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Memory & Storage Word Scramble Puzzle

Memory & Storage

Computers & IT

ram : memory in which the locations can be accessed directly in any order, rom :memory that can be read from, but not written to., secondary : types of …

Information Technology Word Scramble Puzzle

Information Technology

Computers & IT

ram: i am also called the main memory, graphicstablet: drawing high-quality images with a lot of details, cpu: i am the brain of the computer, omr: …

Data Protection Word Scramble Puzzle

Data Protection

Computers & IT

legislation : another word for law, protection : the data ________ act? , confidential : personal details are classed as what type of information?, breach : …

Displays and Printers Word Scramble Puzzle

Displays and Printers

Computers & IT

fluorescent: the letter f in ccfl., dynamicrange: the difference between the lightest and darkest colour., resistive: a type of touchscreen which works even if …

PC Components Word Scramble Puzzle

PC Components

Computers & IT

ram : short term memory that stores the programs and data used by the pc in real time, graphics card : it is the component dedicated to process heavier …

Social Media Word Scramble Puzzle

Social Media

Computers & IT

tiktok : users create music and lipsync videos they can share with their followers, facebook : currently the largest social media site in the world, instagram : …

Computer & Internet Basics Word Scramble Puzzle

Computer & Internet Basics

Computers & IT

www: stands for world wide web., input:_______ devices; keyboard, mouse, microphone, camera, etc., internet: is a vast network that connects computers all over …

Automation and Robotics Word Scramble Puzzle

Automation and Robotics

Computers & IT

constraint: a limitation or a restriction. it might include limits on time, materials, or size., engineer: a person who asks questions, observes, and gathers …

Java Programming Word Scramble Puzzle

Java Programming

Computers & IT

two dimensional : also known as tables or matrices, graph : non-linear data structure consisting of nodes and edges, inheritance : objects can acquire the …

Emoticons Word Scramble Puzzle


Computers & IT

culture : many means of emoji are related to american __________., intonation : the way we say something can be understand from our __________., computer : you …

Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Word Scramble Puzzle

Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

Computers & IT

robot : a machine capable of carrying out a complex series of actions, multipurpose : a robot should be ____________ and re-programmable., data : neural …

Electronic Mail Word Scramble Puzzle

Electronic Mail

Computers & IT

organize: the process of arranging email messages in a logical or systematic way, tone: the attitude or style of writing used in an email message, subject: a …

Basic Structures of Computers Word Scramble Puzzle

Basic Structures of Computers

Computers & IT

system calls :to access the service of operating system,interface is provided by, interrupt :request signal from an i/o device for service by the processor, …

Copmputer Viruses Word Scramble Puzzle

Copmputer Viruses

Computers & IT

computer virus : what is a type of software that is designed to replicate itself and spread to other computers?, antivirus : what type of software is used to …

PC Parts Word Scramble Puzzle

PC Parts

Computers & IT

bios: loads the os and parts/drivers, operatingsystem : a user interface, port : allows you to connect external devices to a machine, case : like an xray for …

Computer Coding Terms Word Scramble Puzzle

Computer Coding Terms

Computers & IT

simulation : pretending to be a stand-in for the real thing, programming : writing instructions for a digital tool, program : a set of instructions that can be …

Information Security Awareness Word Scramble Puzzle

Information Security Awareness

Computers & IT

vulnerability : a weakness, spam : unwanted communication, cryptography : the science of coding data to prevent unauthorized access, cia : the information …

Computer Networks Word Scramble Puzzle

Computer Networks

Computers & IT

snmp: structure of management information (smi), is the guideline of, file server: server allows lan users to share data, lan: the network that suitable for a …

Data Structures: Review In Java Programming Word Scramble Puzzle

Data Structures: Review In Java Programming

Computers & IT

repetition: also known as looping structures, binary: tree whose elements have at most two children, arrays: ordered collection of data items with the same …

Cyber Forensics Quiz Word Scramble Puzzle

Cyber Forensics Quiz

Computers & IT

arp: is how network devices associate mac addresses with ip addresses, stealware: is software that modifies affiliate tracking codes by replacing their …

Computing Components Word Scramble Puzzle

Computing Components

Computers & IT

bus: a simple network that is cheap but insufficient, cache: a faster ram, clock: something that tells the time, control unit: responsible for transferring …