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Data Protection Word Scramble Puzzle

Data Protection

Computers & IT

legislation : another word for law, protection : the data ________ act? , confidential : personal details are classed as what type of information?, breach : …

The Internet Word Scramble Puzzle

The Internet

Computers & IT

website : a connected group of pages on the world wide web, misinformation : false information that is spread, regardless of whether there is intent to mislead, …

Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Word Scramble Puzzle

Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

Computers & IT

robot : a machine capable of carrying out a complex series of actions, multipurpose : a robot should be ____________ and re-programmable., data : neural …

Computer Coding Terms Word Scramble Puzzle

Computer Coding Terms

Computers & IT

simulation : pretending to be a stand-in for the real thing, programming : writing instructions for a digital tool, program : a set of instructions that can be …

Information Technology Word Scramble Puzzle

Information Technology

Computers & IT

ram: i am also called the main memory, graphicstablet: drawing high-quality images with a lot of details, cpu: i am the brain of the computer, omr: …

Computer Components Word Scramble Puzzle

Computer Components

Computers & IT

keyboard : input device used to type, touchpad: input device on a laptop, speakers: output device used to listen to music, joystick: input device used by …

Software Threats Word Scramble Puzzle

Software Threats

Computers & IT

computer threats: is a potential negative action, hackers: a person who uses computers to gain unauthorized access to data., cyber: ______ criminals are person …

Cyber Security Month Word Scramble Puzzle

Cyber Security Month

Computers & IT

password: should contain a minimum of 12 characters using uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers and special characters , links: don’t click on these …

Automation and Robotics Word Scramble Puzzle

Automation and Robotics

Computers & IT

constraint: a limitation or a restriction. it might include limits on time, materials, or size., engineer: a person who asks questions, observes, and gathers …

Social Media Word Scramble Puzzle

Social Media

Computers & IT

tiktok : users create music and lipsync videos they can share with their followers, facebook : currently the largest social media site in the world, instagram : …

Cybersecurity Word Scramble Puzzle


Computers & IT

cryptominer: an activity where computers attempt to generate new cryptocurrencies., trojan: files, other than executables, that run malicious processes., …

Internet Safety Word Scramble Puzzle

Internet Safety

Computers & IT

symbols: a password should include numbers, uppercase letters, lowercase letters and ?, secure: what the 's' stands for in https, digitalfootprint: a trail of …

Digital Literacy Word Scramble Puzzle

Digital Literacy

Computers & IT

new tab : open another page in the browser, font : another name for text, double click : open a folder or file, email : electronic mail, word : document …

HTML Terminology and Tags Word Scramble Puzzle

HTML Terminology and Tags

Computers & IT

hypertext : the h in html., title: html tag used to change the text in the tab at the top of a browser., browser: software used to view webpages., notepad: text …

Technology Word Scramble Puzzle


Computers & IT

broadband : a form of high-speed internet access., satnav : short form of 'satellite navigation', keypad : like a keyboard, but on a mobile device., plug : you …

Microsoft Excel Word Scramble Puzzle

Microsoft Excel

Computers & IT

column: appears vertically in a spreadsheet, default: setting that a computer program assumes you will use, paste: placing copied data, operand: items on either …

Computer Networks Word Scramble Puzzle

Computer Networks

Computers & IT

snmp: structure of management information (smi), is the guideline of, file server: server allows lan users to share data, lan: the network that suitable for a …

Digital Electronics Word Scramble Puzzle

Digital Electronics

Computers & IT

associative : (a+b)+c= a+(b+c) is expression for ____ law., halfadder : a combinational circuit performs addition of two numbers, nor : if any one of input is 1 …

Computer Viruses Word Scramble Puzzle

Computer Viruses

Computers & IT

backup: a copy of your important files and data for recovery in case of a virus attack or data loss, virus: a type of harmful software that can infect your …

Network Hardware and Type of Network Word Scramble Puzzle

Network Hardware and Type of Network

Computers & IT

switch : device which handles messages more intelligently by knowing the address of the different devices on the network and only sends the message to the …

Computer Word Scramble Puzzle


Computers & IT

cpu: central processing unit , rom: read only memory , motherboard: the main hardware , ram: random access memory , circuit: computer circuitry , graphic: …