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Riding with a Load Word Scramble Puzzle

Riding with a Load


sitting : adjust the mirrors with you and the pillion both _______ on the bike, weight : the owner's manual should give you the total amount of ______ the bike …

Stages of Clay Word Scramble Puzzle

Stages of Clay

Arts & Crafts

wedging : removal of air pockets, slab : flattened using rolling pins, coil : long rope like clay, slip : most liquid like clay, score : scratching of surface …

Genetic Variation Word Scramble Puzzle

Genetic Variation


chromosome: a structure of dna found in the nucleus, dna: carries the genetic information (as a sequence of bases that form a code), base sequence: the order of …

Environment Word Scramble Puzzle



recycle : process of reusing materials to reduce waste , pollution : release of harmful substances into the environment , ecosystem : community of living …

Motivation Word Scramble Puzzle


People & Society

motivation: the desire to do something , achievement: a thing done successfully, typically by effort, courage, or skill., stress: a state of mental or emotional …

Histology & Embryology Word Scramble Puzzle

Histology & Embryology


peroxisomes: are membrane-bound organelles, involved in the conversion of reactive oxygen species such as hydrogen peroxide into water & oxygen., …

Matter and Mixing Word Scramble Puzzle

Matter and Mixing


condensation: the physical change from a gas to liquid, contract: particles moving closer and taking up a smaller volume., density: the mass of a substance …

The Promenade Dance aka Prom Word Scramble Puzzle

The Promenade Dance aka Prom


suit : what guys rent, dress : what gals buy, hair : up-do or down-do, corsage : worn on the wrist or lapel, committee : who plans the prom, prizes : lucky …

Hair Word Scramble Puzzle


Beauty & Fashion

follicle : like a small tube in the skin, scalp : the skin covering the top of your head, brush : what we use to detangle our hair , knots : what happens to our …

Coastal Landforms Word Scramble Puzzle

Coastal Landforms


atoll : ring-shaped coral reef or a string of closely spaced small coral islands encircling a shallow lagoon, archipelago : group or chain of islands, bay : …

Science & Nature Word Scramble Puzzle

Science & Nature


atom : smallest unit of an element., solar system : sun and its orbiting planets., photosynthesis : process plants use to convert light into energy., gravity : …

Dental Instruments Word Scramble Puzzle

Dental Instruments

Tools & Equipment

mirror : lets the dentist see areas of your mouth that would otherwise be hard to reach, probe : a long handle with a sharp hook on the end that is helpful for …

Diffusion, Osmosis & Active Transport Word Scramble Puzzle

Diffusion, Osmosis & Active Transport


diffusion : process by which molecules move from an area of high concentration to an area of low concentration, osmosis : movement of water across a …

The Intolerable Acts Word Scramble Puzzle

The Intolerable Acts


paul revere: he warned the colonists that, "the british are coming!", taxes: these helped pay for schools, hospitals, roads, and libraries. , …

Objects In A Bedroom Word Scramble Puzzle

Objects In A Bedroom

Home & Garden

door: something you can open/close, clock: an object that sits on the wall and tells the time , table: something you would eat your dinner off, or do your …

Riverine and Arid Landforms Word Scramble Puzzle

Riverine and Arid Landforms


delta : fan-shaped, low-lying area of deposits at the mouth of a river, drainage basin : area providing water to a river system , estuary : river mouth …

The Lungs Word Scramble Puzzle

The Lungs


alveoli : the place where gas exchange takes place, diaphragm : this contract and flattens during inhalation, trachea : another name for this tube is the …

Socialization In Physical Education Word Scramble Puzzle

Socialization In Physical Education

People & Society

relationships : as a learner interacts with other learners in his/ her class they learn to build., movement : physical activity and __________ contribute to a …

Team Development Stages Word Scramble Puzzle

Team Development Stages

People & Society

storming: teammates start having conflict, forming: john meets his team members for the first time, performing: group 1 works towards finishing their project, …

Debating Matters Word Scramble Puzzle

Debating Matters

People & Society

debate : discussion of a theme or question between two or more interlocutors., motion : issue that is up for debate, caseline : way each team organises their …

Professional Communication Word Scramble Puzzle

Professional Communication

People & Society

communication : the process of using words, signs, sounds of actions to exchange information fruit, sender : the person who has a message, receiver : the person …