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Nelson Mandela Word Scramble Puzzle

Nelson Mandela


strength: mandela was a signal of___ and loyalty to his people., nelson: the teacher at his cristian school gave him the name of?, black: mandela was elected as …

Gas Exchange Word Scramble Puzzle

Gas Exchange


trachea: this tube runs from the mouth, down the throat towards the lungs., ventilation: air gets into and out of the body by the physical process of breathing, …

Wedding Word Scramble Puzzle



bridalshower: party held for a bride-to-be before the wedding, love: deep and passionate affection, kiss: “you may now ____ the bride”, gown: a dress worn …

Heroes of the Faith - Hebrews 11 Word Scramble Puzzle

Heroes of the Faith - Hebrews 11

Religion & Belief

sarah : had a baby when she was past the age, moses : was hidden for three months, abraham : obey when he was called to a place that would be his inheritance, …

Alternative Energy Word Scramble Puzzle

Alternative Energy

Energy & Utilities

fossil fuel: non renewable energy, nuclear: energy that comes from an atom is called _________ energy, substation: a station where electricity is transferred …

World Breastfeeding Week Word Scramble Puzzle

World Breastfeeding Week


colostrum: the first milk, a golden drop, lactogenesis: medical term for making milk, five: it is important for baby to have yellow stools by day ____, eight: …

Addiction Recovery Word Scramble Puzzle

Addiction Recovery

Health & Fitness

craving: a powerful and strong desire/urge for a substance, synthetic: not naturally occurring, relapse: to fall back into a former state after a period of …

Roller Coaster Word Scramble Puzzle

Roller Coaster


kinetic energy : energy of the coaster, hill : helps build up speed and energy for the rest of the ride, loop da loop : upside-down part of a roller coaster, …

Garden Vocabulary Word Scramble Puzzle

Garden Vocabulary

Home & Garden

biodiversity : a lot of species and genetic variety in the eco system, native : a plant or an animal that only exist in the country, fern : a very old plant …

Nature and Gardens Word Scramble Puzzle

Nature and Gardens

Home & Garden

butterfly : comes from a caterpillar, lawnmower : we use it to cut grass , aphid : a garden pest, hedgehog : it likes to eat slugs, vegetable patch : we grow …

Textiles Word Scramble Puzzle


Beauty & Fashion

linen: fabric originating from the flax plant, woven: fabric created on a loom, synthetic: material created by a chemical process, wool: this comes from sheep, …

Birthstones Word Scramble Puzzle


Beauty & Fashion

pearl : a valuable, circular birthstone which is rare to find, birthstone : your unique stone based off your birth month, diamond : a classic birthstone; it's …

Fashion & Textiles Word Scramble Puzzle

Fashion & Textiles

Beauty & Fashion

seam: joining of two pieces of fabric, seam allowance: the distance between the seam and edge of the fabric, patchwork: different pieces of fabric stitched …

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Word Scramble Puzzle

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Music, Movies, TV

chocolate : what can charlie smell on his way to school?, gum : what does violet always chew? , bucket : charlies last name , five : how many golden tickets …

Riddles Word Scramble Puzzle



dictionary : where does friday come before thursday?, hay : spell dry grass in 3 letters, please., hot water : what water never freezes?, envelope : what long …

Pirate Word Scramble Puzzle



treasure: valuable items hidden for pirates to find., captain: the leader of a pirate crew., ship: a vessel pirates use to sail the seas., map: a guide that …

Fun Activities Word Scramble Puzzle

Fun Activities


beach: a place with the sea and sand , barbecue: cook food outside , museum: many rooms full of old things to look at, zoo: many different animals in one place, …

Chocolate! Word Scramble Puzzle


Food & Drinks

york: peppermint patty, creme: cookies and _______, kitkat: break me off a piece of that ________ bar, cadbury: this company makes a chocolate egg filled with …

Pets Word Scramble Puzzle



pet: it can be an animal that is kept in the home as a companion and treated kindly, such as a dog or a bird, cat: is a domestic species of small carnivorous …

Name that Animal Word Scramble Puzzle

Name that Animal


turtle : i am a slow-moving green animal with a hard shell, unicorn : i am a mythical, flying animal with a body like a horse and a single horn on the forehead, …

Under the Sea Word Scramble Puzzle

Under the Sea


crab : a sea creature with a hard shell, eight legs and two pincers (= curved and pointed arms for catching and holding things)., dolphin : a sea animal (a …