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Positive View of Personal Future Word Scramble Puzzle

Positive View of Personal Future

People & Society

future: at a later time; going or likely to happen or exist, positive: constructive, optimistic, or confident, view: a particular way of considering or …

Self Control & Emotions Word Scramble Puzzle

Self Control & Emotions

People & Society

rage: synonym for angry., ideally: something perfect or done well., want: choose to do what you should do, not just what you ________ to do., depend: what is to …

Figurative Language Word Scramble Puzzle

Figurative Language

People & Society

simile: a comparison that uses like or as, metaphor: a comparison that says one thing is another, personification: giving human characteristics to nonhuman …

Slavery Word Scramble Puzzle


People & Society

south: states where slavery was allowed, restrictions: a limiting condition ; possibly a legal one, confederate: the side opposing the north in the civil war, …

Healthy Living Style (teen) Word Scramble Puzzle

Healthy Living Style (teen)

People & Society

meditation : this helps with relaxation and de-stressing , swimming : popular exercise during summer , dancing : moving to the beat, run : what marathoners do, …

Culture and Heritage Word Scramble Puzzle

Culture and Heritage

People & Society

culture: the way of life of a group of people., heritage: a range of inherited tradition and culture., practice: a customary way of doing something., taino: a …

Emotions and Feelings Word Scramble Puzzle

Emotions and Feelings

People & Society

anxious : you feel it when you are nervous., overwhelm : to cause someone to feel sudden strong emotion., disturbed : having a not normal behavior because of …

Family Tree Word Scramble Puzzle

Family Tree

People & Society

niece: your sibling's daughter , nephew: your sibling's son , grandchild: your son or daughter has a child, son: you have a baby boy, daughter: you have a baby …

The Liturgical Year Word Scramble Puzzle

The Liturgical Year

People & Society

mary: during the year we venerate...., liturgy:_________ is the official public prayer of the church., full moon: easter sunday follows__________., april 25th: …

Who Was Bruce Lee? Word Scramble Puzzle

Who Was Bruce Lee?

People & Society

discarded : something is gotten rid of, reinforce : to make a feeling or idea stronger, aggressive : angry, ready to attack, opponent : a person you are …

Professionalism and Ethics Word Scramble Puzzle

Professionalism and Ethics

People & Society

morals : concern with the judgment of right or wrong, human action, and character, dilemma : any difficult or perplexing situation or problem, values : beliefs …

Ancient India Word Scramble Puzzle

Ancient India

People & Society

hinduism: belief all souls are part of one universal spirit, varnas: four classes in ancient indian society, language family: a group of similar languages, …

Coping Skills Word Scramble Puzzle

Coping Skills

People & Society

movie: people go to the theater to watch this , breathe: inhale then exhale , read: you need a book to do this activity , game: sometimes you just need to play …

Life Skills Word Scramble Puzzle

Life Skills

People & Society

gossip: telling secret information to another person., personality: an outward reflection of your inner feelings, thoughts, attitudes and values., human …

Friendship Qualities Word Scramble Puzzle

Friendship Qualities

People & Society

loyal : someone who is always there for you., trustworthy : does not repeat what you say, honest : tells the truth, reliable : they have your back., kind : …

Emotions Word Scramble Puzzle


People & Society

annoyed: i shout and point my finger when i feel like this (7 letters), happy: it's the opposite of sad (5 letters), embarrassed: my face turns red when i feel …

Emotions & Stress Word Scramble Puzzle

Emotions & Stress

People & Society

journaling : writing down and making notes on how you are feeling, incentive : ____________ theory is our behavior is motivated by rewards and external goals, …

Social Problems Word Scramble Puzzle

Social Problems

People & Society

homelessness : a condition of being without house/shelter, crime : illegal activity, unemployment : situation in which a person isn't able to find a job, …

Changing Places Key Terms Word Scramble Puzzle

Changing Places Key Terms

People & Society

place: a location that is given meaning by people, sense of place: how people experience a particular place through their senses and emotions, rebranding: the …

Philosophy and Ethics Word Scramble Puzzle

Philosophy and Ethics

People & Society

aristotle: argued that the soul is the form, aquinas: developed the argument from contingency, moore: developed the naturalistic fallacy, plato: argued for the …

Ways to Show Gratitude Word Scramble Puzzle

Ways to Show Gratitude

People & Society

note: mail a handwritten _______ to someone, hug: give a _____, encouragement: give them some _____________________, achievements: celebrate their …