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Simple Past Tense Word Scramble Puzzle

Simple Past Tense


ran : to run, spoke : to speak, made : to make, told : to tell, fell : to fall, brought : to bring, ate : to eat, did : to do, broke : to break, went : to go, …

4th Grade Science Word Scramble Puzzle

4th Grade Science


friction : a force that slows down., gravity : a force that pulls objects together., texture : the way an object feels., weathering : process of wearing down by …

Shapes, Area and Volume Word Scramble Puzzle

Shapes, Area and Volume


rectangle : quadrilateral with opposite equal sides and 4 right-angles., isosceles : a type of triangle with two equal sides., parallelogram : quadrilateral …

Classroom Things Word Scramble Puzzle

Classroom Things


whiteboard : board used for writing and drawing., chair : piece of furniture for sitting on., bookcase : contains shelves for storing books., pencil sharpener : …

School Supplies Word Scramble Puzzle

School Supplies


coloring pens : these make your work bright and colorful., pencil case : this holds all your school supplies., eraser : this rubs mistakes out., pencil : you …

Minecraft Word Scramble Puzzle



cow: defeat to obtain leather, wolf: tame to attack skeletons, spider: defeat to obtain string, pickaxe: used to mine stone, zombie: defeat to obtain rotten …

Nursery Rhymes Word Scramble Puzzle

Nursery Rhymes


sleep : now i lay me down to _______, cradle : rock-a-by baby on the tree top. when the wind blow the ______ will rock., mice : three blind ____, wheels : the …

Functions and Action Words Word Scramble Puzzle

Functions and Action Words


fold : bending something, cut : using a knife to open something, fry : cooking in oil, flatten : pressing hard down, shape : squares and triangles, slice : …

Red Things! Word Scramble Puzzle

Red Things!


apple : a red fruit, red : a color, heart : symbol of love, ruby: red jewel, ladybug: red insect with black spots, tomato: red vegetable, red pen: writing …

Superhero Clothing Word Scramble Puzzle

Superhero Clothing


cape : used to help the hero fly and shield them from harm, shield : captain america's protection, gloves : it covers your hands, boots : you put it on your …

The Emperors New Clothes Word Scramble Puzzle

The Emperor's New Clothes


mirror: what did he look in to see his reflection?, palace: where did the emperor live?, two: how many weavers were there?, child: who said that the emperor had …

Focus Words Word Scramble Puzzle

Focus Words


each : every one of two or more things, air : you breath this, laughed : he couldn't help, but he _______ out loud., want : to desire to possess or do …

Geometric Shapes Word Scramble Puzzle

Geometric Shapes


rhombus: a flat shape with four straight sides that are all the same length., pyramid: a volume with each face forming a triangle and the base is a square., …

Plane Geometric Figures Word Scramble Puzzle

Plane Geometric Figures


rectangle : a quadrilateral with 4 right angles and opposite sides are parallel and the same length, triangle : a plane figure whose angles add up to 180 …

The King and the Moon Word Scramble Puzzle

The King and the Moon


alonso: what was the king's name?, best: he wanted to be the...... at everything?, crown: what does a king wear on his head?, mountain: where did they pour the …

Spelling Assessment Words Word Scramble Puzzle

Spelling Assessment Words


chair : a separate seat for one person, typically with a back and four legs, water : most of the earth is covered in this liquid, poured : cause (a liquid) to …

Time Words Word Scramble Puzzle

Time Words


hour: equals to 60 minutes, day: equals to 24 hours, week: equals to 7 days, month: equals to 30 days, year: equals to 12 months, monday: the day before …

Spelling Bee Word Scramble Puzzle

Spelling Bee


calendar : you can write birthdays on this all year, learn : what we like to do most at school, disappear : a magician might make things ..., complete : a …

Great Stories for Children-Snake Trouble Word Scramble Puzzle

Great Stories for Children-Snake Trouble


deliberately : synonym for intentionally, perch : and object on which a bird sits, quiver : tremble or shake with a slight rapid motion, tiresome : causing one …

Grammar is Fun! Word Scramble Puzzle

Grammar is Fun!


climb: what is the verb in this sentence? - i see the monkey climb., america: what is the proper noun in this sentence? - my friend went to america., she: what …

Kindergarten Words Word Scramble Puzzle

Kindergarten Words


coloring: a fun thing for kids to do with crayons, glue: it is white and it makes pictures stick to paper, scissors: you use these to cut paper, snack: this is …