Lifecycle of a Star Crossword Puzzle

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Lifecycle of a Star Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: proto star : the earliest formation of a star, red giant : a luminous giant star in the late stages of its evolution, black hole : a region of space with gravitational pull so strong that no matter or radiation can escape it, supernova : a powerful and luminous explosion of a star, hydrogen : the most abundant element in our universe, white dwarf : a very dense, small star that is typically the size of a planet, main sequence star : stable state of star formation where nuclear fusion counteracts force of gravity; what 90% of our stars are in the universe, black dwarf : a white dwarf that has cooled sufficiently to no longer emit significant heat or light, nebula : clouds of gas and dust at either the end or beginning of a star's cycle, neutron star : the collapsed core of a massive star; made of densely packed neutrons