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Parts of a Book Word Scramble Puzzle

Parts of a Book

Books & Literature

appendix : a list of other books to read that are similar, bibliography : a list of the books the author read when doing research for their own book, cover : …

Literary Elements Word Scramble Puzzle

Literary Elements

Books & Literature

literary elements : answers when, where, how, why and who in the story. literary elements, setting : the place and time where the story takes place., theme : a …

Genres of Literature Word Scramble Puzzle

Genres of Literature

Books & Literature

horror : meant to scare, startle or shock., dystopian : takes place in a world worse than our own., realist : depicts the world truthfully., thriller : dark, …

Romeo and Juliet Word Scramble Puzzle

Romeo and Juliet

Books & Literature

tybalt : juliet's cousin who is killed by romeo, lady capulet : mother of juliet, gregory : servant of the capulets, lord capulet : father of juliet, paris : …

Argumentative Writing Word Scramble Puzzle

Argumentative Writing

Books & Literature

transition : words that show the relationships among the ideas in a piece of writing, claim : the position that you are trying to get your reader to accept, …

Poetry Terms Word Scramble Puzzle

Poetry Terms

Books & Literature

metaphor:a comparison that does not use like or as., hyperbole:the greatest exaggeration in the history of literature. , imagery:words that appeal to the …

Yoon And The Jade Bracelet Word Scramble Puzzle

Yoon And The Jade Bracelet

Books & Literature

courage : the strength to face danger, bravery, remind: to cause someone to remember , precious: having great value, pride: a feeling that one has worth, …

Animal Farm - Chapter 2 Word Scramble Puzzle

Animal Farm - Chapter 2

Books & Literature

napoleon : name of one of the young boars, snowball : name of the other young boar, animalism : system of thoughts based on old major's teachings, sugar : …

Animal Farm - Chapter 1 Word Scramble Puzzle

Animal Farm - Chapter 1

Books & Literature

jones : last name of the owner of the farm, snowball : name of one of the young boars, napoleon : name of the other young boars, boxer : name of the male horse, …

The Tempest Word Scramble Puzzle

The Tempest

Books & Literature

globe theater: what is shakespeare's theater called?, antonio: who is miranda's uncle?, ferdinand: who is the king's son?, tempest: a violent storm, ariel: who …

Books of the Bible Word Scramble Puzzle

Books of the Bible

Books & Literature

deuteronomy : one of the books of law , acts : history book in the new testament , five : number of books of law , matthew : first gospel , malachi : last book …

Shakespeare Word Scramble Puzzle


Books & Literature

grammar: the school shakespeare went to at seven, london: a place where shakespeare lived, henry vi: a play shakespeare wrote while in london , earl: …

Library Word Scramble Puzzle


Books & Literature

Crossword based on the common words associated with books and library.

The Crucible Word Scramble Puzzle

The Crucible

Books & Literature

pallor: paleness, quail: cring from, abomination: something causing great horror or disgust, theology: the study of religion, blasphemy: sinful act or remark, …

Arthur & Scare Your Pants off Club Word Scramble Puzzle

Arthur & Scare Your Pants off Club

Books & Literature

ratburn: what is arthur's teachers name, read: his last name is something you do with a book, kate: what is the baby's name, eadpoe: who wrote the scare your …

Story Elements Word Scramble Puzzle

Story Elements

Books & Literature

Solve this puzzle by guessing the different terms associated with a story like the theme, author, plot, climax etc.

Animal Farm Characters Word Scramble Puzzle

Animal Farm Characters

Books & Literature

squealer : porker, good speaker, manipulates the other animals, hens : support rebellion at first, but rebel when they have to give up their eggs, muriel : …

The Old Testament Word Scramble Puzzle

The Old Testament

Books & Literature

twelve : the number of tribes in israel , babylon : the country that conquered the kingdom of judah, elisha : the prophet who healed naaman, eve : the first …

Persuasive Devices Word Scramble Puzzle

Persuasive Devices

Books & Literature

opinions: ideas based on beliefs or personal experiences, rhetorical: questions which have an obvious answer, or designed to provoke reflection, anecdote: a …

A Midsummer Nights Dream Word Scramble Puzzle

A Midsummer Night's Dream

Books & Literature

puck: the one who can get around the world in 40 minutes, mechanicals: the group that entertained at the wedding, donkey: a member of the equestrian family, …

The Dinosaur Encounter Word Scramble Puzzle

The Dinosaur Encounter

Books & Literature

edmontosaurus: a herbivore dinosaur native to canada., albertosaurus: a carnivore dinosaur native to canada., herbivore: animal that eats only vegetation., …