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Artists & Writers Word Scramble Puzzle

Artists & Writers

Books & Literature

freelance writer : a writer who works as a self-employed contractor for an organization, as opposed to being a full- or part-time employee., cartoonist : an …

Chinese Social Media Word Scramble Puzzle

Chinese Social Media

Computers & IT

quanmin k ge : an app to post yourself singing., bilibili : an app to watch all kinds of videos., dianping : use this to find good places in your area., …

Volume and Motions Word Scramble Puzzle

Volume and Motions


eraser : tool used to remove mistakes, straight : type of motion where an object moves in a linear line, purple : one of the three secondary colours, ruler : …

Medieval Towns Word Scramble Puzzle

Medieval Towns


charter : towns could purchase this to gain independence from feudal lord, moat : what medieval towns were surrounded by to protect them, market : a place where …

Arithmetic Operators Word Scramble Puzzle

Arithmetic Operators


functions : blocks of code that can be reused to perform a specific task or operation in a program., interactive : capable of reacting to user input or …

God Created People Word Scramble Puzzle

God Created People

Religion & Belief

gods: whose image were males and females created? (gen.1:27), sixth day: what day did god create people? (gen. 1:26-31), dust of ground: what did god use to …

Broadcast and Debugging Word Scramble Puzzle

Broadcast and Debugging

Computers & IT

loop : a block of code that is repeated until a certain condition is met., debugging : the process of identifying and fixing errors in a program., repeat : a …

Methods of Separation Word Scramble Puzzle

Methods of Separation


condensation : steam is cooled to water by ___________, chromatography : this method separates different colors, residue : the sand that stays on the filter …

Seasons and Weather Word Scramble Puzzle

Seasons and Weather


season: which _______ do you like best? i like spring best., beach: i love to go to the _______ in summer, and swim in the sea., usually: i _______ go to the …

Nursing Considerations in Mass Transfusion Word Scramble Puzzle

Nursing Considerations in Mass Transfusion

Health & Fitness

urine : this output is a measurable indicator that the kidneys are responding appropriately to blood resuscitation, normothermia : this should be obtained with …

Transportation Engineering Word Scramble Puzzle

Transportation Engineering


highway : steel bars or mesh added to concrete to increase its strength and durability., mortar : a type of material used in construction that is made by mixing …

Sheep and Sheep Breeds Word Scramble Puzzle

Sheep and Sheep Breeds


ewe : what is an adult female sheep called?, four : how many stomachs does a sheep have?, shearing : wool is usually harvested from the sheep using what …

Shapes Word Scramble Puzzle



circle : a round and continuous shape., square : a shape with four equal sides and angles., triangle : a shape with three sides and three angles., heart : a …

Visual Arts Word Scramble Puzzle

Visual Arts

Arts & Crafts

art therapist: someone who uses art to help people communicate in a safe therapy environment, photographer: someone who uses photographic equipment to capture …

Black Death + Medicine Word Scramble Puzzle

Black Death + Medicine


plague : what was the black death? , buboes : a symptom of the black death, swollen, bloodletting : method of treating illness including black death, physician …

Stages of Clay Word Scramble Puzzle

Stages of Clay

Arts & Crafts

wedging : removal of air pockets, slab : flattened using rolling pins, coil : long rope like clay, slip : most liquid like clay, score : scratching of surface …

Genetic Variation Word Scramble Puzzle

Genetic Variation


chromosome: a structure of dna found in the nucleus, dna: carries the genetic information (as a sequence of bases that form a code), base sequence: the order of …

Matter and Mixing Word Scramble Puzzle

Matter and Mixing


condensation: the physical change from a gas to liquid, contract: particles moving closer and taking up a smaller volume., density: the mass of a substance …

The Promenade Dance aka Prom Word Scramble Puzzle

The Promenade Dance aka Prom


suit : what guys rent, dress : what gals buy, hair : up-do or down-do, corsage : worn on the wrist or lapel, committee : who plans the prom, prizes : lucky …

Hair Word Scramble Puzzle


Beauty & Fashion

follicle : like a small tube in the skin, scalp : the skin covering the top of your head, brush : what we use to detangle our hair , knots : what happens to our …

Coastal Landforms Word Scramble Puzzle

Coastal Landforms


atoll : ring-shaped coral reef or a string of closely spaced small coral islands encircling a shallow lagoon, archipelago : group or chain of islands, bay : …