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Paper Puzzles/Games Word Scramble Puzzle

Paper Puzzles/Games

Arts & Crafts

maze: find the shortest path to the exit, sudoku: japanese game with numbers that can't repeat, mad libs: humorous game with friends where you make funny …

Famous Art & Artists Word Scramble Puzzle

Famous Art & Artists

Arts & Crafts

raphael : leonardo, donatello and michelangelo's fellow renaissance artist and ninja turtle., michelangelo : painter of the sistine chapel in italy., haring : …

Art Elements and Design Principles Word Scramble Puzzle

Art Elements and Design Principles

Arts & Crafts

value: lightness or darkness of a color, texture: how something feels., movement: the art element that leads the eye of the viewer., negative: the space …

Photography Fundamentals Word Scramble Puzzle

Photography Fundamentals

Arts & Crafts

shutterspeed: measured in fractions of a second, aperture: measured in f-stops, lens: attachment on front of camera where light enters , tripod: keeps the …

Design Principles Word Scramble Puzzle

Design Principles

Arts & Crafts

variety : creating visual interest that will keep viewers engaged with your design., movement : the art element that leads the eye of the viewer., proportion : …

Art Word Scramble Puzzle


Arts & Crafts

medium : the type of material used to create art, abstract : a type of art that does not represent reality or concrete things, paint : a colourful liquid used …

Photographic Elements Word Scramble Puzzle

Photographic Elements

Arts & Crafts

movement : the ____________ of this piece is so interesting. the lines start out straight at the edges, then curve toward the subject in the center. , …

Media Studies / TV Production Word Scramble Puzzle

Media Studies / TV Production

Arts & Crafts

jpeg: this file format is the most common kind of image out there. very compressed. , photoshop: adobe's photo editing software , lossy: file formats that throw …

Digital Photography Terms Word Scramble Puzzle

Digital Photography Terms

Arts & Crafts

sd card : your camera's storage., viewfinder : this eye-opening allows you to preview your image., raw : this file format is best for true photographers to …

Art Elements and Principles Word Scramble Puzzle

Art Elements and Principles

Arts & Crafts

contrast: the visual difference between elements in a composition., line: a path made by a moving point through space. it is one-dimensional and can vary in …

Colors and Value Word Scramble Puzzle

Colors and Value

Arts & Crafts

tint : a color + white, hue : another word that means "color", shade : a color + black, tone : a color + gray, secondary : two primary colors mixed, …

Masking Word Scramble Puzzle


Arts & Crafts

painters tape: special tape used for masking that offers extended-release time, masking tape: used to prevent paint from being applied to certain areas , …

Replica Camp Word Scramble Puzzle

Replica Camp

Arts & Crafts

reduce: make smaller in size but keeping proportions, facsimile: an exact copy, printer: the machine used to create make the 3d print, scanner: the machine that …

Camera Lighting Word Scramble Puzzle

Camera Lighting

Arts & Crafts

thyristor : saves energy, dedicated flash : operates automatically with the camera, slave unit: additional light added to subject , wattage : controls …

Graphical Representations Word Scramble Puzzle

Graphical Representations

Arts & Crafts

bar graph : uses rectangular bars with spaces in between., tree diagram : used to show family structure., flow chart : uses arrows and shapes to show …

Digital Imaging & Design Word Scramble Puzzle

Digital Imaging & Design

Arts & Crafts

iso: controls the camera's sensor's sensitivity to light, aperture: the size of the opening in the lens, shutterspeed: how long the shutter stays open (two …

Trinidadian Artists Word Scramble Puzzle

Trinidadian Artists

Arts & Crafts

mas : both peter minshall and brian mac farlane are internationally recognized for their traditional ___ costume designs., female : sybil atteck was trinidad's …

Shapes and Designs Word Scramble Puzzle

Shapes and Designs

Arts & Crafts

complementary : ____________ angles are two angles whose measure adds up to 90 degrees., parallel : ________ lines never meet and are always the same distance …

Design Technologies Word Scramble Puzzle

Design Technologies

Arts & Crafts

apron: what you should wear when painting, scrollsaw: a machine for cutting different shapes from thin materials, pva: woodwork glue, pyropen: a tool for …

Quilting Word Scramble Puzzle


Arts & Crafts

stencils: used for marking quilts during quilting process., top stitch: the process of stitching on the exterior side of a project to finish seams or folds to …

Quilting Terms Word Scramble Puzzle

Quilting Terms

Arts & Crafts

needle : item used with thread to hold two pieces of fabric together, pattern : specific design instructions, scissors : used in separating large pieces fabric …