Animal Digestion Crossword Puzzle

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Animal Digestion Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: poly gastric : are animals with a multi compartment stomach, mastication : is also known as chewing, ileum : absorbs bile salts and products not absorbed by the jejunum, digestive system : breaks down feed into smaller molecules of nutrients, abomasum : is the ruminant's true stomach and is very similar to the stomach of monogastrics, jejunum : is the long, coiled mid-section of the small intestine, reticulum : is also known as the “honeycomb” because the lining resembles a honeycomb, duodenum : mixes chyme with digestive fluids from the gallbladder (bile) and pancreas (pancreatic juices), mouth : is where food enters the digestive tract, omasum : acts as a type of pump, which moves the food from the reticulorumen to the true stomach, mono gastric : have one stomach, rumen : is the largest of the four compartments, prehension : is the way animals gather the food into their mouths