Agriculture & Farm Crossword Puzzles

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Around the Farm Word Scramble Puzzle

Around the Farm

Agriculture & Farm

silage: chopped corn plants , beans: hand snapped vegetable , chicken: …

Flowers Word Scramble Puzzle


Agriculture & Farm

sun flower : large circular yellow petals, rose : natural fragrance and a symbol of love, daisy : the name of an english girl that starts with 'd' and ends with …

Agriculture Word Scramble Puzzle


Agriculture & Farm

agronomist: an expert in the science of soil management and crop production, viticulture: the cultivation of grapes, oenology: the study of wines, horticulture: …

Trees Word Scramble Puzzle


Agriculture & Farm

pine: an evergreen tree with long needle leaves, oak: a large tree with acorns, horse chestnut: a deciduous tree with large leaves of five leaflets, leaf: can …

Careers in Agriculture Word Scramble Puzzle

Careers in Agriculture

Agriculture & Farm

agronomist : expert in soil and crops, horticulturalist : cultivates plants and gardens, veterinarian : medical professional in non-humans, engineer : develops …

Harvest Time Word Scramble Puzzle

Harvest Time

Agriculture & Farm

farmer : a person who cultivates crops or raises livestock, often as a profession., row : a line of things or people arranged side by side., field : an area of …

Plants Word Scramble Puzzle


Agriculture & Farm

chlorophyll: the green cells in a leaf where food is made, plant: a living organism that makes its own food, root: part of a plant that absorbs water and …

Introduction to Farming Word Scramble Puzzle

Introduction to Farming

Agriculture & Farm

arable : the growing of crops, pastoral : the rearing of animals, extensive : these farms have few inputs on a large area of land., intensive : these farms have …

Pollination Word Scramble Puzzle


Agriculture & Farm

abiotic: nonliving pollinators, biotic: living pollinators, anemophily: pollination by wind, cantharophily: pollination by beetle, cheiropterophily: …

The Seeds Word Scramble Puzzle

The Seeds

Agriculture & Farm

germination: the process of a seed starting to grow, shoot: tube-like vessel that helps transport nutrients from the roots to the plant, seedcoat: hard or …

Plant Nutrition Word Scramble Puzzle

Plant Nutrition

Agriculture & Farm

chlorophyll: the green pigment inside the chloroplast, chloroplast: the part of the plant that collects the sunlight, glucose: what the plant uses for energy, …

Plant Classification Word Scramble Puzzle

Plant Classification

Agriculture & Farm

vascular plants: have tissues made of cells that transport water and nutrients throughout the plant, pteridophyte: a tracheophyte which reproduces by spores, a …

Plant Identification Word Scramble Puzzle

Plant Identification

Agriculture & Farm

stamens: this is the male part of the flower consisting of anther and filament., petals: it is the colorful part of a flower which attracts insects and birds., …

Types of Farming Word Scramble Puzzle

Types of Farming

Agriculture & Farm

subsistence : farming practiced by indigenous tribes, low impact., exploitation : to overuse and harm something., irrigation : the watering system used in …

Plant Word Scramble Puzzle


Agriculture & Farm

allspice: best in pumpkin pie, daisy: closes it petals at night, echinacea: herb taken to boost immune system function, fig: used as a fertility symbol, garlic: …

Plant Hunt Word Scramble Puzzle

Plant Hunt

Agriculture & Farm

samanea: i am a tall tree that looks like an umbrella., hibiscus: i am the national flower for malaysia., asplenium: i look like a bird's nest but no bird stays …

Plant Terms Word Scramble Puzzle

Plant Terms

Agriculture & Farm

flower: the part of the plant that contains the reproductive parts of a plant, pollination: the transfer of pollen to a stigma, conifer tree: tree with …

Fertilizers and Nutrients Word Scramble Puzzle

Fertilizers and Nutrients

Agriculture & Farm

nitrogen : bacteria and archaea provide ______ to the soil which is then absorbed by the roots of plants, potassium : natural sources of this element include …

Genetically Modified Organisms Word Scramble Puzzle

Genetically Modified Organisms

Agriculture & Farm

tomato: first gmo food, salmon: most gmo animal that is created , pesticides: what does this eliminate from the farmers adding to their crops , gmo: another …

Potato Facts Word Scramble Puzzle

Potato Facts

Agriculture & Farm

raleigh : sir walter _________ introduced potatoes to ireland in 1536, roasted : how you would cook your potatoes for a sunday dinner, calcium : what mineral …

Johnny Appleseed Word Scramble Puzzle

Johnny Appleseed

Agriculture & Farm

medicine: this is what people take when they are sick., settlement: johnny appleseed lived in a little town called a _____, cider: a drink made from apples., …