Energy & Utilities Crossword Puzzzles

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Energy Resources Word Scramble Puzzle

Energy Resources

Energy & Utilities

hydroelectric: a renewable energy sources that uses two reservoirs, generator : a piece of equipment that converts kinetic energy to electricity, reliable : an …

Crude Oil Word Scramble Puzzle

Crude Oil

Energy & Utilities

sea : crude oil was formed from creatures which lived in the ___ . (3), fossil : coal, crude oil and natural gas are all _______ fuels. (6), lower : smaller …

Alternative Energy Word Scramble Puzzle

Alternative Energy

Energy & Utilities

fossil fuel: non renewable energy, nuclear: energy that comes from an atom is called _________ energy, substation: a station where electricity is transferred …

Renewable Resources Word Scramble Puzzle

Renewable Resources

Energy & Utilities

geothermal: a renewable energy resource that involves a plant, biomass: a renewable energy resource that creates greenhouse gases when burned, flowing: in order …

Renewable and Nonrenewable Resources Word Scramble Puzzle

Renewable and Nonrenewable Resources

Energy & Utilities

natural gas : gas found underground that we use for heating homes and cooking., hydropower : energy from moving water, like in rivers, that we use to generate …

Hydropower Word Scramble Puzzle


Energy & Utilities

cheapest : hydropower is the ____________ way to generate energy today, grid : means by which energy is delivered to your homes, china : the country uses that …

Energy Sources Word Scramble Puzzle

Energy Sources

Energy & Utilities

combustion : the process of burning something, sound : energy travels through an object causing vibrations and waves of an object. radio is an example., nuclear …

Minerals and Coal Word Scramble Puzzle

Minerals and Coal

Energy & Utilities

diamond: the hardest mineral on earth., mineral: what rocks are made of., electricity: we need it to cook and watch tv., nonrenewable: it cannot be replaced …

Heating and Cooling Word Scramble Puzzle

Heating and Cooling

Energy & Utilities

conduction: heat energy is transferred from particle to particle through vibrations (shaking), thermometer: the equipment used to measure temperature, density: …

The Energy of Collision Word Scramble Puzzle

The Energy of Collision

Energy & Utilities

mass: the more _____ an object has, the more kinetic energy it will have., bowling: another sport that involves transferring energy from one object to another …

Energy and Its Uses Word Scramble Puzzle

Energy and Its Uses

Energy & Utilities

kinetic: energy because of movement, conservation: law of ______________________ of energy states that energy cannot be created or destroyed but can be changed …

Hydro-Electric Word Scramble Puzzle


Energy & Utilities

spillway: where the rest of the water that didn't go down the penstock goes., reservoir: water formed from a dam; the water that will go down the penstock., …

Natural Resources Word Scramble Puzzle

Natural Resources

Energy & Utilities

fossil fuel : remains of ancient organisms that can be burned., nuclear : energy that comes from an uranium atom., solar : energy from the sun., hydro power : a …