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6th Grade Vocabulary Word Scramble Puzzle

6th Grade Vocabulary


pennant: flag, bulletin: brief report, geometry: math with shapes and angles, banishment: cast away from town, anthem: song, beneath: under, opponent: whom one …

The Eight Parts of Speech Word Scramble Puzzle

The Eight Parts of Speech


preposition : a special group of words, adverbs : modify verbs adverbs and adjectives, pronoun : takes the place of a noun, adjectives : modify verbs and …

Analogy Word Scramble Puzzle



write: knife is cut as pencil, bark: pig is to squeal as dog is to , foot: finger is to hand as toe is to, low: tall is to short as high is to , circus: animal …

Phrasal Verbs Word Scramble Puzzle

Phrasal Verbs


take up: start something new, work out: solve something, write down: copy words into a note, get on with: like someone/be friends with, keep up with: learn as …

Synonyms Word Scramble Puzzle



terrible : another word for bad, sluggish : another word for slow, quick : another word for fast , noisy : another word for loud , angry: another word for mad, …

Prefixes Word Scramble Puzzle



reread : to read again, refund : to give back money that someone paid for something, revise : to make changes or correct something, uncover : to remove cover …

Adjectives Ending with -ing and -ed Word Scramble Puzzle

Adjectives Ending with '-ing' and '-ed'


tiring: we drove for two hours to get to the hotel. the trip was very __________., surprised : my mom planned a party and invited all my friends. i didn't know …

Parts of Speech Word Scramble Puzzle

Parts of Speech


conjunction: tomatoes and potatoes. what pos is and?, interjection: an abrupt remark or interruption., adverb: she typed fiercely at the keyboard. what pos is …

Prepositions of Time Word Scramble Puzzle

Prepositions of Time


monday: the day in between sunday and tuesday, spring: the season when flowers bloom and trees are greener, may: the month when we have golden week, sunday: …

Homophone Word Scramble Puzzle



council: a meeting for consultation, counsel: advice given, course: the act or action of moving in a path from point to point, coarse: loose or rough in …

Greek & Latin Roots Word Scramble Puzzle

Greek & Latin Roots


translucent : allowing light to pass thought, invidious : hateful of spiteful, photogenic : attractive in pictures or photographs, lucid : easy to understand; …

Words containing -cious Word Scramble Puzzle

Words containing -cious


ferocious: fierce, precious: of great worth, atrocious: not good, delicious: yummy, conscious: be aware of, suspicious: questionable, gracious: likely to do …

Phonics Word Scramble Puzzle



drop : when something falls on the floor, swim : move the body through water, strong : having the power to move heavy weights, thank : when someone gives you …

Aerospace Vocabulary Word Scramble Puzzle

Aerospace Vocabulary


airfoil : wing cross-section, msds : safe handling of chemicals, lancer : mr. k's airplane, bouyancy : lift force for balloon, bernoulli : velocity-pressure …

Greek Root Words Word Scramble Puzzle

Greek Root Words


bad: dys means ________., color: chro, chrome means ____________., book: biblio, bibli, bibl means _________., life: bio means _____., star: astro, astra, astr …

General Knowledge Word Scramble Puzzle

General Knowledge


alone: the man wanted to be left .......... to think., apartment: she has a nice .......... in the city., article: did you read the .......... about the new …

4th Grade Vocabulary Word Scramble Puzzle

4th Grade Vocabulary


voice: what speaks, squeeze: to hold tight, vanish: disappear, dither: high energy, crackle: sound of fire , portray: to make description, fend: to defend, …

AIR, ARE, EAR Words Word Scramble Puzzle



scare: i love to scare my dad , pear: a pear is my favorite fruit , hare: a hare is a very fast rabbit-like animal, care: lucy goosy yelled 'i don't care, i …

Prefixes and Suffixes Word Scramble Puzzle

Prefixes and Suffixes


reread : to read again, homeless : without a home, hopeful : full of hope, unhappy : not happy, unlock : not lock, disagree : not agree, fearless : without …

3rd Grade Vocabulary Word Scramble Puzzle

3rd Grade Vocabulary


loaf: to pass time lazily, south: opposite of north, house: home, bacon: breakfast meat from pig, maple: type of tree, plaster: pastelike mixture applied to a …

GCSE English Word Scramble Puzzle

GCSE English


onomatopoeia: "boom" "crash", oxymoron: a contradictory combination of words, rhetorical: a question that does not require an answer, …