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Genres of Literature Word Scramble Puzzle

Genres of Literature

Books & Literature

horror : meant to scare, startle or shock., dystopian : takes place in a world worse than our own., realist : depicts the world truthfully., thriller : dark, …

General Knowledge Word Scramble Puzzle

General Knowledge


alone: the man wanted to be left .......... to think., apartment: she has a nice .......... in the city., article: did you read the .......... about the new …

God Promises Blessings for Obedience Word Scramble Puzzle

God Promises Blessings for Obedience

Religion & Belief

commandments: keep all the _________which i give you (v.8), possess: be strong and go in to _________ the land (v.8), milk: a land that flows with ______ and …

Math Numbers Review Word Scramble Puzzle

Math Numbers Review


even : what kind of number is this - 22, hundreds : place value of 6 in 3657, biggest : 432,342,243 - this set of numbers is from _____ to smallest, less : 3000 …

Polynomials Word Scramble Puzzle



two :the quadratic equation has degree, dependent : pair of equations having infinitely many solutions(coinciding) are ____., cubic : a ____ polynomial has at …

The Environment Word Scramble Puzzle

The Environment


environment : it's where we live , humans , fish , animals , climate : the desert has a very dry and hot, habitat : a place where humans or animals can live …

Verbs Vocabulary Word Scramble Puzzle

Verbs Vocabulary


verb phrase: a phrase made up of one or more helping verbs and a main verb., irregular verb: a word that does not form its past tense by adding the most common …

Solubility Word Scramble Puzzle



solution : a mixture of a liquid with a dissolved solid, filtration : a separation method used to separate sand from water, filtrate : the name of the solution …

Being Healthy Word Scramble Puzzle

Being Healthy

Health & Fitness

protein : nutrients that build and fix muscles and other body parts, lungs : inflatable organs in your chest which take in and breathe out air, vitamins : …

Friends TV Show Word Scramble Puzzle

Friends TV Show

Music, Movies, TV

gunther: creepy coffee shop waiter who is obsessed with rachel, carol: ross' ex-lesbian wife., fashion designer: rachel's job, oh my god: janice's saying., …

Library Terms Word Scramble Puzzle

Library Terms

Books & Literature

database: a collection of information stored in an electronic format that can be searched by a computer., citation: a reference to a book, magazine or journal …

Drama Words Word Scramble Puzzle

Drama Words

Music, Movies, TV

cast: the actors in a play, character: a personality or role an actor/actress re-creates, costume: personality or role an actor/actress re-creates, design: the …

The Seven Sacraments Word Scramble Puzzle

The Seven Sacraments

Religion & Belief

confirmation: strengthening by the holy spirit , anointing of the sick: healing and strengthening , holy orders: ordained ministry for god's people, matrimony: …

Book Genres Word Scramble Puzzle

Book Genres

Books & Literature

horror : they are meant to scare, startle, shock, and even repulse readers., science fiction : common elements include time travel, space exploration, and …

How to Cope with Stress Word Scramble Puzzle

How to Cope with Stress

Health & Fitness

journal: writing down and making notes on how you are feeling, sleep: making sure you are well rested , exercise: being physically active, list: identifying and …

World Pharmacist Week Word Scramble Puzzle

World Pharmacist Week


packaging: an effort to increase medicine compliance., safety: the objective of policy use of medicine., topical: medication that applied to body surface, …

Romeo and Juliet Word Scramble Puzzle

Romeo and Juliet

Books & Literature

tybalt : juliet's cousin who is killed by romeo, lady capulet : mother of juliet, gregory : servant of the capulets, lord capulet : father of juliet, paris : …

Spring Word Scramble Puzzle



daffodil: spring flower known for resiliency , lyme: check for ticks to prevent this, antihistamine: you might need this for allergy season, goose: silly avians …

Abstract Nouns Word Scramble Puzzle

Abstract Nouns


honesty: the ability to tell the truth , fear: you feel this emotion when someone frightens you , sadness: it's the opposite of happiness, youth: most people …

Effective Communication Word Scramble Puzzle

Effective Communication

People & Society

communication : exchange of information, thoughts, ideas, and feelings , verbal : spoken words, written communication , non : _______verbal means facial …

Superheroes Word Scramble Puzzle



belt : you put it around your waist, tiara : you put on your head, cape : cape, bracelets : you wear these around your wrist, boots : you put it on your feet, …