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Crocodiles Word Scramble Puzzle



freshwater: a species of crocodile?, reptile: crocodiles are what family group?, predators: crocodiles are apex _________?, brackish: type of water they live …

Poems Word Scramble Puzzle


Books & Literature

transmit: to send or give out, teach: to show or explain how to do something, react: to respond to, enrich: to improve or enhance the quality or value of …

Music Review Word Scramble Puzzle

Music Review

Music, Movies, TV

theme: the main idea , variations: an expansion or detail on the theme, titi: syllables for two eight notes, ta: syllable for a quarter note, quarter note: note …

Good Girl, Bad Blood Word Scramble Puzzle

Good Girl, Bad Blood

Books & Literature

pip: who is the main character?, jamie: who disappeared in this book?, cara: who is pips best friend?, podcasts: what does pip make to talk about true crime?, …

Christian Practices Word Scramble Puzzle

Christian Practices

Religion & Belief

baptism: a sacrament, accepted by all christians, rings: exchanged at a wedding, eternal love, vows: promises, sacrament: outward sign of inward faith, taize: …

Mosaic Black History Word Scramble Puzzle

Mosaic Black History


piano : duke ellington was a noted musician, composer and orchestra leader . what was his principle instrument?, ohio : john mercer langston was the first …

Environment of Care Word Scramble Puzzle

Environment of Care

Health & Fitness

eighteen: storage should be kept at least _____ inches from ceiling or from bottom of sprinkler head., due: do not use any equipment with expired or missing …

Cells and Microscope Word Scramble Puzzle

Cells and Microscope


oviduct: where you would find ciliated epithelial cells , chromosomal: this dna controls the cell and replication , slimecoat: only some bacteria have this , …

Conflict & Tension: Road to War (1933-1939) Word Scramble Puzzle

Conflict & Tension: Road to War (1933-1939)


berchtesgaden: where did chamberlain meet hitler on 15th september 1938?, mussolini: who was the leader of italy during the 1930s?, living space: what was …

AIC - Marking Criteria Word Scramble Puzzle

AIC - Marking Criteria


quotations: using exact references from the text., analysis: a detailed examination of text., interpretation: your own explanation of the text., methods: …

Chemistry in Sunscreen Word Scramble Puzzle

Chemistry in Sunscreen


uva:causes skin aging, vitamin d:excessive sunscreen can cause a deficiency of..., oxybenzone:1 of 2 major chemicals in sunscreen that harms us and marine life, …

Pirate Punk Word Scramble Puzzle

Pirate Punk


marooned: abandonned, privateer: authorised pirate, seadog: old sailor, coffer: full of gold and precious stones, bounty: reward, cutlass: may also cut apples …

Science Riddle Word Scramble Puzzle

Science Riddle


echo: many have heard it, but nobody has ever seen it. it will not speak back unless spoken to. what is it?, supernova: i was once a massive star and soon i …

Food Safety Culture - Despatch Word Scramble Puzzle

Food Safety Culture - Despatch

Safety & Prevention

manager : if you spot a pest report it to a __________. , warm : bacteria will grow in a _______ environment., white : ____________ coloured coats must be worn …

Economy Word Scramble Puzzle



arable: a farm that grows crops, economy: the wealth and resources of a country in terms of the goods that are produced and consumed there, employment sectors: …

People & The Land Word Scramble Puzzle

People & The Land


khyber pass : trade route through the hindu kush mountains, flood : can help or destroy crops, pindus : mountain range in mainland greece, domesticate : train …

Egypt Empire Word Scramble Puzzle

Egypt Empire


amenhotep Ⅳ : began the worship of one god, aton, authority : the power or right to give orders, make decisions, and enforce obedience., incense : a material …

Active Aging Word Scramble Puzzle

Active Aging

Health & Fitness

exercise : makes you fit and strong, water : keeps you hydrated , apple : a red or green fruit, running : faster than walking, yoga : a series of stretches and …

Electroplating Word Scramble Puzzle



corrosion : the purpose of electroplating is to prevent the object from _______ and at the same time making it more attractive., electroplating : is the process …

River Landforms Word Scramble Puzzle

River Landforms


thalweg : the fastest area of flow within the river channel , hjulstrom: graph showing relationship between velocity, sediment size and fluvial processes , …

The Birth of the Church Word Scramble Puzzle

The Birth of the Church

Religion & Belief

jewish : john wesley thought theophilus was of ? descent, physician : the apostle luke was what by trade, accession : the bridge that connects the gospel of …