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Plastic Pollution Word Scramble Puzzle

Plastic Pollution


marine : related to the sea., indigestible : impossible for the stomach to break down., carapace : a hard layer that covers and protects animals such as crabs …

Layers of the Atmosphere Word Scramble Puzzle

Layers of the Atmosphere


atmosphere: the whole mass of air that surrounds the earth., ionosphere: the layer of the earth's atmosphere that contains a high concentration of ions and free …

The Atmosphere Word Scramble Puzzle

The Atmosphere


absorbed : 70 percent of energy from the sun gets _____, density : the amount of mass per unit of volume, ultraviolet : a type of high energy radiation that is …

The Environment Word Scramble Puzzle

The Environment


environment : it's where we live , humans , fish , animals , climate : the desert has a very dry and hot, habitat : a place where humans or animals can live …

The Hydrological Cycle Word Scramble Puzzle

The Hydrological Cycle


evaporation: water turning to vapour, condensation: water vapour turning to water droplets, precipitation: the key term for rain, hail, snow and sleet, …

Ecosystem Word Scramble Puzzle



habitat : the pace in the ecosystem where an organism lives. , decomposers : organisms that break down dead plants and animals. , food chain : passing energy …

Environments and Adaptations Word Scramble Puzzle

Environments and Adaptations


ecosystem: all factors, living and non-living, in an area, nocturnal: creatures who are awake during the night are __________, behavioral: modifications to how …

Earth Day Scavenger Hunt Word Scramble Puzzle

Earth Day Scavenger Hunt


reduce: one of three ways to eliminate waste and protect the environment., styrofoam: this material takes about 500 years to decompose., cuyahoga: this river …

Climate Change Word Scramble Puzzle

Climate Change


hazard: something that may cause injury or harm, purify: to clean something contamination or imperfection, restore: reset to a previous state, drought: a state …

Ecosystem Management of Peat Bogs Word Scramble Puzzle

Ecosystem Management of Peat Bogs


biodiversity : controlled grazing is used to maintain the ______ of peat land, afforestation : the greatest decline of peat bogs has been through ______ , ditch …

Community Ecology Word Scramble Puzzle

Community Ecology


climax community : the community that will remain stable in a given area, commensalism : symbiotic relationship in which one member benefits and the other …

Tropical Storms Word Scramble Puzzle

Tropical Storms


true: low lying coastal areas are more at risk of tropical storms, true or false?, soft: type of engineering where mangroves are planted at the coast to limit …

Living Things in the Biosphere Word Scramble Puzzle

Living Things in the Biosphere


species: a group of similar organisms that can breed with one another to produce fertile offspring., classification: grouping things based on their …

Earths Weather Word Scramble Puzzle

Earth's Weather


conduction : transfer of heat with touch., evaporation : part of the water cycle that effects hurricanes., warm : the temperature associated with low pressure., …

Environmental Issues Word Scramble Puzzle

Environmental Issues


plastic : type of material that is bad for the environment., recycle : to reuse., toxic : chemically poisonous., conservation : preservation or restoration., …

Weather Hazards Word Scramble Puzzle

Weather Hazards


hurricane : tropical storm - atlantic and eastern pacific ocean, cyclone : tropical storm - indian and south pacific ocean, typhoon : tropical storm - west …

Air Masses and Weather Fronts Word Scramble Puzzle

Air Masses and Weather Fronts


stationary : the type of weather front where two air masses meet and collide, air mass : a large body of air with roughly the same temperature and humidity, …

Clouds Word Scramble Puzzle



cirro: in cloud language, what is the word for ‘high’? , airplane: a contrail is the straight man-made cloud an _____ makes. , cumulus: what are those …

Environmental Science Word Scramble Puzzle

Environmental Science


insects : growing crops among the native plants instead of on cleared land, fungi : many antibiotics are derived from chemicals that come from this group, …

Food Chain Word Scramble Puzzle

Food Chain


carnivore: an organism that eats meat, or the flesh of animals., organism: a living thing that has an organized structure, can react to stimuli, reproduce, grow …

Earths Atmosphere Word Scramble Puzzle

Earth's Atmosphere


itcz : the low pressure band that roughly follows the equator, right : the direction winds curve in the northern hemisphere, left : the direction winds curve in …