word Scramble Puzzle

Gilded Age


gilded age : a description of life during the 1800's and early 1900's; looks great on the outside but is rotten on the inside, robber baron : an industrialist …

Civil Rights Movement Word Scramble Puzzle

Civil Rights Movement


american west : black ____ museum; a denver museum that pays homage to the african americans who helped settle the western united states, naacp : a civil rights …

Galileo Galilei Word Scramble Puzzle

Galileo Galilei


italy : country of origin, astronomy : made fundamental contributions to the sciences of motion, the scientific method and ____, telescope : most well known …

People of the American Revolution Word Scramble Puzzle

People of the American Revolution


nancy hart : stood up against british soldiers invading her house, spy : nancy hart served as a ___ for the confederacy, first : george washington was the …