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Afghanistan Word Scramble Puzzle



poetry: .. poetry is a special part of afghan culture., buzkashi: .. afghanistan’s national sport is termed as “buzkashi” or “goat-grabbing.” , …

Bug Hunt Word Scramble Puzzle

Bug Hunt


ladybird: it's small. it's red and black. , snail: it has a shell., bee: it's yellow and black., wings: bugs use them to fly., roots: they take water from the …

Life Is A Highway - Rascal Flatts Word Scramble Puzzle

Life Is A Highway - Rascal Flatts

Music, Movies, TV

distance: remoteness to a person, life: a core theme of the song, often connected to the heart., gate: an opening to a barrier, like a fence., survivors: …

Definitions Word Scramble Puzzle



co insurance: the percent (for example, 20%) you pay of the allowed amount for covered health care services. , room care: emergency _______ are the services you …

The Midnight Riders Word Scramble Puzzle

The Midnight Riders


minutemen: the militia group who fought against the british, prescott: the only midnight rider to successfully make it concord, revere: the midnight rider who …

The Economy of the Ming Dynasty Word Scramble Puzzle

The Economy of the Ming Dynasty


bullion: golden and silver bars used as currency, ming dynasty: ruling dynasty of china from 1368 a.d to 1644 a.d, porcelain: beautiful item which manufacturing …

Science Revision Word Scramble Puzzle

Science Revision


cog : (aka) centre of gravity, impulse : force multiplied by time. it is typically reported in newton-seconds., velocity : the rate of change of position of the …

Buddhism Recap Word Scramble Puzzle

Buddhism Recap

Religion & Belief

buddha: the enlightened one, dharma: the teaching of buddhism, karma: the sum of a person's actions in this or other existences, precept: law or rule, craving: …

The Novel Word Scramble Puzzle

The Novel

Books & Literature

novel : long prose of narrative that typically describes fictional characters and the sequential events that happen to these characters., genre : a distinctive …

Moral Code of Hinduism Word Scramble Puzzle

Moral Code of Hinduism

Religion & Belief

the four principles : karma, dharma, samsara, moksha , cow: sacred animal in hinduism, karma: if you do good, good will come your way. , samsara :the cycle of …

Urinary System Disorders Word Scramble Puzzle

Urinary System Disorders

Health & Fitness

cystitis : ascends along mucosa to cause pyelonephritis, ascending : urinary tract direction, renin : hypertension, pyelonephritis : acute renal failure, cortex …

Materials Management Vocabulary Word Scramble Puzzle

Materials Management Vocabulary


requisition : request for supplies or goods, inventory : stock on hand, expense : directly charge a department for their supply, par supply : sticker items, …

Biology Revised Word Scramble Puzzle

Biology Revised


centromere : the region that joins two sister chromatids, codon : a sequence of three nucleotide bases, mitosis : a process of asexual reproduction in …

Fire Ecology Word Scramble Puzzle

Fire Ecology


biodiversity : the variety of plant and animal life in the world or in a particular habitat, ecosystem:a biological community of interacting organisms and their …

Digging up the Past Word Scramble Puzzle

Digging up the Past


tomb: a place where an important person is buried, trowel: a pointed tool archaeologists use for digging, metal detector: a machine that beeps if it finds …

America 1920-73 - Opportunity and Inequality Word Scramble Puzzle

America 1920-73 - Opportunity and Inequality


buying on the margin:an investor pays 10% of the share price and covers the rest with profits made., constitution:system of laws a country is governed by., …

External Influences Word Scramble Puzzle

External Influences

Law & Government

pestec : acronym for external influences, government : group of people who make political decisions, recession : during this time many people become unemployed …

WWII Word Scramble Puzzle



fdr : the president during wwii, oahu island : the island pearl harbor was located in., december 8 : the date the us congress declare war on japan., japan : who …

Water Molecules Word Scramble Puzzle

Water Molecules


water : a common word for h20, molecule : when two or more atoms join together, atom : contains protons, neutrons and electrons, positive charge : the charge …

Balanced Snacks Word Scramble Puzzle

Balanced Snacks

Health & Fitness

whole: an example of a ______ grain is brown rice., energy: snacks are important because they keep your ______ up throughout the day., balanced: a _________ …

Technical Careers Education Program Word Scramble Puzzle

Technical Careers Education Program


drafting: blue prints, computers, designs, nursing: band aide, stethoscope, blood pressure, welding: helmet, plasma cutter,rods, culinary arts: cooking, baking, …