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The Power of Money Word Scramble Puzzle

The Power of Money


interest: the payment for the use of money, deposit: putting money in a bank, principal: the original amount of money invested , interest rate: the percentage …

Internal Audit Word Scramble Puzzle

Internal Audit


risk: the uncertainty of an event occurring that could have an impact on the achievement of objectives. , compliance: conformity and adherence to organization …

Finance and Budgeting Word Scramble Puzzle

Finance and Budgeting


credit card: thin rectangular piece of plastic or metal card issued by financial institutions , stocks: a share which entitles the holder to a fixed dividend, …

Finance Word Scramble Puzzle



investment : put money into a bank or buy shares to make a profit , debt : money that you owe someone or a business , default : to fail to pay the money that …

Finance Terms Word Scramble Puzzle

Finance Terms


collateral : an item of value pledged as a guarantee for the payment of a loan., interest : a fee charged for borrowing money, invest : to put money to use in …

Economics / Finance Word Scramble Puzzle

Economics / Finance


income: a flow of money. e.g. wages, interest and profits, wealth: a stock concept. e.g. owning property and savings, currency: the system of money used in a …

Accounting Terminology Word Scramble Puzzle

Accounting Terminology


creditor: a person that extends credit to a company , assets: objects that are of value owned by a business person , investors: people who invest in a …

Mortgage Word Scramble Puzzle



purchaseagreement : a legally binding contract between a buyer and seller, client : the one by whom a broker is employed, commission : a sum due a real estate …

Financial Literacy Word Scramble Puzzle

Financial Literacy


report: in order to assess the opportunity we first had to write a..., third: when writing reports it is important to write in ... person, usa: in what country …

Financial Literacy Basics Word Scramble Puzzle

Financial Literacy Basics


priority : a value or goal that is given more importance than other values and goals, need : necessities a person must have to survive, service : intangible …

MicroEconomics Word Scramble Puzzle



monopolistic: ___________ competition : market structure characterized by a large number of buyers and sellers of products that are similar but can be …

Economy Word Scramble Puzzle



arable: a farm that grows crops, economy: the wealth and resources of a country in terms of the goods that are produced and consumed there, employment sectors: …

Profit and Loss Word Scramble Puzzle

Profit and Loss


sales revenue : price per unit x units sold, cos : (acronym)opening stock + purchases – closing stock, gross profit : sales revenue - cost of sales , …

Income Tax Terms Word Scramble Puzzle

Income Tax Terms


refund : if your total tax payments are greater than the total tax you owe., april : you need to file your income taxes by the 15th of this month, progressive : …

Accounting Word Scramble Puzzle



accounting: a system for recognizing, organizing, analyzing, and reporting information about the financial transactions that affect an organization., horizontal …

Audits Word Scramble Puzzle



branch totals: teller/vault has not performed a transaction we use...., vault documentation: totals for the vault by denomination printed from sym and branch …

Government and The Macroeconomics Word Scramble Puzzle

Government and The Macroeconomics


deflation: a sustained fall in the prices of goods and services, disinflation: a fall in the rate of inflation, monetary: ______ policy - decisions on the …

Auto Insurance Word Scramble Puzzle

Auto Insurance


insured: the person receiving insurance coverage under the insurance policy., policy: a written document that serves as evidence of an insurance contract which …

Working For a Living Word Scramble Puzzle

Working For a Living


full time work : describes an employee who works 35 hours or more per week, or who works the minimum number of hours stipulated by the industrial award for that …

Tax Vocabulary Word Scramble Puzzle

Tax Vocabulary


audit: conduct an official financial examination of an individual's or organization's accounts, tax: ____ withholding is the amount of an employee's pay …

Insurance Jargon & Terms Word Scramble Puzzle

Insurance Jargon & Terms


deductible : an upfront amount that you will have to pay for healthcare services before your medical insurance begins to pay., claimant : a person making a …