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Writing Structure Key Terms Word Scramble Puzzle

Writing Structure Key Terms

Books & Literature

point of view: the way a character regards events or people, sequence: the order in which things happen, past tense: a verb that describes something that …

Lectures about Animals Word Scramble Puzzle

Lectures about Animals


zoology : the scientific study of animals, mammal:any animal of which the female gives birth to a baby not eggs and feeds her young on milk from her own body. , …

DNA Fingerprinting Word Scramble Puzzle

DNA Fingerprinting


allele: an alternate form of gene., vntr: repeating dna sequence 9-80 bases., dna: genetic material in our cells, pcr: a technique that makes thousands of …

Giant Manta Ray Word Scramble Puzzle

Giant Manta Ray


killer whale: this is one of the animals that can kill a giant manta ray., zooplankton: plankton consisting of small animals and the immature stages of larger …

The Sinking of Venice Word Scramble Puzzle

The Sinking of Venice


consistent:always behaving in the same way, barrier:an object like a fence that prevents people from moving forward from one place to another, overwhelming:very …

Jamaica Resorts Word Scramble Puzzle

Jamaica Resorts

Travel & Tourism

tranquility : signature soaking tub, negril : home of seven-mile beach, royalplantation : all butler suite hotel, ochorios : pirates island waterpark location, …

Music Literacy Word Scramble Puzzle

Music Literacy

Music, Movies, TV

classical: genre of music from composers beethoven, brahms, and bach, percussion: collection of instruments that are played by hitting them with a mallet, …

The Boy and the Ghost Word Scramble Puzzle

The Boy and the Ghost

Books & Literature

shoulders: part of body where head sits, shovel: tool used to dig, candle: on the table, there was a chair, a spoon, and a ______________., hambone: used to …

Greek Mythology Love Stories Word Scramble Puzzle

Greek Mythology Love Stories

Religion & Belief

adonis: aphrodite fell for this beautiful mortal, only one of two, psyche: bewitching woman, husband of aphrodite's son, name means "soul", eros: son …

Dental Histology Word Scramble Puzzle

Dental Histology

Health & Fitness

odontoblasts: cells that form dentin, radicular: pulp that lies within the root of the tooth, dentin : makes up the bulk of the tooth, secondary : dentin that …

Erupting Volcano Word Scramble Puzzle

Erupting Volcano


chamber : a natural or man-made enclosed space or cavity, eruption : when lava and gases spill out from a volcano, crater : the top part of a volcano, flow : to …

Tooth Care Word Scramble Puzzle

Tooth Care

Health & Fitness

cementum : a specialized calcified substance, malocclusion : the abnormal alignment of the upper and lower teeth, orthodontist : a dentist who is qualified to …

Anatomical Positions Word Scramble Puzzle

Anatomical Positions

Health & Fitness

flexion: decreasing angle, extension: increasing angle, abduction: away from the midline, adduction: towards the midline, pronation: laid down, supination: laid …

Words that start with K Word Scramble Puzzle

Words that start with "K"


kite : you fly this in the air, kind : when someone is really nice to you, kindle : this is your electronic reader from amazon, kiss : a smooch, kitten : a …

Plural Word Endings Word Scramble Puzzle

Plural Word Endings


donkeys : plural of donkey, canaries : plural of canary, monkeys : plural of monkey, factories : plural of factory, deliveries : plural of delivery, spies : …

Translate into Latin Word Scramble Puzzle

Translate into Latin


quid agis : how are you? (no spaces), caesar : roman dictator that was plotted against and murdered, lupus : wolf, amat : he/she loves, agricola : farmer, …

Animal Pairs Word Scramble Puzzle

Animal Pairs


bald eagle: a bird that is hair challenged, monk: a type of parakeet who would most be comfortable living as a buddhist, coyote: a smaller relative of the wolf, …

The Tempest Revision Word Scramble Puzzle

The Tempest Revision

Books & Literature

ferdinand : king alonso's son, prince of naples., miranda : prospero's daughter, caring, emotional, and naive at times., tempest: the titular storm in the …

The Peace of Christ Abolishes Enmity Word Scramble Puzzle

The Peace of Christ Abolishes Enmity

Religion & Belief

spirit : compromised by contention , meekness : a way to approach disagreements, satan : father of contention, shun : how to approach contention, offended : …

Chemical Analysis Word Scramble Puzzle

Chemical Analysis


pure: a substance with nothing else mixed in with it, precision: how close together different results are in an investigation, active ingredient: the part of …

Ethical Principles Word Scramble Puzzle

Ethical Principles

People & Society

beneficence: to act in ways that promote the welfare and best interest of others, nonmaleficence: to act in ways that avoid harm to others, justice: to treat …