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Winter Olympic Sports Word Scramble Puzzle

Winter Olympic Sports


curling : a sport in which players slide stones on a sheet of ice toward a target area., luge : a small one- or two-person sled on which one sleds supine (face …

Sports Day Word Scramble Puzzle

Sports Day


jumping : a way of getting over an object., javelin : large pointed stick thrown very far. , field : the area on which throwing competitions take place. , …

Football World Cup Word Scramble Puzzle

Football World Cup


qatar : country hosting the 2022 world cup, russia : country who hosted the 2018 world cup, france : country who won the 2018 world cup, stadium : a large, open …

Positions in Baseball Word Scramble Puzzle

Positions in Baseball


pitcher : this is the person who throws the ball. they are a defensive position. they stand on the mound in the center of the infield., batter : this person …

Tennis Word Scramble Puzzle



ace: if a player serves the ball and it is not returned, it is known as what?, deuce: when the score is 40-40, what is this known as?, doublefault: two …

Sports Terminology Word Scramble Puzzle

Sports Terminology


goal: when the ball crosses the goal line between the goalposts at any end of the football field, hattrick: when a player scores 3 goals in a single football …

Hockey Word Scramble Puzzle



stick : what you use to shoot and pass the puck., captain : the team leader., hockey : canada's national sport., net : where to put the puck to score a goal., …

American League Word Scramble Puzzle

American League


guardians : the new name for baseball team in cleveland., rays : team that plays at tropicana field., houston : city where the astros play., toronto : canadian …

At the Golf Course Word Scramble Puzzle

At the Golf Course


caddie : a person who is hired to carry a player's bag and clubs from hole to hole on the golf course., wedge : a type of club with a steep loft used for …

Sports Word Scramble Puzzle



atmosphere : the mood of a place or situation; also means air in any place, athlete : a person who is a professional in sports or other physical exercises, …

Rugby Word Scramble Puzzle



penalty: a ... is awarded to a team if the opposing team play an illegal move, winger: a player stationed on the wing, conversion: a score made after a try by …

Gymnastics Word Scramble Puzzle



acrobat : a person who performs tumbles, beam : a thin plank for balancing on, trampoline : a piece of equipment for bouncing, twist : a movement where part of …

World Cup Word Scramble Puzzle

World Cup


qatar: the host of the 2022 world cup., brazil: national team has scored the most goals in a single world cup final match?, bobby charlton: english player voted …

Track and Field Events Word Scramble Puzzle

Track and Field Events


discus : a field event where athletes throw a disc as far as possible., high jump : the event where athletes jump over a horizontal bar set at increasing …

The Great Outdoors Word Scramble Puzzle

The Great Outdoors


gloves : keeps your hands warm in the cold, strengthen : i can do all things through christ which ________ me., raft : a form of transport used in white water, …

Soccer Word Scramble Puzzle



throwin: this is used to restart play after the ball goes out., corner: this is used to restart play after a team puts the ball behind their goal line., seriea: …

Swimming Word Scramble Puzzle



safe: we are this if we swim between the flags., swimmers: a group of people swimming., backstroke: a style of swimming on our back., survival: ________ …

Table Tennis Word Scramble Puzzle

Table Tennis


rally: the period during which the ball is in play., spin: the rotation of the ball., bat: an alternative name for the racket., ping pong: a trademarked name., …

Badminton Word Scramble Puzzle



drive : a fast and low shot that makes a horizontal flight over the net., wood shot : shot that results when the base of the shuttle is hit by the frame of the …

Athletics Word Scramble Puzzle



sand : similar to most distance jumping events, what do triple jumpers typically land on?, canceled : what happened to the 1940 winter olympics, ten : how many …

Winter Olympics Word Scramble Puzzle

Winter Olympics


silver: second place medal, speedskating: a race on the ice, bronze: third place medal, nbc: what network is hosting the winter olympics?, snowboarder: shaun …