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Organic Compounds Word Scramble Puzzle

Organic Compounds


oil : example of an organic compound, carbohydrate : composed of one or more simple sugars bonded together, simple : glucose is this type of carbohydrate, …

Words that start with K Word Scramble Puzzle

Words that start with "K"


kite : you fly this in the air, kind : when someone is really nice to you, kindle : this is your electronic reader from amazon, kiss : a smooch, kitten : a …

Plural Word Endings Word Scramble Puzzle

Plural Word Endings


donkeys : plural of donkey, canaries : plural of canary, monkeys : plural of monkey, factories : plural of factory, deliveries : plural of delivery, spies : …

Translate into Latin Word Scramble Puzzle

Translate into Latin


quid agis : how are you? (no spaces), caesar : roman dictator that was plotted against and murdered, lupus : wolf, amat : he/she loves, agricola : farmer, …

Animal Pairs Word Scramble Puzzle

Animal Pairs


bald eagle: a bird that is hair challenged, monk: a type of parakeet who would most be comfortable living as a buddhist, coyote: a smaller relative of the wolf, …

The Tempest Revision Word Scramble Puzzle

The Tempest Revision

Books & Literature

ferdinand : king alonso's son, prince of naples., miranda : prospero's daughter, caring, emotional, and naive at times., tempest: the titular storm in the …

The Peace of Christ Abolishes Enmity Word Scramble Puzzle

The Peace of Christ Abolishes Enmity

Religion & Belief

spirit : compromised by contention , meekness : a way to approach disagreements, satan : father of contention, shun : how to approach contention, offended : …

Chemical Analysis Word Scramble Puzzle

Chemical Analysis


pure: a substance with nothing else mixed in with it, precision: how close together different results are in an investigation, active ingredient: the part of …

Ethical Principles Word Scramble Puzzle

Ethical Principles

People & Society

beneficence: to act in ways that promote the welfare and best interest of others, nonmaleficence: to act in ways that avoid harm to others, justice: to treat …

Data Compression Word Scramble Puzzle

Data Compression

Computers & IT

lossy : a type of compression that permanently removes data, lossless : a type of compression that removes data temporarily , uncompressed : does not undergo …

Short Lenten Spelling List Word Scramble Puzzle

Short Lenten Spelling List

People & Society

deny : jesus said peter would ______ him three times., repenting : _______ is confessing your sin and wanting to change your heart., miracle : a _______ is an …

Chemistry of Gases Word Scramble Puzzle

Chemistry of Gases


filtration : the first step when making potable water., potable : water that is safe to drink., chlorine : a substance used to sterilize fresh water., sulfur : …

Chemistry of Substances Word Scramble Puzzle

Chemistry of Substances


catalyst : a substance that increases the speed of a chemical reaction without being used up., dissolve :when a substance breaks up and mixes completely with a …

Black Widow Word Scramble Puzzle

Black Widow

Music, Movies, TV

teamstark: the team black widow was on in "civil war" (the side she started on), blackwidow: the name of the movie in which we learn black widow's …

Language Paper Structural Terms Word Scramble Puzzle

Language Paper Structural Terms

Books & Literature

circular : a idea from the beginning is returned to at the end, juxtaposition: a more academic word for comparing , omniscient: an all-knowing narrator, …

Valentines Word Scramble Puzzle



kindness: acts of this ________are always nice, valentine: will you be my_____________________?, hug : to wrap your arms around someone with love, red: the …

Antsy Valentines Day Word Scramble Puzzle

Antsy Valentines Day


hug : to clasp tightly in the arms, especially with affection; embrace., romance : to court or woo; treat with ardor or chivalrousness, promise : a declaration …

Neuro Terminology Word Scramble Puzzle

Neuro Terminology


cerebrum : the largest part of your brain, anticoagulant : type of medication that is a contraindication to thrombolytic therapy in stroke, cerebellum : …

Lunar New Year Word Scramble Puzzle

Lunar New Year


tiger : an animal with orange and black stripes., pig : this animal is found on the farm and is often pink., rooster : this animal will wake you up with a cocka …

Microorganisms and Nutrient Cycling Word Scramble Puzzle

Microorganisms and Nutrient Cycling


ecosystem : the living organisms together with the non- living components of their environment (for example soil, climate), interacting as a system., …

Muscle Movements and Disorders Word Scramble Puzzle

Muscle Movements and Disorders

Health & Fitness

atrophy: a reduction in size and strength of the muscle., contracture: a severe tightening of muscle resulting in permanent bending of a joint., muscle strain: …