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Plastic Pollution Word Scramble Puzzle

Plastic Pollution


marine : related to the sea., indigestible : impossible for the stomach to break down., carapace : a hard layer that covers and protects animals such as crabs …

Programming and Computational Thinking Word Scramble Puzzle

Programming and Computational Thinking

Computers & IT

algorithm : a sequence of logical instructions for carrying out a task. in computing, algorithms are needed to design computer programs., syntax : the set of …

Healthy Eating Word Scramble Puzzle

Healthy Eating

Health & Fitness

eatwell : a guide which helps to show the amount of different foods needed to have a balanced diet, beans : a protein food which can be put on toast as a …

Adjectives Ending with -ing and -ed Word Scramble Puzzle

Adjectives Ending with '-ing' and '-ed'


tiring: we drove for two hours to get to the hotel. the trip was very __________., surprised : my mom planned a party and invited all my friends. i didn't know …

Hormones/Endocrine System Word Scramble Puzzle

Hormones/Endocrine System


posteriorpit: releases oxytocin and adh, acth: stimulates release of corticosteroid hormones, targets adrenal cortex, prolactin: targets mammaries; relation …

Words containing -cious Word Scramble Puzzle

Words containing -cious


ferocious: fierce, precious: of great worth, atrocious: not good, delicious: yummy, conscious: be aware of, suspicious: questionable, gracious: likely to do …

Quilting Word Scramble Puzzle


Arts & Crafts

stencils: used for marking quilts during quilting process., top stitch: the process of stitching on the exterior side of a project to finish seams or folds to …

Christmas Carol Quotes Word Scramble Puzzle

Christmas Carol Quotes


handle: custard cup without a .........., chains: i wear the ....... i forged in life, mankind: ........was my business , solitary: ........ as an oyster, …

Famous Landmarks Word Scramble Puzzle

Famous Landmarks

Cities & Places

colosseum : where gladiators battled, eiffel tower : built by french engineer gustav eiffel, looks over paris, big ben : famous london landmark with a clock …

Kitchen Vocabulary Word Scramble Puzzle

Kitchen Vocabulary

Home & Garden

stove: this is where we cook food., oven: this is where we bake cookies or make cakes., sink: this is where we wash the dishes., fridge: this is where we keep …

Medical Word Scramble Puzzle


Health & Fitness

flue: one of the most resiliant diseases., dysentery: a lack of cleaning., injury: you feel pain from it., nausea: you have this before you puke., fracture: …

4th Grade Science Word Scramble Puzzle

4th Grade Science


friction : a force that slows down., gravity : a force that pulls objects together., texture : the way an object feels., weathering : process of wearing down by …

Financial Literacy Basics Word Scramble Puzzle

Financial Literacy Basics


priority : a value or goal that is given more importance than other values and goals, need : necessities a person must have to survive, service : intangible …

Food and Cooking Word Scramble Puzzle

Food and Cooking

Food & Drinks

knife: sharp for cutting , recipe: directions to follow , saucepan: it has a handle, refrigerator: it keeps food cool, bread: it has crust, mango: a yellow …

Misc. Music Word Scramble Puzzle

Misc. Music

Music, Movies, TV

scale : a progression of tones in a particular order, acapella : performance by a singer or a singing group without instrumental accompaniment, opera : …

Photography Fundamentals Word Scramble Puzzle

Photography Fundamentals

Arts & Crafts

shutterspeed: measured in fractions of a second, aperture: measured in f-stops, lens: attachment on front of camera where light enters , tripod: keeps the …

Wedding Crossword Word Scramble Puzzle

Wedding Crossword


Have fun at your wedding with this Wedding Crossword Puzzle. Have people this fun and interactive puzzle.

Emotions and Feelings Word Scramble Puzzle

Emotions and Feelings

People & Society

anxious : you feel it when you are nervous., overwhelm : to cause someone to feel sudden strong emotion., disturbed : having a not normal behavior because of …

MicroEconomics Word Scramble Puzzle



monopolistic: ___________ competition : market structure characterized by a large number of buyers and sellers of products that are similar but can be …

Dystopias Word Scramble Puzzle


People & Society

technology: this is often more advanced in a dystopian society. , dystopia: an imagined state or society in which there is great suffering or injustice, …

Internet Safety Word Scramble Puzzle

Internet Safety

Computers & IT

symbols: a password should include numbers, uppercase letters, lowercase letters and ?, secure: what the 's' stands for in https, digitalfootprint: a trail of …