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Forms of Energy Word Scramble Puzzle

Forms of Energy


thermal: energy that can be transferred as heat, light: energy that enables us to see, chemical: energy that can be converted into other forms, elastic: energy …

Effective Communication Word Scramble Puzzle

Effective Communication

People & Society

communication : exchange of information, thoughts, ideas, and feelings , verbal : spoken words, written communication , non : _______verbal means facial …

School Subjects Word Scramble Puzzle

School Subjects


science: the study of the natural world using experiments and facts., music: the study of sounds that can be put together to make beautiful songs and can be …

Environmental Issues Word Scramble Puzzle

Environmental Issues


plastic : type of material that is bad for the environment., recycle : to reuse., toxic : chemically poisonous., conservation : preservation or restoration., …

Weather Terms Word Scramble Puzzle

Weather Terms


weather: day to day weather, climate: weather measured over years, frostbite: skin freezing leading to numbness, barometer: measures atmospheric pressure, …

Poetry Terms Word Scramble Puzzle

Poetry Terms

Books & Literature

metaphor:a comparison that does not use like or as., hyperbole:the greatest exaggeration in the history of literature. , imagery:words that appeal to the …

Photosynthesis Word Scramble Puzzle



ferre: latin word for "to carry", cyanobacteria: the prokaryote that uses photosynthesis, thylakoid: where chlorophyll is organized inside the …

Civil Rights Movement Word Scramble Puzzle

Civil Rights Movement


american west : black ____ museum; a denver museum that pays homage to the african americans who helped settle the western united states, naacp : a civil rights …

Social Groups Word Scramble Puzzle

Social Groups

People & Society

restricted: bernstein found that lower class students tended to speak in __________ code, labov: looked at accents in department stores in new york, elaborated: …

An Inspector Calls Word Scramble Puzzle

An Inspector Calls

Books & Literature

engagement : what was being celebrated at the beginning of the play, bleach : what did the girl drink to kill herself, shiela : who was responsible for the …

Literary Terms Word Scramble Puzzle

Literary Terms

Books & Literature

allusion: literary reference to a familiar thing, climax: the turning point in a story, analogy: comparison of two or more similar objects, autobiography: …

Landscape Word Scramble Puzzle



hedge: row of shrubs forming a boundary, cascade: small waterfall, basin: depression in earth’s surface with a lake or pond at the bottom, marsh: wet, boggy …

The Nile River Word Scramble Puzzle

The Nile River


narmer : was thought to unite upper and lower egypt, lower egypt : located in northern egypt, theocracy : a government of religious leaders, dynasty : line of …

The Environment Word Scramble Puzzle

The Environment


environment : it's where we live , humans , fish , animals , climate : the desert has a very dry and hot, habitat : a place where humans or animals can live …

Old Kingdom Word Scramble Puzzle

Old Kingdom


papyrus: the material that ancient egyptians wrote on instead of paper, rosetta stone: the plate that helped to decipher the ancient egyptian language, great …

Famous Landmarks Word Scramble Puzzle

Famous Landmarks

Cities & Places

colosseum : where gladiators battled, eiffel tower : built by french engineer gustav eiffel, looks over paris, big ben : famous london landmark with a clock …

Fruits and Vegetables Word Scramble Puzzle

Fruits and Vegetables

Food & Drinks

peach : book, 'james and the giant _____', carrot : a crunchy orange vegetable, lemon : sour citrus, spinach : made popeye strong, apple : the start of the …

Shopping Word Scramble Puzzle



bookshop : shop where you can find books., chemist : shop where you can buy medicines., fishmonger : shop where you can buy fish., pet shop : shop where you can …

Cooking Terms Word Scramble Puzzle

Cooking Terms

Food & Drinks

dice: to cut into very small cubes , broil: to cook over, under, or in front of hot coals or a gas or electric burner, or other form of direct heat. , fold in: …

Linear Motion Word Scramble Puzzle

Linear Motion


time interval: change in time, direction: the way an object takes its motion, distance: the total length of path traveled , displacement: the shortest straight …

Ionic Bonding Word Scramble Puzzle

Ionic Bonding


sodium : this element is na, it loses one electron, potassium : this has an atomic number of 19 and 1 electron in its outer shell, sodium chloride : the most …