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Graduation Word Scramble Puzzle



tassel: when you receive your diploma you move your ______________ from right to left., parents: don't forget to thank them for getting you this far., family: …

Trigonometry Word Scramble Puzzle



right triangle: a triangle in which one of the angles must be complementary, line: straight path connecting two points, vertical: angles of equal measure that …

The Tempest Word Scramble Puzzle

The Tempest

Books & Literature

globe theater: what is shakespeare's theater called?, antonio: who is miranda's uncle?, ferdinand: who is the king's son?, tempest: a violent storm, ariel: who …

God Word Scramble Puzzle


Religion & Belief

immutable : unchanging, holy : without sin, eternal : without beginning or end, immortal : never dying, omnipresent : everywhere, omniscient : all-knowing, …

Human Impact Word Scramble Puzzle

Human Impact


impact: major effect on an object or the environment , fertilizer: chemical added to soil to increase its fertility , erosion: carrying away of sediments by …

Hatchet Word Scramble Puzzle


Books & Literature

hatchet: what was the tool brian used to make the fire?, divorce: brian's parents are getting a _____ , thirteen: how old is brian , wilderness: brian was …

World History Word Scramble Puzzle

World History


agriculture: growing farms and domesticated animals for food, ziggurat : a temple usually in the center of the city., sedentary : to not move or stay in one …

The Reformation Word Scramble Puzzle

The Reformation

Religion & Belief

indulgences : prayers and forgiveness of sins offered in return for money, heretic : anyone that went against the church, simony : sale of jobs in the church, …

Polynomial Vocabulary Word Scramble Puzzle

Polynomial Vocabulary


distributive: _____________ property allows you to multiply a number by a sum or difference of numbers by multiplying each number individually and then adding …

Riddle me this... Word Scramble Puzzle

Riddle me this...


witch: i have a broom, but i do not sweep. what am i?, heartache: an intense feeling inside, opposite to the warm fuzzy feeling. , victim: a subject of crime or …

An Inspector Calls Word Scramble Puzzle

An Inspector Calls

Books & Literature

engagement : what was being celebrated at the beginning of the play, bleach : what did the girl drink to kill herself, shiela : who was responsible for the …

Degrees of Comparison Word Scramble Puzzle

Degrees of Comparison


later: late, ______, lastest, slow: ______, slower, slowest, faster: fast,______, fastest, sweeter: sweet, _____, sweetest, bland: ______, blander, blandest, …

Prepositions of Time Word Scramble Puzzle

Prepositions of Time


monday: the day in between sunday and tuesday, spring: the season when flowers bloom and trees are greener, may: the month when we have golden week, sunday: …

In a Classroom Word Scramble Puzzle

In a Classroom


pencil : it has a lead tip on one end and an eraser on the other., pen : you use this to write, and it does not erase., poster : large paper on the wall usually …

English Word Scramble Puzzle



personal pronouns: using words such as ‘you’, ‘we’, ‘us’ or ‘i’, rhetorical: question that does not require an answer, alliteration: two or more …

Nature and Gardens Word Scramble Puzzle

Nature and Gardens

Home & Garden

butterfly : comes from a caterpillar, lawnmower : we use it to cut grass , aphid : a garden pest, hedgehog : it likes to eat slugs, vegetable patch : we grow …

Shapes Word Scramble Puzzle



circle : a round and continuous shape., square : a shape with four equal sides and angles., triangle : a shape with three sides and three angles., heart : a …

Math Numbers Review Word Scramble Puzzle

Math Numbers Review


even : what kind of number is this - 22, hundreds : place value of 6 in 3657, biggest : 432,342,243 - this set of numbers is from _____ to smallest, less : 3000 …

Homographs Word Scramble Puzzle



ring : small circular jewelry or a trilling sound from a phone, bat : a nocturnal flying animal or a piece of baseball equipment, waves : the movement of water …

3T: Forces and Length Word Scramble Puzzle

3T: Forces and Length


ruler: instrument to measure shorter lengths., metre: si unit for length., pull: force that pushes an object towards you., newton: unit for force., centimetre: …

Math Operators Word Scramble Puzzle

Math Operators


times : serves to show that the calculation that we are doing is a multiplication., less than : this sign means that the number on the left is smaller than …