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Things in Canada Word Scramble Puzzle

Things in Canada


poutines: popular food dish in canada , lacrosse: canadas national sport, maple leaf: it symbolizes canada, toronto: the largest populated city in canada, …

Scotland Word Scramble Puzzle



ben nevis: highest mountain in scotland. , edinburgh: capital of scotland., dunfermline: most recent village in scotland to be named a city. , glasgow: city …

Countries Word Scramble Puzzle



turkmenistan : its capital is ashgabat, mozambique: our favorite country to start globle with, liechtenstein: the longest one-word country name, saudi arabia: …

India Word Scramble Puzzle



postal : india has the largest … system, indus : the name ‘india’ is derived from the river , london : has more indian restaurants than mumbai or delhi., …

New Zealand Fun Facts Word Scramble Puzzle

New Zealand Fun Facts


hillary: surname of first person to climb everest, kiaora: popular greeting, haka: ceremonial war challenge, hector: the world's smallest and rarest marine …

South Africa Word Scramble Puzzle

South Africa


nine: provinces in south africa, khoisan: natives people of south africa, pretoria: capital city, umtata: where was nelson mandela born, orange: longest river …

History of Singapore Word Scramble Puzzle

History of Singapore


utama: sang nila ____________ was a srivijayan prince who first founded , temasek : what is the island of singapore previously called?, tiger: it is believed …

Jamaica Word Scramble Puzzle



reggae: a genre of music created originated in jamaica., bob marley: famous reggae artist from jamaica., usain bolt: jamaican sprinter who had the world record …

Canada Word Scramble Puzzle



maple : canada's national tree, beaver : canada's national animal, christian : canada's religion, ottawa : canada's capital, toronto : the largest city in …

Flags of the World Word Scramble Puzzle

Flags of the World


japan : red circle on a white background, germany : black, then red, then yellow horizontal stripes, bangladesh : red circle on a green background, austria : …

Countries Around the World Word Scramble Puzzle

Countries Around the World


america : ms. keziah is from here. some people call this big country "the land of the free". it has 50 states., australia : some people call this …

Asian Countries Word Scramble Puzzle

Asian Countries


india: this country not only borders seven other nations, but an ocean has the same name. which country is that?, russia: this is the largest country in asia., …

Brazil Word Scramble Puzzle



brasilia: capital of brazil, sixty: percentage of the amazon rainforest found in brazil, amazon: second longest river in the world found in brazil, …

Italian Culture Word Scramble Puzzle

Italian Culture


lasagne : italian pasta dish starting with l, rome : capital city of italy , pasta : common italian food starting with p, colosseum : italian monument in rome, …

The Americas Word Scramble Puzzle

The Americas


olmec: the earliest-known mesoamerican civilization, yucatan: a peninsula in central america extending into the gulf of mexico inhabited by the maya, …

The United States Constitution Word Scramble Puzzle

The United States Constitution


congress: they assemble at least once every year, amendments: the first 10 of these make up the bill of rights, president: can be removed by impeachment, …

Russia Word Scramble Puzzle



military : armed conscript serf-body of russia, judiciary : the legal system of courts, alexander : leader(s) of russia between 1855-1881,1881-1894, nicholas : …

United States Word Scramble Puzzle

United States


fifty : number of states in the us, illinois : prairie state, new york : state containing one of the largest cities, five : the us was divided into how many …

Japan Word Scramble Puzzle



manga : japanese comic's, anime : japanese cartoon's, mount fuji : highest mountain in japan, sushi : traditional food , tempura : dish of battered and fried …

Australian Icons Word Scramble Puzzle

Australian Icons


hobart :a city of northern territory, echidna :animal of australia, kangaroo :an animal of australia, western :australia a state of australia, northern …

About China Word Scramble Puzzle

About China


bronze : the shang dynasty was known for the crafting of _____, oracle : _____ bones were used by the shang people to foretell the future., tian : in the zhou …