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Agriculture Word Scramble Puzzle


Agriculture & Farm

agronomist: an expert in the science of soil management and crop production, viticulture: the cultivation of grapes, oenology: the study of wines, horticulture: …

The Tempest Word Scramble Puzzle

The Tempest

Books & Literature

globe theater: what is shakespeare's theater called?, antonio: who is miranda's uncle?, ferdinand: who is the king's son?, tempest: a violent storm, ariel: who …

Detective Words Word Scramble Puzzle

Detective Words


footprints : the more you take the more you leave behind., witness : a person who has seen a crime is called this, whorl : i am a type of fingerprint, glove : …

Newtons Laws Of Motion Word Scramble Puzzle

Newton's Laws Of Motion


newton's first law : this law is evident when you're riding in a car without a seatbelt and the car stops suddenly. (you continue to move forward.), newton : …

Parts of a Book Word Scramble Puzzle

Parts of a Book

Books & Literature

appendix : a list of other books to read that are similar, bibliography : a list of the books the author read when doing research for their own book, cover : …

Cloud Computing Word Scramble Puzzle

Cloud Computing


azure: supports open source technology, reliable: data can be mirrored at multiple redundant sites, hence making it, public clouds: operated by a third-party …

Electrical Circuits Word Scramble Puzzle

Electrical Circuits


series: circuit with a single path in which electricity flows, short: circuit with an extra "accidental" path that avoids components of the circuit; …

Math Vocabulary Word Scramble Puzzle

Math Vocabulary


Crossword puzzles based on the terms used in mathematics and solving equations.

First Aid Word Scramble Puzzle

First Aid

Safety & Prevention

unconscious : no response to stimulus indicates the patient is ?, hot : this type of water is used for bluebottle stings; stonefish; sea-urchin, limits : always …

Data Protection Word Scramble Puzzle

Data Protection

Computers & IT

legislation : another word for law, protection : the data ________ act? , confidential : personal details are classed as what type of information?, breach : …

Chemical Reactions Word Scramble Puzzle

Chemical Reactions


thermal: decomposition when a substance breaks down using heat, combustion: a fuel reacting with oxygen, also called burning, element: a substance that is …

Food Technology Word Scramble Puzzle

Food Technology

Food & Drinks

food technology: the class you cook in, season: the category that has a few months in each one, fruits: the thing you thing you should eat daily to keep you …

Breast Cancer Awareness Word Scramble Puzzle

Breast Cancer Awareness

Health & Fitness

mastectomy: removal of breast, nipple: may become inverted, tamoxafin: hormone therapy drug, prevention: steps taken to lower risk of disease, cyst: fluid …

The Iron Age Word Scramble Puzzle

The Iron Age


furnace: a type of oven used to make iron, bellows: tools to blow air into a furnace and make it very hot, iron: a strong, hard metal that can be used to make …

Coordinate Geometry Word Scramble Puzzle

Coordinate Geometry


In geometry, a coordinate system is a system that uses one or more numbers, or coordinates, to uniquely determine the position of the points.

Clothes Word Scramble Puzzle


Beauty & Fashion

jumper:a woolen jersey, tracksuit: you go jogging in this, socks : you wear these in your shoes on your feet, gloves:when its very cold you put your hands in …

Twelfth Night Word Scramble Puzzle

Twelfth Night

Books & Literature

feste: the jester of the play, ring: countess olivia says cesario left this behind, toby: spends most of his time drinking, virtuous: the countess is described …

Much Ado About Nothing Word Scramble Puzzle

Much Ado About Nothing

Books & Literature

leonato: governor of messina, hero: stereotypical woman of the time period , beatrice: subverts the stereotypical , love: a key theme in the play, deception: …

Capital Cities Word Scramble Puzzle

Capital Cities

Cities & Places

madrid : capital city of spain, rome : capital city of italy, paris : capital city of france, copenhagen : capital city of denmark, mexico city : capital city …

Nutritious Foods / Weight Control Word Scramble Puzzle

Nutritious Foods / Weight Control

Health & Fitness

food additives : substances added to a food to produce a desired effect, nutrition fact label : required label on all packaged foods with information about …

The Countries Capitals Word Scramble Puzzle

The Countries' Capitals

Cities & Places

paris : is a major european city and a world center of art, fashion, gastronomy and culture., washington : the capitol, the white house and the supreme court. …