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French Revolution Word Scramble Puzzle

French Revolution


versailles: king lived there until oct 1789. , france: country where the great revolution happened. , bastille: they stormed what fortress in paris?, cahier: …

Whose That Character? Word Scramble Puzzle

Whose That Character?

Comics & Animation

huggy wuggy : monster in poppy playtime, bendy : one of the best indie horror game characters, freddy fazbear : guy from fnaf, noob : a character in roblox, …

Harry Potter Word Scramble Puzzle

Harry Potter


scabbers: ron's rat, blue: what color are cornish pixies, hedwig: harrys owl, crookshanks: hermione's cat, privet drive: harrys address, the burrow: molly …

Cloud Computing Word Scramble Puzzle

Cloud Computing


azure: supports open source technology, reliable: data can be mirrored at multiple redundant sites, hence making it, public clouds: operated by a third-party …

Elements of Art Word Scramble Puzzle

Elements of Art

Arts & Crafts

space: the area around and within an object , color: created by reflected light , texture: how the surface of something feels , shape: a flat 2d outline of an …

Social Influence Word Scramble Puzzle

Social Influence

People & Society

conformity: a change in our opinions or behaviour to fit in with social norms, social: ________ influence is the effect other people have on our opinions and …

Phishing Word Scramble Puzzle


Computers & IT

articles : where to find additional information on the different types of (phishing), call for help : sense danger?, logos : familiar ___ are often faked by …

Parenting Styles and Language Development Word Scramble Puzzle

Parenting Styles and Language Development

People & Society

helicopter: a parent that controls every action the child does and is always trying to take charge of the child`s life., instinctive: a parent that decides to …

Characteristics of Living Things Word Scramble Puzzle

Characteristics of Living Things


cells: all living things are made of _____, grow: increasing the size and number of cells is to ____, nutrients: having ________, breaking them down and using …

Skeletal System Word Scramble Puzzle

Skeletal System


depressions: flattened or indented portions of bone., levers: rigid rods where muscles attach., processes: projections protruding from the bone where tendons …

Breathing and Respiration Word Scramble Puzzle

Breathing and Respiration

Health & Fitness

arteries : the blood vessels which take blood away from the heart., anaerobic : the name for respiration without oxygen, breathing : this is not the same as …

Public Speaking Word Scramble Puzzle

Public Speaking

People & Society

hand gesture: a form of non-verbal communication in which visible hand actions communicate particular messages., hook: a part in the introduction phase of the …

Matter Word Scramble Puzzle



gas: the state of matter - substance does not have a definite shape or volume , liquid: the state of matter - substance has a definite volume but no definite …

Infection Prevention and Control Program Word Scramble Puzzle

Infection Prevention and Control Program

Health & Fitness

hand hygiene : prior to patient contact you perform__________., gloves : for use when you anticipate contact with anything soiled., reuse : vanthcs does not …

Ocean Creatures Word Scramble Puzzle

Ocean Creatures


dolphin : a smart and playful marine mammal., whale : a gigantic marine mammal living in the ocean., octopus : a creature with eight arms and a big brain., sea …

Name that Animal Word Scramble Puzzle

Name that Animal


turtle : i am a slow-moving green animal with a hard shell, unicorn : i am a mythical, flying animal with a body like a horse and a single horn on the forehead, …

Music Terminology Word Scramble Puzzle

Music Terminology

Music, Movies, TV

sharp : raises pitch by a half step, dc al fine : from the beginning to the end, lento : slowly, dc al coda : from the beginning to the coda, flat : lowers …

Drama Words Word Scramble Puzzle

Drama Words

Music, Movies, TV

cast: the actors in a play, character: a personality or role an actor/actress re-creates, costume: personality or role an actor/actress re-creates, design: the …

Famous Pairs Word Scramble Puzzle

Famous Pairs


jelly: peanut butter and _____, cookies: milk and _____, cheese: macaroni and _____, pepper: salt and _____, spaghetti: _____ and meatballs, biscuits: _____ and …

Time Word Scramble Puzzle



friday: it is the last day of the weekdays, winter: usually the coldest season , monday: the day in between sunday and tuesday, january: the first month of the …

General Knowledge Word Scramble Puzzle

General Knowledge


alone: the man wanted to be left .......... to think., apartment: she has a nice .......... in the city., article: did you read the .......... about the new …