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Mixtures and Solutions Word Scramble Puzzle

Mixtures and Solutions


suspension: mixture in which a substance will not dissolve in another and quickly separates. , solute: a substance that dissolves to make a solution when it is …

Virus Vocabulary Word Scramble Puzzle

Virus Vocabulary


emergingviruses : a newly appeared virus, prophage : the latent form of a bacteriophage , provirus : the genetic material of a virus that the virus uses to …

Atoms, Elements and Compounds Word Scramble Puzzle

Atoms, Elements and Compounds


solution: another name for homogeneous mixture, molecule: a compound in which the atoms are held together by covalent bonds, nucleus: neutrons and protons are …

Systems and Thermodynamics Word Scramble Puzzle

Systems and Thermodynamics


temperature : a number that corresponds to the coldness/hotness of an object, closed : type of system that allows energy, but not matter to pass in and out of …

Ecosystem Balance Word Scramble Puzzle

Ecosystem Balance


limiting factor: a resource or condition which limits the growth or distribution of an organism or population within an ecosystem., symbiosis: interactions …

Light & Sound Word Scramble Puzzle

Light & Sound


light: faster than sound and not as loud , reflect: i don't let things get to me. i just let them bounce off., absorb: the transfer of the energy of the wave to …

Thermodynamics Word Scramble Puzzle



kinetic : the energy an object has due to its motion., phase change : a change from one state (solid or liquid or gas) to another without a change in chemical …

Life Cycle of a Star Word Scramble Puzzle

Life Cycle of a Star


protostar : a young star that is still gathering mass from the surrounding clouds of gas, black dwarf : a dead star which is no longer hot or bright, super …

Intro to Living Things Word Scramble Puzzle

Intro to Living Things


prokaryote: cells without a defined nucleus, cell membrane: protective barrier that controls what goes in & out of cell, structure: the arrangement of parts …

Characteristics of Living Things Word Scramble Puzzle

Characteristics of Living Things


cells: all living things are made of _____, grow: increasing the size and number of cells is to ____, nutrients: having ________, breaking them down and using …

Optics Word Scramble Puzzle



chemiluminescence : the emission of light from a chemical reaction., bioluminescence : emission of light by living organisms., fluorescence : chemicals absorb …

Bioenergetics Word Scramble Puzzle



light : this is needed for photosynthesis and is obtained through the chloroplasts of the leaf, carbon dioxide : this is also known as co2, anaerobic : this …

Cellular Communication Word Scramble Puzzle

Cellular Communication


apoptosis : process of programmed cell death that occurs in multicellular organisms., amplification : strengthening of stimulus energy during transduction., …

Energy and Source Word Scramble Puzzle

Energy and Source


energy : ability to do work, nonrenewable : energy source that can be used up, fossil : fuels made from animals matter that died long time ago, potential : …

Energy and Enzymes Word Scramble Puzzle

Energy and Enzymes


product: the end of the metabolic reaction, kinetic: the energy of motion is called ______ energy, reactant: starts the metabolic reaction, potential: the …

Physics Word Scramble Puzzle



kinetic energy: energy possessed by the body by the virtue of motion., scalar : quantity that has magnitude but no direction., displacement: the shortest …

CNA Medical Terminology Word Scramble Puzzle

CNA Medical Terminology


edema: swelling because of fluid gain, most commonly observed in the legs and ankles, emesis: related to vomiting, as in an emesis basin, void: to eliminate …

Transfusion Services Word Scramble Puzzle

Transfusion Services


agglutination: the clumping of red cells together due to an antigen antibody reaction, rouleaux: stacks of coins, bombay: lacking the h antigen precursor, …

Properties of Water Word Scramble Puzzle

Properties of Water


insoluble : substances which do not dissolve ., oil : floats on water., solidification : the process in which a liquid changes into a solid, solute : a …

The Cell Cycle Word Scramble Puzzle

The Cell Cycle


dna: the basic molecule of your genetic information., cytokinesis: the stage of the cell cycle where the cell splits into two, meristem: undifferentiated plant …

Diffusion, Osmosis & Active Transport Word Scramble Puzzle

Diffusion, Osmosis & Active Transport


diffusion : process by which molecules move from an area of high concentration to an area of low concentration, osmosis : movement of water across a …