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Earth’s Crust Word Scramble Puzzle

Earth’s Crust


fault : a break in the rock of the earth’s crust along which there has been displacement (movement)., focus : an earthquake’s point of origin within the …

Ocean Circulation Word Scramble Puzzle

Ocean Circulation


current : steady, predictable flow of fluid within a larger body of that fluid., corioliseffect : the result of earth's rotation on weather patterns and ocean …

Geological Processes Word Scramble Puzzle

Geological Processes


constructive: ______________ processes - natural phenomena such as volcanoes, rivers, and weather patterns that build up landmasses on earth's surface, …

Tundra Word Scramble Puzzle



iceberg : big block of ice, black sand : it comes from the volcanic rocks, puffin : the famous bird from the tundra, winter : the longest season in the tundra, …

Volcano Key Terms Word Scramble Puzzle

Volcano Key Terms


debris avalanche : an avalanche or slurry consisting of unsorted rock, water and other material., magma chamber : where molten rock is found deep below the …

Texas Trees Word Scramble Puzzle

Texas Trees


pecan: used to make ultra-sweet pie, redbud: name includes a primary color , ashe juniper: part of name can be found after a fire; babe of farmers & …

Cultural Geography Word Scramble Puzzle

Cultural Geography


determinist: environmental ... theories of the early 20th century, believed that people and societies are controlled by the environment in which they develop., …

Winter Solstice Word Scramble Puzzle

Winter Solstice


earth: the planet we live on , winter: coldest season of the year, between autumn and spring, sun: planet that earth orbits around , summer solstice: solstice …

Rainforests Word Scramble Puzzle



maloca : a yanomami house, buttress : large roots to support tall trees, albedo : reflective quality of a surface, equator : what line of latitude is associated …

Geography Term 1 Word Scramble Puzzle

Geography Term 1


compass: shows 8 directions on a map., equator: the imaginary line that splits the earth into two half's., seven: the number of continents there are on earth., …

Earths Major Systems Word Scramble Puzzle

Earth's Major Systems


atmosphere: a layer of gases surrounding earth, geosphere: all of the solid earth, hydrosphere: all of earth's water, biosphere: all of earth's living things, …

Rocks Word Scramble Puzzle



sediments : small pieces of rock that have been broken down due to weathering, magma : molten rock found underneath the ground, granite : an example of an …

Tides Word Scramble Puzzle



tides: the periodic rise and fall of sea level., upwelling: upward motion of ocean water., density current: ocean current caused by the differences in …

Landform Word Scramble Puzzle



butte : single hill or rock formation that rises sharply from a flat landscape, valley : depression in the earth between hills, basin :a dip or depression in …

Coastal Processes Word Scramble Puzzle

Coastal Processes


transportation: the processes of material being moved by the sea, traction: the coastal process that transports material by bouncing it along the sea bed, …

Mother Nature Word Scramble Puzzle

Mother Nature


deforestation: the cutting down of trees in a large area or the destruction of forests by people, organic: food that doesn't use artificial chemicals in the …

Fantastic Places Word Scramble Puzzle

Fantastic Places


over exploited : when you take too much from an area., currency : another name for money which can be paper or coins, usually issued by a government., physical …

Polar Regions Word Scramble Puzzle

Polar Regions


snow : frozen water falling from the sky., ice : frozen water., penguin : black and white bird. can't fly., scarf : wear around your neck in the cold., polar …

US Geography Word Scramble Puzzle

US Geography


great lakes : a chain of fresh water lakes in the north-central us, geography : the detailed study of the earth’s landforms, california: the mojave desert is …

Droughts Word Scramble Puzzle



overextraction: removing too much water from wells so they dry up., deforestation: cutting down trees which otherwise store water and hold soil together., …

Types of Rock and Mineral Word Scramble Puzzle

Types of Rock and Mineral


shale : a rock that smells like mud when it gets wet, aluminum : metal that is lightweight rustproof slivery-colored and non-magnetic, silver : the best …