Vehicles Crossword Puzzles

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Car Parts Word Scramble Puzzle

Car Parts


engine : powers the car., boot : a storage space at the back of the car., steering wheel : changes the direction of travel., headlights : lights the road in …

Vehicles Word Scramble Puzzle



blimp : slow moving hydrogen powered vehicle, boat : a vehicle on water, plane : fast moving air vehicle, car : a land vehicle used for getting around, truck : …

Small Engines Word Scramble Puzzle

Small Engines


air: type of cooling system, carburetor: puts fuel into the cylinder, head gasket: seals the head and the engine block, fuel tank: stores the fuel in an engine, …

British Auto Slang Word Scramble Puzzle

British Auto Slang


accumulator: battery, banger: a junky old car, bonnet: usually the front of a car that raises, boot: the trunk, bulkhead: firewall, damper: the shock absorber , …

Tire Terms Word Scramble Puzzle

Tire Terms


undulation : a slight indentation or wavy appearance on the sidewall surface of an inflated radial tire., slots : grooves positioned in the ribs and shoulders …

Intersections Word Scramble Puzzle



yield : right of way, crosswalk : pedestrian path for street crossing, green : stale _______ light, redlight : greenlight-go, yellowlight-caution, …

Vehicle Interior Word Scramble Puzzle

Vehicle Interior


vin : we put this on all work orders, id : another name for who you are and where you're from, brake : something you need to stop, steering : which way do i …

Driving Reminders Word Scramble Puzzle

Driving Reminders


one meter: must give this amount of space when passing a bike when going under 60km/hr, green: can drive past this traffic light color, five seconds: how long i …

Automotive Care Word Scramble Puzzle

Automotive Care


oil: lubricates engine, muffler: exhaust comes out, filter: when you get an oil change you may want to change this as well, wax: after washing your car apply …

Chains Word Scramble Puzzle



october: chain season begins the first of ____, april: chain season ends at the end of ____, california: this state requires 8 tires to be chained, billings: …

Brake Maintenance Word Scramble Puzzle

Brake Maintenance


brake line: consists of copper-fused double-wall steel tubing, fittings: used to connect steel tubing to junction blocks or other tubing sections. , bleeding: …

Japanese Car Word Scramble Puzzle

Japanese Car


mitsubishi : japan's oldest car maker, their name translates to "three diamonds", nissan : famous for their z car; they are headquartered in franklin, …

1960s Car Word Scramble Puzzle

1960s Car


convertible: porche's 1960's supercar - 356a/1600 ______ d, muira: lamborghini 1965 supercar, superfast: ferrari 1964 supercar - 500 ________, ramcharger: 1964 …

Motorcycle Word Scramble Puzzle



honda : red wing, car and bikes, husqvarna : chainsaws and motorcycles, kawazaki : heavy machinery and motorcycles., harley davidson : usa outlaw bike of …

Bicycle Parts Word Scramble Puzzle

Bicycle Parts


frame: big metal triangle that holds everything together, brakes: these stop you., sprockets: the chain rests on these, bell: ring this to tell people you are …

Cars Word Scramble Puzzle



Crosswords puzzle related to the makes, models and brands of cars and car manufacturers.

Transportation Word Scramble Puzzle



taxi: four wheels, someone else drives, subway: no wheels, uses a track, lots of people ride at one time, car: four wheels, mom or dad drives, bike: two wheels …

Transport Word Scramble Puzzle



helicopter : aircraft that can hover and take off vertically., ferry : boat used to transport passengers and vehicles across bodies of water., bicycle : …

Aviation Proficiency Word Scramble Puzzle

Aviation Proficiency


lift:_________ acts through the centre of pressure (1), equilibrium: straight and level flight is when all forces are in? (1), flaps: what secondary control …

Car Trivia Word Scramble Puzzle

Car Trivia


bull: which animal is the logo on a lamborghini., porsche: what brand has a car that is considered the widow maker, red: what was the original color of …

Suspension System Word Scramble Puzzle

Suspension System


leaf spring: the first type of suspension spring used on automobiles, independent: built in such a way that each wheel functions separately , helper spring: …