Vocabulary Crossword Puzzles

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Abstract Nouns Word Scramble Puzzle

Abstract Nouns


honesty: the ability to tell the truth , fear: you feel this emotion when someone frightens you , sadness: it's the opposite of happiness, youth: most people …

Months and Days of the Week Word Scramble Puzzle

Months and Days of the Week


february : the shortest month of the year.., monday : second day of the week., august : the last month of school holidays, january : first month of the year., …

Verbs Followed by Gerunds Word Scramble Puzzle

Verbs Followed by Gerunds


enjoy : did you _______ riding in the boat?, admit : she'll never ________ eating the last cookie., denies : he ________ causing the accident., practiced : have …

Riddle me this... Word Scramble Puzzle

Riddle me this...


witch: i have a broom, but i do not sweep. what am i?, heartache: an intense feeling inside, opposite to the warm fuzzy feeling. , victim: a subject of crime or …

Degrees of Comparison Word Scramble Puzzle

Degrees of Comparison


later: late, ______, lastest, slow: ______, slower, slowest, faster: fast,______, fastest, sweeter: sweet, _____, sweetest, bland: ______, blander, blandest, …

Prepositions of Time Word Scramble Puzzle

Prepositions of Time


monday: the day in between sunday and tuesday, spring: the season when flowers bloom and trees are greener, may: the month when we have golden week, sunday: …

Synonyms Word Scramble Puzzle



terrible : another word for bad, sluggish : another word for slow, quick : another word for fast , noisy : another word for loud , angry: another word for mad, …

4th Grade Vocabulary Word Scramble Puzzle

4th Grade Vocabulary


voice: what speaks, squeeze: to hold tight, vanish: disappear, dither: high energy, crackle: sound of fire , portray: to make description, fend: to defend, …

Parts of Speech Word Scramble Puzzle

Parts of Speech


conjunction: tomatoes and potatoes. what pos is and?, interjection: an abrupt remark or interruption., adverb: she typed fiercely at the keyboard. what pos is …

6th Grade Vocabulary Word Scramble Puzzle

6th Grade Vocabulary


pennant: flag, bulletin: brief report, geometry: math with shapes and angles, banishment: cast away from town, anthem: song, beneath: under, opponent: whom one …

6th/7th Grade Vocabulary Word Scramble Puzzle

6th/7th Grade Vocabulary


sophomore: 2nd year student, homily: practice sermon based on scripture, altitude: great height, apprehend: to catch, narration: art of recounting, beneath: …

Adjectives Ending with -ing and -ed Word Scramble Puzzle

Adjectives Ending with '-ing' and '-ed'


tiring: we drove for two hours to get to the hotel. the trip was very __________., surprised : my mom planned a party and invited all my friends. i didn't know …

KN- and GN- Words Word Scramble Puzzle

KN- and GN- Words


knife: what you cut your food with, knoll: a tiny hill, gnash: to show your teeth aggressively, knitter: someone who makes sweaters or hats from yarn, knapsack: …

7th/8th Grade Vocabulary Word Scramble Puzzle

7th/8th Grade Vocabulary


cherished: loved, vegetation: plant growth, vocational: training for special skill, azalea: rhododendron flower, composure: steadiness of mind under stress, …

Phrasal Verbs Word Scramble Puzzle

Phrasal Verbs


take up: start something new, work out: solve something, write down: copy words into a note, get on with: like someone/be friends with, keep up with: learn as …

Suffixes - ment and -ness Word Scramble Puzzle

Suffixes - ment and -ness


darkness : when the sun goes down we are left in _____________, payment : you go to the till to buy something in the shop and need to make a ______________., …

Mis- Prefix Word Scramble Puzzle

Mis- Prefix


misuse: to use (something) in the wrong way or for the wrong purpose, misread: to make a mistake in the way that you read something, misspell : to incorrectly …

Prefixes and Suffixes Word Scramble Puzzle

Prefixes and Suffixes


reread : to read again, homeless : without a home, hopeful : full of hope, unhappy : not happy, unlock : not lock, disagree : not agree, fearless : without …

General Knowledge Word Scramble Puzzle

General Knowledge


alone: the man wanted to be left .......... to think., apartment: she has a nice .......... in the city., article: did you read the .......... about the new …

1st Grade Vocabulary Word Scramble Puzzle

1st Grade Vocabulary


keep: not release, zoo: place where animals are kept, sick: feeling poorly, dirt: it covers the land of earth, bugs: insects, best: better than good, shy: …

-ie or -ei words Word Scramble Puzzle

-ie or -ei words


weigh: found out how heavy someone/something is, receipt: a document to prove that you have received something, belief: an acceptance that something exists or …