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Victorian Times Word Scramble Puzzle

Victorian Times


ludo :it is a popular boardgame. , victoria: was the queen of britian. , albert: is the cousin and husband of victoria., india: is a part of the empire of …

Womens History Month Word Scramble Puzzle

Women's History Month


atlantic: amelia earhart was the first woman to cross the ___________ in an airplane in 1928, hillary clinton: ______________, was the first first lady ever …

Marco Polo Word Scramble Puzzle

Marco Polo


italy: the country in which marco polo was born, seventeen: the number of years marco spent in china., silk road: overland route used by explorers to the east., …

The Dinosaur Company Word Scramble Puzzle

The Dinosaur Company


trex : my dino name literally means "king" in latin, cece : i am the candy-loving dinosaur that escaped from the dinosaur company in 2020, stegosaurus …

Solomons Temple Word Scramble Puzzle

Solomon's Temple


david: king _______ wanted to build a special place to worship god., special: david wanted the ark of god to have a _______ home., solomon: god had chosen …

Viking Vocabulary Word Scramble Puzzle

Viking Vocabulary


recluse: someone who lives alone or in solitude, resolution: the end of the story where the conflict is solved, barricade: to block off something with a wall or …

The Holocaust Word Scramble Puzzle

The Holocaust


holocaust: mass destruction by fire; the killing of over 6 million jews during the reign of nazi germany, gestapo: the german secret police during the nazi …

Civil War Word Scramble Puzzle

Civil War


charles: __________ sumner - massachusetts congressmen that insulted andrew butler., davis: jefferson ______ - president of the confederacy., abraham lincoln: …

Making of America Word Scramble Puzzle

Making of America


west: the direction that many people travelled in , plains: the great _______ where many native americans lived, president: the person in charge of the us …

Roaring 20s and Great Depression Word Scramble Puzzle

Roaring 20s and Great Depression


prohibition: _____ is the increase of the illegal production and sale of liquor , production: farmers increase in ________ made fall more into debt, france: …

Major Battles of WW2 Word Scramble Puzzle

Major Battles of WW2


leningrad: the 900 day siege, iwo jima: image by joe rosenthal, bulge: the woods of the ardennes, monte cassino: a battle against the german defensive positions …

History of Medicine Word Scramble Puzzle

History of Medicine


egyptians : the first to keep accurate health records., greeks : concluded that poor sanitary practices contributed to the spread of disease., hippocrates : the …

Canadian History Word Scramble Puzzle

Canadian History


coureurs de bois: french fur traders who traveled and lived with first nations of the northwest., seigneurial: a method of land ownership in which a lord rents …

World War I Word Scramble Puzzle

World War I


invasion: an attack by an armed force to conquer another country., militarism: a policy of glorifying military power and keeping a standing army always prepared …

War of 1812 Word Scramble Puzzle

War of 1812


creek: 15% of this native tribe was killed at the battle of horseshoe bend., independence: the war of 1812 is sometimes called the "2nd war of..., embargo: …

Revolutionary War Word Scramble Puzzle

Revolutionary War


Revolutionary War or the American War of Independence was fought over the issue of American independence from the First British Empire.

Early 70s Era Word Scramble Puzzle

Early 70's Era


richard nixon: president at the time, muhammad ali: most famous boxer in early 70s, watergate scandal: biggest scandal in the early 70s, jets: team who won the …

Americas History Word Scramble Puzzle

America's History


hancock: first person to sign the declaration of independence (last name), jefferson: the third president of the usa (last name), lafayette : a general from …

Russian Revolution Word Scramble Puzzle

Russian Revolution


bolsheviks: group of people who wanted russia to be communist, hated monarchy, communism: rule by the workers, duma: the parliament in russia, lenin: founder of …

The Civil Rights Movement Word Scramble Puzzle

The Civil Rights Movement


i have a dream : the name of martin luther king jr's popular speech dealing with unequal black treatment, unconstitutional : a law that the court system decides …

African American Inventors Word Scramble Puzzle

African American Inventors


george crum: potato chips, henry blair: seed planter, norbert rillieux: sugar refining process, a l cralle: ice cream mold and disher, a p ashbourne: spring …