Kingdoms and Classification Review Crossword Puzzle

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Kingdoms and Classification Review Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: eight: how many characteristics of life categories are there?, cells: the building blocks of life, homeostasis: internal balance, senses: how living things respond to stimuli in an environment, matures: a living thing grows larger and changes as it does this, energy: in order to stay alive, organisms must consume food for this, reproduction: the process of living things creating new life, dna: chemical molecules that contain instructions for how an organism looks and functions, move: at some stage in their lives, all living things do this, organelle: this word means "little organ;" they are found within cells, prokaryote: cells with only simple organelles and a nucleus not bound by membrane, eukaryote: cells with a membrane-bound nucleus and specialized organelles, nucleus: control center for the cell; directs all activity and contains dna, taxonomy: the science of classifying living things based on shared characteristics, linnaeus: he created a system for classifying living things in the 1700s, eubacteria: bacteria in this kingdom live everywhere on earth and are complex microorganisms, archaebacteria: bacteria in this kingdom live only in extreme environments, and are simple microorganisms.