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Nutrition Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: calorie : a unit of energy you get from the foods you consume, calcium : essential in keeping bones healthy, carbohydrates : fruits, veggies, beans, rice and grains are examples of which macro nutrient?, sugar : a 20-ounce soda contains about 18 teaspoons of?, fat : tree nuts & dark chocolate are examples of which macro nutrient?, spikes : your blood sugar _ when you consume soda, carbohydrates : macro nutrient that gives you energy?, protein : salmon, chicken and pork are examples of which macro nutrient?, water : transports nutrients throughout the body, fiber : a dietary component that helps promote a healthy digestive system, doubled : childhood obesity has more than _ in children in the past 3 decades. , enamel : phosphoric acid in soda erodes away the _ on your teeth. , pounds : the average american consumes 152 _ of sugar yearly. , protein : helps build and repair muscle and tissue in the body, sugar : ​​"simple carbs" act like _ in the blood stream.​​, insulin : hormone that's one of the body's main tools for sugar management, complex : whole foods are good examples of _ carbohydrates.