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Reptile World Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: lizard : name one type of reptile, habitat loss : the greatest threat to reptiles is, crocodiles : _ look almost identical to their ancestors from 200 million years ago, scales : _ are made from keratin, turtles : _ have a carapace, reptilia : in taxonomy, reptiles are from the _ class, plastron : the ventral part of a turtle shell is called the, leathery : shells can be hard or _ , ovoviviparous : term used to describe a reptile that incubates eggs inside the mother, tongue : snakes use their _ to smell, scales : all reptiles have, antarctica : reptiles are found on every continent, except, mouth : where is the vomeronasal organ of a snake, oviparous : term used to describe an egg laying reptile, viviparous : a reptile that does not lay eggs, the young are born live, snake : a reptile that does not have legs, ectothermic : reptiles are _ , meaning they cannot create their own body heat, water : scales help prevent _ loss, shedding : reptiles grow by _ their skin/scales