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Ecosystems Word Scramble Puzzle



abundance : a measure of how common something is., community : all the different organisms living and interacting with one another in a particular area., …

Ecosystem Word Scramble Puzzle



habitat : the pace in the ecosystem where an organism lives. , decomposers : organisms that break down dead plants and animals. , food chain : passing energy …

Weather Related Words Word Scramble Puzzle

Weather Related Words


rain: water falling from the sky in drops., fog: dense layer of water droplets that forms close to the ground, reducing visibility., typhoon: tropical storm or …

Food Chains and Food Webs Word Scramble Puzzle

Food Chains and Food Webs


food chain : one path that shows the transfer of energy in an ecosystem, consumer : gets energy from eating other organisms, carnivore : eats only meat, …

Plastic Pollution Word Scramble Puzzle

Plastic Pollution


marine : related to the sea., indigestible : impossible for the stomach to break down., carapace : a hard layer that covers and protects animals such as crabs …

Factors Affecting Weather Word Scramble Puzzle

Factors Affecting Weather


sun:provides almost all of earth's energy, weather:state of the atmosphere at shorter period of time, clouds: formed when sun evaporates water into the air, …

Tropical Rainforest Word Scramble Puzzle

Tropical Rainforest


emergent: highest layer of the rainforest, forestfloor: the lowest layer of the rainforest, camouflage: an adaptation that makes animals almost look invisible, …

Extreme Weather Word Scramble Puzzle

Extreme Weather


blizzard : a big snow storm., drought : when there has been very little or no , rainfall., duststorm : strong winds carry dust and sand into towns., flood : a …

Water Habitats Word Scramble Puzzle

Water Habitats


tidepool : a puddle of ocean water., oceanographer : someone who studies the oceans plants and animals., saltwater : water that is salty., pond : a small body …

Go Green Word Scramble Puzzle

Go Green


recycle : use it again, and again., fast : _ _ _ _ fashion., green : the color associated with being environmentally friendly., reduce : use less of …

Climate Change Word Scramble Puzzle

Climate Change


hazard: something that may cause injury or harm, purify: to clean something contamination or imperfection, restore: reset to a previous state, drought: a state …

Biodiverse Ecosystem Word Scramble Puzzle

Biodiverse Ecosystem


biodiversity : the number and variety of organisms found in a specific region., genetic: ______ diversity is the variety of genes or inherited trait that are …

The Environment Word Scramble Puzzle

The Environment


environment : it's where we live , humans , fish , animals , climate : the desert has a very dry and hot, habitat : a place where humans or animals can live …

Water Cycle and Weather Word Scramble Puzzle

Water Cycle and Weather


climate: the general type of weather conditions in an area averaged over a long period of time., temperature: measure of heat (in the atmosphere) using a …

Air Masses and Weather Fronts Word Scramble Puzzle

Air Masses and Weather Fronts


stationary : the type of weather front where two air masses meet and collide, air mass : a large body of air with roughly the same temperature and humidity, …

Clouds and Precipitation Word Scramble Puzzle

Clouds and Precipitation


freezing : occurs at 32 degrees fahrenheit, sleet : begins as rain but becomes ice as it is falling to the ground, meteorology : the study of weather, …

Environmental Issues Word Scramble Puzzle

Environmental Issues


plastic : type of material that is bad for the environment., recycle : to reuse., toxic : chemically poisonous., conservation : preservation or restoration., …

Food Webs and Adaptations Word Scramble Puzzle

Food Webs and Adaptations


consumers : animals that have to eat another living thing to survive are called ________, predator : this type of animal would be found at the top of a food …

Living Things in the Biosphere Word Scramble Puzzle

Living Things in the Biosphere


species: a group of similar organisms that can breed with one another to produce fertile offspring., classification: grouping things based on their …

Climate Word Scramble Puzzle



arctic : a zone towards the poles of the earth, tidal : a force which pulls a body away due to differences in gravitational fields, coriolis : a force which …

Environmental Science Word Scramble Puzzle

Environmental Science


insects : growing crops among the native plants instead of on cleared land, fungi : many antibiotics are derived from chemicals that come from this group, …