Animals Crossword Puzzles

A collection of animals crossword puzzles. Choose from the list for pre-made puzzles or add your own words to customize and download.

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Birds and Animals Word Scramble Puzzle

Birds and Animals


ostrich : largest living bird on earth, birds : darwin finches refers to a group of, whale : the largest mammal, syrinx : voice box in birds, dolphin : fish …

Australias Native Animals Word Scramble Puzzle

Australia's Native Animals


echidna: an animals with spikes, wombat: a short chubby animal, emu: a tall ostrich like bird, spider: an insect with lots of legs, dingo: an australian dog …

Ocean Creatures Word Scramble Puzzle

Ocean Creatures


dolphin : a smart and playful marine mammal., whale : a gigantic marine mammal living in the ocean., octopus : a creature with eight arms and a big brain., sea …

Name that Animal Word Scramble Puzzle

Name that Animal


turtle : i am a slow-moving green animal with a hard shell, unicorn : i am a mythical, flying animal with a body like a horse and a single horn on the forehead, …

Reptiles Word Scramble Puzzle



reptilia: scientific name of reptiles, horned lizard :type of lizard that can shoot blood out of it's eyes (_____________ -_____________), scales : every …

Horse Quiz Word Scramble Puzzle

Horse Quiz


wither: where we measure horses height from, piebald: black and white horse, pommel: front part of the saddle, brow band: part of bridle that goes across the …

Horse Breeds Word Scramble Puzzle

Horse Breeds


irish draught : the national horse breed of ireland which developed primarily for farm use., mustang : the descendants of iberian or spanish horses that were …

Cat Breeds Word Scramble Puzzle

Cat Breeds


siamese : sleek fur, long & muscular body, color points -> face and paws, sphynx : known as the hairless cat, scottish fold : folded down ears and large …

Predators Word Scramble Puzzle



species: a group of plants and animals that are alike and can breed together., prey: an animal that is hunted for food., carnivore: an animal that only eats …

Animal Farm Word Scramble Puzzle

Animal Farm


orwell: the author of the text, bad: 'four legs good, two legs ........', foxwood: another farm mentioned in the story, harvest: what the animals have to do …

Camel Word Scramble Puzzle



desert: a dry, sandy area where camels are often found., hump: a large, fleshy lump on a camel's back., cactus: a spiky plant that camels sometimes eat in the …

Animal Nutrition Word Scramble Puzzle

Animal Nutrition


protein : found in meat, legumes and seeds, needed for growth and repair, ash : minerals are often referred to by this name on pet food., vitamins : needed for …

Under the Sea Word Scramble Puzzle

Under the Sea


crab : a sea creature with a hard shell, eight legs and two pincers (= curved and pointed arms for catching and holding things)., dolphin : a sea animal (a …

About Fish Word Scramble Puzzle

About Fish


operculum: bony structure that covers the gills of a fish, peduncle: a part of the fish's tails that aids in swimming, nares: a fish's nostrils, ichthyology: …

Birds Word Scramble Puzzle



baldeagle: usa national bird., owl: this bird is a real hoot, cardinal: mascot of stl baseball team, hummingbird: wingbeat of 53 per second, woodpecker: uses …

Animals Word Scramble Puzzle



snake : dangerous animal with no legs. , elephant : large grey animal with big ears., parrot : a bird that can talk., horse : you can ride this animal., frog : …

What animal am I? Word Scramble Puzzle

What animal am I?


elephant: i have big grey ears, monkey: i climb trees and eat bananas, spider: i have eight eyes and eight legs, scorpion: i have a tail that is very dangerous, …

Endangered Species Word Scramble Puzzle

Endangered Species


endangered: when a species is at risk of extinction, extinct: when every member of the species is dead, threatened: when a species is close to being …

Arctic Animals Word Scramble Puzzle

Arctic Animals


blubber: the layer of tissue under a polar bear's skin., burrows: what do arctic hares dig?, pups: what are baby seals called?, antlers: name the horns attached …

Snow Leopard Word Scramble Puzzle

Snow Leopard


ounce : the snow leopard is also called the _____, asia : snow leopards live all across mountains in the continent ____, spots : snow leopards are characterized …

Animal Groups Word Scramble Puzzle

Animal Groups


mammal: an animal that has fur and feeds milk to its young., fish: a cold-blooded animal that absorbs oxygen through gills., amphibians: animals that absorb …