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Democracy and Dictatorships Word Scramble Puzzle

Democracy and Dictatorships

Law & Government

dictator : someone who take power in a country and wont give it back, stallon : last name of the name who lead the soviet union, holyrood: the name of scottish …

Human Rights & Social Justice Word Scramble Puzzle

Human Rights & Social Justice

Law & Government

disability: a physical or mental impairment which has an adverse effect on a persons ability to carry out normal day-to-day activities, discrimination: actions …

Court Vocab Word Scramble Puzzle

Court Vocab

Law & Government

evidence: anything that is used to prove the existence or nonexistence of a fact, reasonable doubt: a legal standard of proof required in criminal cases, jude: …

Courtroom Terms Word Scramble Puzzle

Courtroom Terms

Law & Government

defendant : person who has been accused of a crime and is on trial, prosecutor : lawyer who leads the case against the defendant, testimony : evidence provided …

Courtroom Word Scramble Puzzle


Law & Government

defendant: person who has been accused of a crime and is on trial , testimony: evidence provided by a witness , counsel: an attorney or lawyer , verdict: the …

Civics Word Scramble Puzzle


Law & Government

law of soil: persons citizenship same as their biological parent, autocracy: form of government where one person has unlimited power, monarchy: form of gov't …

Migration and Globalization Word Scramble Puzzle

Migration and Globalization

Law & Government

standard of living : the ability to access services and goods. includes, diaspora : a large group of people with a similar heritage or homeland who have since …

Legal Definitions Word Scramble Puzzle

Legal Definitions

Law & Government

court reporter: types everything said in the court room, defense attorney: attorney for the defendant , perjury: they lie under oath, judge: this person give …

Human Rights Word Scramble Puzzle

Human Rights

Law & Government

dignity : the quality a person has that makes them worthy of honour or respect, human rights : something a person is entitled to because they are human, amnesty …

Civil Rights Word Scramble Puzzle

Civil Rights

Law & Government

abuse : use something in a bad way or for a bad purpose, discrimination : the unjust treatment of different categories of people, legalize : to make legal; to …

Basic Structure of Government Word Scramble Puzzle

Basic Structure of Government

Law & Government

civil service : the administrative service of a government or international agency exclusive of the armed forces, prime minister : the chief minister of a ruler …

External Influences Word Scramble Puzzle

External Influences

Law & Government

pestec : acronym for external influences, government : group of people who make political decisions, recession : during this time many people become unemployed …

Supreme Court of the United States Word Scramble Puzzle

Supreme Court of the United States

Law & Government

one : on average about 7,000 petitions for writs of certiorari each year, but the supreme court agrees to hear about ___%, appeals : most common type of case …

Government Based Quiz Word Scramble Puzzle

Government Based Quiz

Law & Government

white : what colour papers are policy documents produced by the government that set out their proposals for future legislation., custodial : what care does the …

Tudor Government Word Scramble Puzzle

Tudor Government

Law & Government

stool : groom of the _ _ _ _ _ was responsible for handling the kings excretion and hygiene., subsidy : what new method of taxation did wolsey introduce in …

Judicial Systems Word Scramble Puzzle

Judicial Systems

Law & Government

rule: principle or maxim governing conduct, formula to which conduct must be conformed. , law: ordinance, rule prescribed by authority, regulation, that which …

Legal Practitioners Word Scramble Puzzle

Legal Practitioners

Law & Government

representation: having someone present your case for you is having_________, practitioners: professionals trained in law which handle cases and represent …

Biometrics Word Scramble Puzzle


Law & Government

verification: the process of establishing the truth, accuracy or validity of something, fingerprint: a mark from a person's finger , identity: the fact of …

Civil Justice System Word Scramble Puzzle

Civil Justice System

Law & Government

plaintiff: the party initiating a civil claim, remedy: the outcome given to the wronged party at the end of a civil claim, tribunal : a dispute resolution body, …

Canadian Government and Economics Word Scramble Puzzle

Canadian Government and Economics

Law & Government

governor general : represents the interests of the monarch in canada, parliamentary : the form of democracy that canada uses. , monarch : canada's chief of …

Womens Suffrage Word Scramble Puzzle

Women's Suffrage

Law & Government

voting rights : rights of participation in especially public elections, amendment : a change to the constitution, suffrage : the right to vote in political …