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Tax Returns Word Scramble Puzzle

Tax Returns


income: individual ____________ tax is the federal government’s largest source of income., revenue: internal _______ service is the government agency …

Financial Market Word Scramble Puzzle

Financial Market


stock market : it is the market in which trading of shares is done, unorganized : informal financial sector is also known as, indigenous bankers : operate as …

Financial Management Word Scramble Puzzle

Financial Management


balance:the amount of money in a bank account., budget: to make and follow a plan for spending your money., loan: a thing that is borrowed, especially a sum of …

Multilateral Environmental Agreements Word Scramble Puzzle

Multilateral Environmental Agreements


stockholm: the name of the convention that aims to protect human health and the environment from persistent organic pollutants (pops), basel: the name of the …

Resources in Ecosystem Word Scramble Puzzle

Resources in Ecosystem


limiting factor : anything that restricts the size of a population, community : all the populations of different species that live together in the same area at …

Biological Diversity Word Scramble Puzzle

Biological Diversity


habitat : where the species lives, water : the most important substance for life, variation : the different breeds of a species, community : the life and …

The Nitrogen Cycle Word Scramble Puzzle

The Nitrogen Cycle


assimilation: plants will consume or take in nitrates from the soil, fixation: nitrogen gas (n2) is converted into nh3 when it falls into the soil, atmosphere: …

Impacts on the Environment Word Scramble Puzzle

Impacts on the Environment


acid precipitation : rain or snow that has a lower ph than normal rainwater., global warming : a rise in average global temperatures., birth rate : the number …

World Rainforest Movement Word Scramble Puzzle

World Rainforest Movement


wrm : abbreviation for the world rainforest movement, starbucks : this popular coffee shop contributes to the destruction of forests, deforestation : the …

Bush Fires Word Scramble Puzzle

Bush Fires


fire storm : an intense fire which may generate strong convection currents and violent winds that cause long range spotting and flame spirals/firenadoes, fire …

Tornado Review Word Scramble Puzzle

Tornado Review


anemometer : an instrument used to measure wind speeds, warning : alert issues when an actual tornado has been sighted, super cell : a severe thunderstorm, …

Photosynthesis & Ecosysytem Word Scramble Puzzle

Photosynthesis & Ecosysytem


carnivore : a consumer that eats only meat or the flesh of animals for energy, biotic factor : the living parts of an ecosystem, chlorophyll : the green …

Cycles in Nature Word Scramble Puzzle

Cycles in Nature


photosynthesis : plants making carbohydrates from co2 and h2o, groundwater : water held underground, ingestion : eating food, fixation : nitrogen is converted …

Biomes Review Word Scramble Puzzle

Biomes Review


grassland : longer grasses, zebras, and elephants are found here., plankton : types of marine animals that can not swim on their own against currents, climate : …

Weather Words Word Scramble Puzzle

Weather Words


weather : the way it feels outdoors, sunny : when the sun shines in the sky, describe : to tell what kind, snowy : when snow comes down from clouds, wet : when …

Aquatic Biomes Word Scramble Puzzle

Aquatic Biomes


littoral zone : the shallow part of a body of water near the shore, flood plain : areas near a river's course that frequently get flooded, salinity : the amount …

In Our Environment Word Scramble Puzzle

In Our Environment


environment: everything around us including the air, land, water, plants, and animals, mammal: an animal that has hair or fur and breathes air, plant: a living …

Environmental Hazards Word Scramble Puzzle

Environmental Hazards


katrina : tropical storm in usa 2005, earthquake : when tectonic plates move together, convection : the driving force of continental drift, extinct : volcano is …

Greenhouse Gasses Word Scramble Puzzle

Greenhouse Gasses


water vapor : a natural gas that is in the air., glacier retreat : when glaciers melt, and are not as long as they used to be., carbon dioxide : produced when …

Natures Clean Up Crew - Scavengers Word Scramble Puzzle

Natures Clean Up Crew - Scavengers


vulture: vomits as a defense from predators, scavenger: an animal that feeds on carrion, insects: have exoskeletons, snakes: do not have eye lids or ear holes, …

Ecology Definitions Word Scramble Puzzle

Ecology Definitions


biodiversity: the variety of plant and animal life in the world or in a particular habitat, a high level of which is usually considered to be important and …